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Mike Ybarra is seriously taking the piss about having a tip jar in big budget games! It's often a $70 dollar game (ultimate editions being the price they want to charge but know they'd get laughed out of business for). Executives are a breed of human who has lost all touch with reality. 🤪


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It's all so stupid. And to think it all started with that damn horse.

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@Dennis5891 Agreed, the fucking horse armor; Of course the recurrent user spending chart too (which likened gamers to cows which could be milked regularly) is at fault too.

However, there were those who simply let this happen because they silenced those who spoke their concerns; about how monetization could become a monster that it is now.

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Ooh, this looks nice.

"Terra Nil" seems to be a new take on city-building games, in which instead of building a city you have to re-vegetate a wasteland.

The art is nice. It feels very "solarpunk" - though "windpunk" might be more accurate, haven't seen any solar panels here.

I'm gonna check it out.



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It is a pretty fun and relaxing game.

It's rewarding to turn a barren wasteland into a lush landscape.

Some beautiful art, seemingly well researched depictions of nature, and a laid-back gameplay.

A nice way to pass some time.

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My weekly morning (V1.8.5.2) livestream is starting NOW. For about 2 hours, I'll be covering viewer-submitted levels.

Afterwards, I'll feature some art from my Discord server.


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TIL that you can block a publisher on Steam, to prevent their games from showing up ever again. Perfect timing.

#Ubisoft #TheCrew #PCGaming #Gaming #Steam

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Next week, it's the FPS Fest on Steam, and Extraneum will be participating! Save 25% during the event, from April 15 to 22! 🥳

Steam link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1999140/

yblb, French
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Je sais pas pour vous les enfants mais moi je suis un peu hypé par la venue de , ce en noir et blanc à la sauce Mickey sous stéroïdes. La DA semble vraiment valoir le détour en tout cas. Pour le moment, le jeu est annoncé en 2025…. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BZAVznVPMh8

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Sky Cat [MS DOS] Some Music on IBM PC Speaker

aquacube, Japanese
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Late night , put all your efforts on planet Maia and liberate it from the Automaton forces once and for all!

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@gamingonlinux thank you for giving this a spotlight :BlobhajHeart:

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@gamingonlinux Oh, this reminds me of the importance of multiplayer bots, but even so, i have to agree with this, even thought nowadays I'm not playing AAA games, i dknt have a strong computer.

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@gamingonlinux It looks cool but I think it would fry my brain

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@gamingonlinux 4mb of available space?! What kind of black magic compression algorithm are they using?

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I assembled my first new starship - very cool! You can only assemble parts from the same type of ship. There's more than a dozen for each part, but you'll need to find the ships to salvage with that particular type you want. For example, the wing of an Explorer has 31 different varieties if you have disassembled the right ones. Also, the paint colors are very very nice.

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@CaptManiac this is great. I started my journey freezing in my bio suit. ;)

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@literarypug Woot! Folks, we've got a new lifelong player here! Enjoy the universe and discover that special planet you'll make home. Or the dozens and dozens that will have bases strewn among them. Whatever. Just explore your way. And have fun.

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I really like No Man's Sky, but I'm not sure the game is designed to be enjoyed the way I keep wanting to enjoy it. I keep wanting to find a nice planet to build up a big base and decorate it and all that neat crap.

I can't do that though, because every planet I find is either toxic AF or Sentinels keep showing up to ruin my day.

I just want a nice place to set up shop! Leave me alone!

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@thegamerstavern I would have absolutely no clue how to get to those planets.

But I assume at some point I will gain the ability/knowledge to do so... So, future me thanks you... now... In the past... Err.. Present. Future past. Yes.

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@Octavia Tenth?!
There's a second?!

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This was the last adventure game I played on DOS, ending on a great note!

This remaster re-release from Limited Run Games of Full Throttle was just delivered, packed with extra goodies.

Full Throttle box front
Full Throttle box opened, showing game cd.
Full Throttle box back

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Mad Show [MS DOS] Title Screen on IBM PC Speaker

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The are just a CHIP reverse mortgage.

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@gamingonlinux Where are all the steam decks in this fest!!

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@gamingonlinux I see what you did there 😏

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"Greed has been fucking this whole thing up for so long, since I started, I've been fighting publishers my entire life and I keep on seeing the same, same, same mistakes over, and over and over.

It's always the quarterly profits, the only thing that matters are the numbers, and then you fire everybody and then next year you say 'shit I'm out of developers' and then you start hiring people again, and then you do acquisitions, and then you put them in the same loop again, and it's just broken.."🤝

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Hello all 😀
Our campaign is now live for the next 31 days.
Please help us grow our team, and bring you one of the most immersive space simulations ever!


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@ampersandrew "Boomer shooter" is not a term coined by me, as well as the category this game belongs to 😊 By the way I think it's not bad at all. Of course playing the real thing on a real retro console is another thing, that's why I still keep my Amiga 600 👍

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@ampersandrew @reviewspace On the one hand, this dilutes the meaning of the term "boomer shooter".

On the other hand, the term "boomer shooter" is deeply stupid and it deserves to be diluted into oblivion.

(Games like Doom and Duke Nukem 3D were neither played by or developed by Boomers. They were developed by and mostly played by Gen-X. The "first person shooter" that Boomers experienced was getting drafted to fight in 'Nam.)

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Karnov [MS DOS] Some Music on IBM PC Speaker

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