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I'm an Australian woman, based in Meanjin / Brisbane, but in love with Argentina. In a previous life, I was a Trans activist, runner, and RollerDerby player. Now that we are all "post" covid, I feel like I'm still somehow finding my feet, and working out what I want to keep from my old life, and what I want to add to it! I have the feeling I will never get a final answer :)

I'm co-admin blahaj.zone and lemmy.blahaj.zone.

My photography can be found at @ada https://pixelfed.au/i/portfolio/Ada

I can also be found on matrix at ada:chat.blahaj.zone

Estoy aprendiendo español y a veces mi toots estará en mal español!

​:blahaj_zone:​ ​:Blobhaj_Ani_Hearts:​ ​:Blobhaj_Flag_Transgender:​ ​:Blobhaj_Flag_Transfemme:​

Banner image is a wide angle photo of Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, taken from La Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur

#Meanjin #Brisbane #Trans #transgender #RollerDerby #queer #español #espanol #BuenosAires #Argentina #runner #parkrun

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ada, to brisbane
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The great Toombul demolition continues!

croquetapeligro, to random Spanish
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Me he quedado dormida 🙃

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@croquetapeligro Quiero poder usar un teclado cuando dorminando!

buffyleigh, to random
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Decided to look up "Blåhaj" because I didn't get why so many people on Mastodon post about a stuffed shark, and finding out why is my new favorite TIL thing.

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@buffyleigh ​:Blobhaj_Ani_Hearts:​​:Blobhaj_Ani_Hophop:​

ada, to gameboy
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Kenny Rogers was really ahead of his time wasn't he?

"If you're gonna play the Game Boy, you gotta learn to play it right"

bumpus, to random
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It’s not trans on trains, but it is trans on transit, so maybe it counts?

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@bumpus FFS made me take even more selfies for another year or so after, but I calmed down eventually :)

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@bumpus Yep, that was pretty much the same for me :)

ada, to random
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Yesterday, I discovered that my kiddo has a dinosaur nugget plushie! It was a gift from their best friend, and they've had it for a few months now, but somehow, never told me about it until I happened to see it in their room!

I don't know that I'm able to forgive them for not letting me know they own a dino nuggie plushie!!!!

gemini, to random
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@gemini @lira @supakaity Done! ​:neocat_legs:​​:neocat_legs:​​:neocat_legs:​​:neocat_legs:​​:neocat_legs:​​:neocat_legs:​​:neocat_legs:​​:neocat_legs:​​:neocat_legs:​​:neocat_legs:​​:neocat_legs:​​:neocat_legs:​​:neocat_legs:​

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@lira @gemini @supakaity I also added this one! ​:blobcat_longleg:​​:blobcat_longleg:​​:blobcat_longleg:​​:blobcat_longleg:​​:blobcat_longleg:​

Impossible_PhD, to random
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Jules Gill-Peterson:

"What if feminists didn't reply to the charge that trans women are too sexual, or too feminine, by shrinking trans femininity to prove the accuser's bad faith wrong? What if trans feminism meant saying yes to being too much, not because everyone should become more feminine, or more sexual, but because a safer world is one in which there is nothing wrong with being extra? Abundance might be a powerful concept in a world organized by a false sense of scarcity. What if--

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celebrated trans femininity as the most feminine

I know it's nitpicking at words, but I'd really like to challenge the idea that trans women and femininity are integrally linked. We need space to be extra, without being pulled down for it, but we also need space to be allowed to not have a meaningful relationship with femininity.

I know for me, I always felt trapped by the expectations of both masculinity and femininity, and I kind of resent them both. But that lack of having a sense of my own femininity, added a lot of doubt in to my own journey of self acceptance.

Giving us space to be ourselves means celebrating those of us who are extra, but it also means taking care to allow for all kinds of relationship with femininity

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@Impossible_PhD Ok, that's good to hear. I'm not familiar with her work, but that particular sentence I quoted made me concerned that she was equating the two.

Me being ignorant of her larger body of work where she explicitly challenges that idea is a good outcome, and one it sounds like I need to fix by reading her :)

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@Impossible_PhD Ok, you've convinced me. I definitely need to read her. It sounds like something that would have been really helpful to me 10 years ago!

oldladyplays, to random
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What Linux People Don't Get About The Rest of Us

It's fairly simple. I don't want to spend my time managing my OS. Finding drivers, and compatibility, and all that: you find that fun and interesting. I find it boring and irritating. When I sit down at my computer I want to do the thing I came there to do, not spend my time convincing my computer to run properly. With Windoze, I generally don't have to do that. It's not perfect at eliminating that stuff, but it's a lot less technical and involved than running a Linux distro.

Yes, I'm sure you're able to do just that. Make room in your brain for the idea that not everyone is capable of that, or wants to be capable of that. While I've no doubt that the sign I've hung out here will draw the Reply Guys like no one's business, you're not going to get me to change my mind. I know what I enjoy doing, and maintaining my OS is not among it.

