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If you haven't heard, sadly, , one of the popular “groups” platform, is shutting down “probably” on February 29th.

In an email they sent to admins, the owner and developer can no longer support financially as they failed to find a new job after they were laid off by last year.

So, if you have a Chirp.Social groups, either move to ( (as suggested by Chirp.Social), or if I may, to (, an [flagship] instance.

This reminds us the importance of having a built-in groups feature, and one where the groups feature actually federates.

Back in 2008, when the was born, we did have a built-in federated groups in / (today known as ). We used bang (!) instead of at (@). A built-in groups feature is more stable as established instances can host them.

Today, we have and (as well as -based instances) to fill in that, as groups is a built-in feature in those software products. It's just a matter of finding an instance that's open to hosting groups for any topic for the ActivityPub protocol.

That said, any Friendica, Hubzilla, Streams-based instances you suggest for groups?

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Okay, so I just discovered a new platform/service called / .

It's still on its testing phase, and creation of new groups is by approval.

See: for more info.


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@youronlyone Thank you for the mention. We really appreciate it.

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^ Hey @datatitian if people can donate to guppe or help otherwise it might be a good point to announce it again :)

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@youronlyone and are all about federated groups. Lemmy also uses the ! Notation

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@youronlyone Give a try. It federates with Lemmy and Mbin.

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@rimu Thank you! First time I heard of !

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