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@gamingonlinux It looks sweet. I don’t really do early access but I’m wish listing it for full release

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@gamingonlinux I bounced right off Super Dungeon Maker. I wonder if this would be any different. 🤞

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I take some small credit for the naming of No Man's Sky's latest expedition, Adrift.

When I was still active in the No Man's Sky community I referred to the pre-Foundation version of the game as Adrift, because it preceded the shift to settler/colonist gameplay that Foundation introduced.

You can see this in several rough, silent playthrough videos I recorded of that version:

Update notes:

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Honestly I doubt it had any real influence on the naming, but the parallels are so striking it's hard to ignore.

However if it did have any influence, the slight acknowledgement being a throwaway expedition feels kind of like a weird insult. Expeditions were among the last changes that finally pushed me away from the game.

I could see the writing on the wall for awhile, but expeditions helped make it very clear the game had fully shifted from what I appreciated about it, and hoped for.

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The expeditions in No Man's Sky were the real answer to the community requests for a more dynamic universe, in my opinion.

A compromise between those wanting a universe that changed according to underlying simulation, a difficult task, and those wanting continuations of the game's light storytelling but with more unique missions.

I think it clearly worked for enough people, but it wasn't for me. Too live service, too MMO-esque.

But that's compromise for you.

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This is for fans of and I decided to turn my gameplay into a potential inferential statistics lesson. Nanite farming specifically. This is what I discovered feeding Delicious Vegetable Stew to Cronus in the Nexus. Yes. I repeatedly fed him stew 325 times, and wrote down 168 of those attempts in sequence. Here is the result of that experiment. I should point out that twice in all my attempts I received 329 nanites but that occurred outside these 168 recorded trials.

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Right, so Isle of Sea and Sky is out today, and I swear to you it is much, much more than you think

It's an open-world puzzle game, with Zelda-ish abilities and everything, but- the central mechanic is sokobon.

It's RAD. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1233070/Isles_of_Sea_and_Sky/

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@gabtoschi I will say, if I weren't handing controller off to partner when I got frustrated, I'd have stalled out ages ago heh.

I prefer puzzle games to be a co-op thing. Having two people thinking from different angles REALLY helps.

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@glassbottommeg yeah, maybe this can help me hahahaha

i love to play puzzle games alone, but sokoban (and sliding puzzles in general)... my brain don't accept them for some reason

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@gamingonlinux Hopefully there will be some good bundles next month it is my birthday month

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Admittedly I haven't played much of , and the geo-specific naming conventions make my head spin.

That said - "Monsters in the Dark" is a book that's high on my list to read this year.

It chronicles the legendary journey of Julian Gollop and the creation of X-COM.



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@gamingonlinux very Kai’s Power Goo interface

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James Stephanie Sterling pretty much confirmed my suspicions about Stellar Blade. That crosses a clumsy, knock off borderline softcore porn version of Nier Automata out of my mind forever! Thank God for them!


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I feel very conflicted reading this review.

I want to hate this review, I really don't like pieces with snide remarks and jokes, I had my fill with XPlay on that.
But Sterling seems to want to genuinely review it fairly, and I can't fault them for that.

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@Dennis5891 Sterling is a genuine reviewer through and through, anything they've reviewed is fair! Journalistic integrity mixed with snide remarks and jokes has always been a priority for Sterling. The 7.5/10 seems like a fair score for a decent but clumsy game like this.

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@Juice8767 Democracy won! :drake_like:

jake4480, (edited )
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32 years ago today on May 5 1992, one of the greatest games of all time (and forever my favorite first person shooter), Wolfenstein 3D, was released. I wrote about it for the list of 20 video games I can't stop thinking about (https://spacetimetech.wordpress.com/2024/04/06/20-video-games-i-cant-stop-thinking-about). I still play it regularly. Sometimes weekly. Killing digital Nazis is always fun and therapeutic.

You can play Wolfenstein 3D FREE in browser here: https://dosgames.com/game/wolfenstein-3d) and you can also download it free and run it on your own machine via DOSBox. Wolf 3D is also on Steam (https://store.steampowered.com/app/2270/Wolfenstein_3D) for a few bucks, and on the Microsoft store (the port of the 360 version). Now if they'd only port it to Switch! 😂

Happy birthday, B.J. Blazkowicz. 🎂

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@Tijn @dosgameclub oh nice! Thanks and will read through this.

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@synlogic nice! Oh wow and yeah recently saw that original version - so wild. Had no idea. The evolution of it all is so cool, and now the Wolf games are so polished haha. I just love that old blocky look though 😂

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Hey folks, I have a question - is there an online marketplace where people can self-publish Witcher material? I don't see anything on DriveThruRPG beyond the official stuff, not sure if R Talsorian permit or encourage self-published stuff?

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@gamingonlinux i absolutely loved paradise killer, this one look even weirder but hopefully just has fun :toucan:

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