I built - from scraps - my first PC at 14, in 1980. I'm not indigitate (think illiterate, but for digital stuff). I just don't want to. That's not where I get my entertainment from computers.

I'm very glad you get the enjoyment you do out of Linux. Long may it continue. But make room for the idea that we don't all enjoy computing in the way that you do, and that that is okay.

Or (tl;dr version): Damnit Jim, I'm a linguist not a mechanic!

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No drivers are needed

It's interesting that you say that, as you can't currently run modern nvidia video cards with Wayland on linux, because the drivers don't yet support explicit sync.

Maybe that's where I went wrong? I'm not meant to have drivers! If I uninstall them, everything will just work!

ada, to linux
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It's been about a week since I dumped windows and moved to Linux full time.... It's night and day compared to last time I tried 10 years or so ago. There is simply no way I'm going back.

RE: https://blahaj.zone/notes/9rto5r8isi8v02wj

dgar, to random
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When I get naked in the bathroom, the shower usually gets turned on.

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@dgar I'd tap it

anna, to random
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so sharkey doesn't have an auto-delete feature?

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@anna From memory, someone wrote a plugin that does it... I'll see if I can dig it up

gavi, to random

im modding minecraft do i want the estrogen mod

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@gavi I thought that was a patch?

renegadejade, to queer
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I love how everyone’s version of queer is uniquely theirs.

I love that expression is important to me but not others, dyed hair is part of my queerness, but not others’. I love that I’m a queer activist and others are not. I love that it’s about attraction for some and not others.

I love the breadth, depth, and dimensions of queerness. I love learning about others’ queerness and what it means to them. I love comparing notes and smile when we diverge. I love queerness and queers.

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@renegadejade Fuck yes!

sterophonick, to random
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What stage of Arch Linux is it where half of the programs installed are from the Arch User Repository

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@sterophonick Isn't that just the default state for most people?

deirdresm, to ADHD
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Bullet point 1 is the funniest thing I’ve ever read about . Also true.

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@deirdresm TIL. According to that therapist, I don't have ADHD

anna, to random
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@blahaj @ada not sure who I'm supposed to mention, so sorry for the double!

I tried to search for "https://aussie.zone/post/8729617" in the post search, but it gave me an error and said to report it, so here I am!

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@anna @blahaj Hey! I'm not sure of the context? What am I looking at?

@ada@blahaj.zone avatar

@anna Ah, I see!

Unfortunately, you've hit on a bit of gap in fediverse compatibility. Lemmy doesn't fully federate with other fediverse platforms. Basically, you can only find things that have already been boosted to the instance because someone subscribes to the community that the post was in.

When we try and find a non federated post by URL, lemmy doesn't return a result that our instance can use, so the search fails.

But if you try a URL search of most other platforms, it should work fine.

lira, to random
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Windows is baddows

@ada@blahaj.zone avatar

@lira Windows is gonedows from my devices! :)

jo, (edited ) to fediverse

Moved to a , , or instance and missing watching ? Well do I have something for you!!

Antennas are effectively custom timelines. They work approximately like watching hashtags, but they can look for normal text as well. You can add as many phrases as you like and the results can be filtered with an ignore list.

You can make an antenna that just shows posts from specific users and notifies you when they post something new, you can make an antenna that collects posts containing or excluding certain key words, or you can make an antenna that collects only posts with files attached. You can even make an antenna consisting of “Posts from specific users” with “Show replies” checked.

Setting up
You can set up antenna by going to the More! section on your sidebar, and selecting Antennas. Press Add + to create your first. This is where you can also manage & edit previously created antennas.


  1. Where to find More! on the sidebar (highlighted)
  2. Where to find Antennas in the More! menu (highlighted)
  3. My antennas page showing Add + button and my previously created antennas.
    4 & 5) When you click Add + you get this page to set up your antenna. I've set one up as my Calckey antenna and another to alert me when PastaThief posts. There's a lot to go through here. Expect a separate post sometime soon.
    6 & 7) What those antenna feeds look like.
  4. On our progressive web app you can access your antennas by selecting the UFO in the top right corner.
  5. Clicking on the UFO button brings up all my antennas and the link to manage/edit them

I plan on writing up a fuller explanation soon, but happy in the meantime to help anyone wanting to set them up.

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@jo @lira @jahtnamas Our Sharkey is not as good as what we used to have on Hajkey. Kaity did a lot of custom work in that space on Hajkey, but our Sharkey search is just "out of the box", and to be honest, I haven't explored it in depth

That being said, I was able to do a wildcard search on a specific user without any problems.

I'm wondering if the error is dependent on the person being searched?

@ada@blahaj.zone avatar

@jahtnamas @jo @lira Oh, sorry, I was talking about search, not antenna.

Yeah, you can't do an antenna without keywords.

But you can just throw a random string of text and numbers in the exclude section and save it. And as long as they don't use that exact string, you should see all of their replies :)

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