GabeMoralesVR, to DOOM avatar

Recently went on a kick where I replayed , , , , , , and , and all I can say is that classic kick the ever-loving shit out of modern -style FPS games.

Kovah, to PCGaming avatar

Me ending the match with a 21:5 KD after someone called me 'Noob' in the last round

person in rage over success while being celebrated by others, scene from Wolf of Wallstreet

phryk, to PCGaming avatar

"Does Call of Duty Believe in Anything?"

The unacknowledged but very real politics of have long been why I can't play any of the franchises games. This video essay does a pretty good job of analyzing those politics using the 2019 incarnation of Modern Warfare.

si_irini, to Games German avatar

Eine Frage an
An alle die spielen und sich damit auskennen.

Mein Sohn ist fast 12 und möchte call of duty spielen.
Aber er hat

Er darf und spielen, Handy hat er nicht.
Ich gebe ihm schon kein Handy, in der wird er immer wieder nach einem Handy gefragt.
Der Druck für ist echt groß aber mit dem adhs muss er aufpassen und er tut mir immer leid das ich ihm alles verbiete.

Aber ist doch nur rumballern…

DonNegro, avatar

@si_irini @fedieltern
Ich bin da grundsätzlich recht offen und finde auch, dass Shooter mehr sind als rumballern. Allerdings ist zumindest das neuste , das würde ich meinem auf keinen Fall mit 12 erlauben. Man könnte bspw die Kriterien dafür mal angucken.
Ganz grundsätzlich kann es ne gute Idee sein Spiele gemeinsam zu spielen. X Std Samstag morgens o.ä.

iamdtms, to PCGaming avatar

K/D Ratio 1.50 FTW!

TechDesk, to tech avatar

Activision is providing more details about the “larger-than-last-year” file size of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, which is slated for a Nov. 10 release. @verge has more:

CelloMomOnCars, to shark avatar

"The researchers outlined guidelines for governments to provide long-distance larval drifters, like #urchins and #lobsters, as well as #MigratorSpecies, like #turtles and #sharks, with protected stopovers along coastal corridors. "


CelloMomOnCars, avatar

"The sheltered marine space could actually be crucial to rejuvenating #FishStocks, #shellfish populations, and mammals.

The #NorthSea’s population of gray #seals, for example, has grown steadily in recent years, a comeback aided by the 30 wind parks in the North Sea.

Not only are #cod living in the [wind] park today, but “we found their condition was better than that of those cod outside the park.” "

wagesj45, to overwatch avatar

worse than getting flamed in an online game is getting flamed by someone with no banter skills. no rizz, as the kids say.

simply yelling "you sound like a pedophile" over and over isn't convincing anyone you're cool.

get a new joke.

Terael, to Blizzard German

hat also mitbekommen, dass ()bei den Fans gut ankommt.

Skin in , Skin in ... €€€ $$$

Da wird die Cashcow so richtig gemolken.

Born2beSlicker, to DOOM avatar

They added the super shotgun to and this TikTok comment I came across almost made me delete the app.

Omega, to random German avatar

spiele um mich von den abzulenken und meine Freundin holt die letzten, möglichen, Erfolge in

Und ihr so?

KleinerWuuki, avatar

@Omega Etwas gleich mit einem Freund, warten auf Freischaltung von 😁

nilmethod, to PCGaming

No screeshot-worthy wins in toning but I'm still hung up on that game. Ive stayed up past my bedtime playing it for a solid 1.5-2 hours a night it seems when I'm home. When one game mode frustrates me, there's a ton of light modes available. Plus it scratches that loot drop itch that gave me. Anytime you finish a match, you get various shiny baubles and some can be combined for other baubles. Mix that with a few maps I really enjoyed in earlier games with the fast gameplay and it hooks me for sure.

