schenklklopfer, to grafana German avatar

TIL: auch HDDs werden hinten langsamer, wenn man sie komplett überschreibt.
Dachte das ist nur so ein SSD Thing, wenn sie voll werden...

Zwar nicht so krass wie SSDs, aber auch bemerkbar.

und sind schon was tolles xD

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I have a low quality counter in my garage (it’s a RadiationD v1.1(CAJOE) if your interested). Ive linked up a and monitor for ‘counts’ using a gpio and a c program ( - it’s definitely poor quality as I get 3 CPM on average which is below what it should do.

I noticed on my setup that something has changed…

johanneskastl, to grafana avatar

On to the next one: Learn 10x by Eric Salituro. Excited to finally learn the hidden treasures and wisdoms of Grafana after using it more and more in the last couple of years...

yeri, to homeassistant avatar

Started playing around with #HomeAssistant and cheap #Zigbee sensors and smart powerplugs (and some #esphome, also got some #BLE #Bluetooth sensors I haven't unpacked yet).

It's been a steep learning curve but it's cool that most of the stuff just works (TP-Link #Kasa and #Tapo, #Ikea Zigbee, #Philips #Hue (using the Hue Bridge, not directly connected to my Zigbee coordinator). Some stuff this uses the cloud (but can be used locally), other stuff takes out the cloud entirely. (1/2)

Temperature per room
Power usage from Zigbee and ESPhome/WiFi smart plugs.
PIR and door sensor tests (Zigbee)

yeri, avatar

is quite cool in the visualisation as well. It's simple (but at times limiting in the UI) -- but quite simple to put together a . I could connect as well but that’s... for (much) later.

linuxiac, to grafana avatar

Grafana 11.0: Now with subfolders, better visualizations, simplified metrics exploration, advanced alerting features, and more.

gyptazy, to grafana avatar

We just released 7.5.30 & 2.2.15 ( & forks keeping the license).

  • Plutono: Fix roleAttributionPath
  • Plutono: Fix null pointer references
  • Plutono: Security - Update crewjam/saml to 0.4.14

SenseException, to grafana German avatar

It's convenient that dashboards can be extracted as a JSON config.

nicole, to grafana avatar

I've been shifting focus at work, from performance engineering to observability, and that means learning a whole lot. More learning in public! First up: . It's a databases for logs with some interesting design decisions that make it more performant than other logs databases. Here's a video I made with my colleague, Jay Clifford, to share what we've learned, including a demo app that ties in Loki, Grafana, and Alloy:

grafana, to grafana

🇯🇵 Fun fact: helped Japan become the 5th country to land on the !

Watch the full talk to find out how. Their dashboards and use case are truly out of this world 🌙


Dtl, to grafana avatar

Playing with and loading a local CSV.
I've got data from several sources in the file, the source name is in the first column of the CSV, how can I get grafana to plot four different plots, one for each source name?

nurkiewicz, to random avatar

Top 10 Tools for Kafka Engineers:

  1. Kafka Streams
  2. Kafka UIs
  3. Cruise Control
  4. Kafka Security Manager
  5. Kafka Proxy


nicole, to grafana avatar

TIL how to enable the new Explore Logs app for . Turns out the latest versions of Loki and don't work with it yet, so you have to specify the right versions and change a few other things in the Docker Compose config. It's so cool that this is open source and not Cloud-only.

My notes here:

And here's a repo tying in a sample app + Alloy + Loki + Grafana in Docker: . Working on a video to explain it all!

RichiH, to grafana avatar

just sent me an email, informing me that I have not bought stickers in a while (I buy through a role account these days) and unless I opt in again, they will remove me from their mailing list.

That's how you retain eyeballs which matter -- informed consent. Guess where I will buy my next stickers again...

wolfensteijn, to grafana

Changed the hardware that does the actual recording from a Raspberry pi to a Lenovo tiny. Running PVE with Debian as a virtual machine.

That got rid of a ground loop noise in the recordings.

Now to figure out a way to build these Obirdability dashboards for my data. and

petrillic, to random avatar

All the props to @tailscale for releasing SSO to everyone without a tax. I wish more organizations would do this, and realize that it's really in everyone's best interest.

RichiH, avatar

@petrillic @tailscale fwiw, has Oauth2 and LDAP in the open source version. Precisely because this should not be gated.

frankel, to grafana avatar
ben, to Blog avatar

New #Blog: Automating a #HotTub with #homeassistant

We recently got a wifi-enabled hot tub. Some enterprising soul had already created a HA addon to work with it, so I set about implementing #observability, #automation and #alerting.

Amongst other things, it now starts heating automatically if there's plunge pricing on #octopusenergy Agile

#homeautomation #grafana

moozer, to grafana

What do you use to monitor that a subnet has a functioning dhcp server?

I am looking for an output I can put into and make an alert is there are timeouts or response is too slow.

unixorn, to homelab avatar
RichiH, to grafana avatar
fstab, to grafana avatar

The & is happening TODAY. Join us and learn about application observability with and infra observability with

bodomenke, to random German avatar

Experimente zur Vorbereitung auf Tibber:
Laden der Hausbatterie aus dem öffentlichen Netz.

Das Gute? Es funktioniert und man kann über SMA SunnyPortal einen wöchentlichen Ladeplan mit viertelstündlicher Auflösung hinterlegen, um damit die Niedrigpreisphasen zu nutzen. (1/2)

knirscher, avatar

@bodomenke naja wirklich empfehlen kann ich es nicht: Ich habe sowas aus Quatsch "mal schnell" gebaut um die Mülltonnenleerungen in zu erfassen... Es war ein fürchterliches Gefummel und nach gefühlten zwei Wochen schon kaputt :-/

SteffoSpieler, to grafana avatar

I just published my first english blog post (and my second post in general). This time it's about how I added metrics to my discord bot.

Hopefully this is somewhat interesting to you guys :sd_sweat:

(btw, if you wanna subscribe to all my english posts, just add this url to your rss feed reader:

Thank you to everyone who helped me proofreading this post! :sd_heart:

zhenech, to FreeBSD avatar

Let's see if we can get Grafana Agent for FreeBSD/arm64

martin, to grafana

insists on displaying metric tons as "Mg" (mega gramm). Yes, technically correct, but what nerds use such a unit in everyday life?

An ticket regarding this exists since 2018 without resolution

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