I know mobile and are next but I hope they don't go too long without making another arcade shooter (or at least I hope they keep this one around).

nilmethod, to PCGaming

Got another win tonight in . I'm still really enjoying this title. I tried on the but it's not as good. Maybe it's the maps but this reminds me a lot of black ops 4. The call of duty naming scheme is kinda weird because I guess a modern warfare 3 is coming out but I think there are already previous titles with the same name?

I also got a skin in the mobile game for the 20th anniversary. Crazy the series has been around so long. I remember playing the first one ages ago. I suppose if is as old as it is, that makes sense but that's a big number for me.


NekoArc, to Twitch avatar

Playing around with Modern Warfare 2 a bit while I stream, come watch!

kkarhan, to Battlefield avatar


Whoever is that talented to make a / clone in should get to be professional game designer / developer.

Unless they are a minor, then they should get a school diploma first...

nilmethod, to PCGaming

Got a pretty good win tonight. I've still really been enjoying on .

Tonight I found myself wondering how the part of the game functions. How the map can feel so big and then so small. There's some illusion in play. The phone isn't capable of rendering the entire BR "map" I wouldn't think. Is it basically instanced? Do chunks of it disappear when the storm is small enough to kill anyone at a set distance? Do chunks go away when players aren't there? How is the minimap synced with player and object positions?

I thought about this the other day when I tried the special game mode for a season where it's a 50 vs 50 player game on the BR map. It got a little laggy toward the end and I wondered what resources were taxing the phone.

It would be so cool to see how that all works.


Fenreliania, to unity avatar

If you have been using #Unity and you wanna jump ship to the nearest competitor, #GodotEngine is gonna be your best bet. The structure of a project isn't exactly the same, but it's similar enough that it won't take long to adjust.
Below, I'll give a few tips and talk about pain points you might run into, to help you try it out properly, and make an evaluation. #GameDev

kkarhan, avatar

After all, , amd want to make money and whether they get $20 in from a copy of or $5 for of $1 for is irrelevent to them, but they may find that people are more willing to pay 10 games at $12 each than 2 Games at $60 each.

And also has become not only more "" but also ...

So why not fluff up the catalog with people may just buy on a whim or by curiosity and ads...

NekoArc, to Twitch avatar

I'm live playing CoD MW2! come help me get to 800 followers~

ErPatata, to Twitch Italian

Ragazzi, adesso farò un intervento che mi farà passare per anche se ultratrentenne.
Ho fatto un giro su e ho fatto zapping tra i top streamer italiani che stavano trasmettendo in quel momento.
Francamente mi sono sentito smarrito e desolato.
C'è una tale povertà di contenuti e di idee che è una cosa che fa spavento: chi non gioca a gioca a , chi non importuna ragazze palesemente imbarazzate parla di calcio urlando.
Se questo è il futuro dell'intrattenimento...

arstechnica, to random avatar

Xbox’s new “8 strikes” moderation judges cheating and profanity equally harshly

Eight strikes = one-year suspension; "egregious" infractions can cause permanent bans.

ServerWrestler, avatar


If they actually enforced that there would be nobody on . lol

shepgo, to ocean avatar

The #ocean is shattering #heat records. Here's what that means for #fisheries

"Some 100 million Pacific #cod, commonly used in #fish and chips, vanished in the Gulf of Alaska during the Blob. In B.C. and the Pacific Northwest, #salmon runs – and the #fishing industry that depends on them – floundered. The acute #warming also triggered a toxic algal bloom that disrupted the West Coast’s lucrative Dungeness crab business"

#globalwarming #climatechange

alexkidman, to Japan avatar

A touch more tourism writing, by way of Japanese video game development, classic anime series and... war museums. This was a fun one to research and write -- enjoy and share!

EposVox, to steam avatar

The new Call of Duty HQ launcher could bring some great stuff to the franchise, but they have a LOT to learn from Halo MCC in the meantime...

EposVox, to PCGaming avatar

You can play MW3 again in 2023. I think it was underappreciated.

EposVox, to PCGaming avatar

Shaking off the rust is really, REALLY hard...

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