ku1ik, to rust
@ku1ik@hachyderm.io avatar

👋 Hey!

I'm looking for a remote or consulting gigs, or a contract/permanent position.

I'm a software developer with 20 years of exp, of which last 10 I've been working exclusively with teams.

Things I built during my career: communication platforms, doc processing pipelines, booking solutions, messaging apps, ...

I created this cool thing too: https://asciinema.org

EU TZs preferred, although EST is fine too.

Boost pls!

sleepyfox, to ShareYourMusic
@sleepyfox@hachyderm.io avatar

As a 10-year veteran of , when COVID-19 struck and everybody went remote, I thought that this would invalidate my USP, my key differentiator.
Boy was I wrong.
After three years of remote work my assumption was that everyone would have learned to excel remotely. I was wrong. So so wrong.
I think a part of the exec's hard push for is the understanding that many organisations' 'remote culture' was just lipstick on the pig of their in-office culture.

alxd, to typescript
@alxd@writing.exchange avatar

Time for a post!

I'm looking for a / / 100% position, both contract and permanent, GMT+2 timezone.

I previously worked as a Senior / Lead / Principal developer with , and experience.

I specialize in , , , , , , , , and .


MastodonEngineering, to mastodon
@MastodonEngineering@mastodon.social avatar

We are looking for a new member for our core team to work with @Gargron, @renchap and @Claire on building the Mastodon and web app!

This is a position and requires an overlap with the CET timezone.


For more info and to apply:


faylen, to kitties

One of the cool things about work meetings, the amusement of suddenly hearing, "Meow! Meeeeooooow!" in someone's background. I admit, I giggled.

anthony_steele, to random
@anthony_steele@dotnet.social avatar

Good to see everyone in the office today; everyone on their video calls, hard at work.

cdamian, to elixir
@cdamian@rls.social avatar

Remote is still looking for Mid and Senior Backend Engineers.

If you are looking for a remote job, async working, a fast-growing company, nice colleagues, and are interested in Elixir, this is the place to be.

I recommend looking at our handbook: https://handbook.remote.com/

And have a look at the jobs postings:

#job #jobs #elixir #FediHire #RemoteJobs #remote

Katika, to Help
@Katika@chaos.social avatar

#HappyBirthday #jane_goodall ! :awesome:

It is the 90th #birthday of my #childhood 's #heroine !

After reading "In the shadow of man" as a kid I wanted to follow her to the #Chimpanzees of #Gombe

But she wrote about the #destruction that #humans brought even to the #remote areas

So I came to the perception that trying to #change the #system that is #destroying the #planet would #help the more.

That's how I ended up with #Digitalisation #Sustainability & #Ethics

Picture: See description

Wyatt, to random French
@Wyatt@framapiaf.org avatar

Salut tout le monde, je recherche un (salarié). Dans l'informatique directement ou indirectement

5+ années d'expérience dans :

  • intégration de logiciel
  • support utilisateur
  • sysadmin (NB : celle-ci est moins significative que les autres)

Si vous cherchez simplement quelqu'un qui connait le domaine, pour votre asso, coop, PME, mairie, bibliothèque... Je prends d'autant plus !

En ou dans les alentours de Montpellier

:boost_requested: Repouet si t'as envie

openssf, to opensource
@openssf@social.lfx.dev avatar

Job alert❗ We're seeking a Technical Project Manager to help support our growing community of developers, technical contributors, upstream maintainers, downstream end-users, and other community participants. This role will lead OpenSSF Technical Initiatives to help ensure that they are sustained within the broader community.

To learn more and apply, visit: https://jobs.smartrecruiters.com/LinuxFoundation/743999975875583-technical-program-manager

devhindo, to golang
@devhindo@mastodon.social avatar

I'm looking for a remote GoLang job
Here's my GitHub: https://github.com/devhindo
Also, any insights that would help me land a job would be appreciated. I have projects listed on my GitHub and I know Go very well but idk what to do else

boilingsteam, to linux
@boilingsteam@mastodon.cloud avatar

Lapdev, a New Open-Source Remote Dev Environment Management Software: https://github.com/lapce/lapdev

t3n, to random German
@t3n@t3n.social avatar

Hybride Arbeit in alten Büros: Warum Mitarbeiter und Arbeitgeber nicht überzeugt sind

Nachdem zahlreiche Unternehmen auf Remote umgestellt haben, sprechen viele mittlerweile über eine Rückkehr ins Büro. Doch sind es laut einer Studie die Büros, die nicht auf die Rückkehrer vorbereitet sind.
👉 👀

brian, to random
@brian@hoosier.social avatar

The in-office day was exhausting, as usual, but accomplished things that would have gone differently or been more difficult remote. I still enjoy being mostly and wouldn’t give it up for anything. But I do see value in the face-to-face every once in a while.

bobthomson70, to Kubernetes
@bobthomson70@mastodon.social avatar

I'm immediately available for remote cloud devops b2b contract work, live in France with the right to work in France and the UK.

I am flexible on pay rate and on days per week, 3 days/week is OK with me.

From Linux sysadmin more than dev and years of GCP and AWS public cloud, with and

Boosts welcome!


openproject, to random
@openproject@fosstodon.org avatar

We are enjoying our offsite in Berlin! ✨

We have gathered for our annual face-to-face meeting! 🌟 While we cherish the flexibility of #remote work, there's something truly special about coming together in person.

Our focus? Fun and forging stronger connections! From sharing laughs to deepening friendships, to discussing our vision, strategy, and roadmap - we're diving into the heart of teamwork. Because when we understand each other better, we can achieve extraordinary things together. 🌍🫶

faraiwe, to random
@faraiwe@mastodon.social avatar

Stupid trend.

You apply for a that is specifically listed as "REMOTE" (caps for emphasis).

You apply, get selected, undergo interviews process, waste time, patience, develop expectations.

Then, the motherfuckers slyly suggest "could you move here?" at what they claim being last interview.

Then you point out their job ad is "remote" and that there is a reason you applied for a job.

Then they go "oh" and that is the end of it.

Don't waste people's time, patience and focus, jerks

itnewsbot, to Battlemaps
@itnewsbot@schleuss.online avatar

Fail of the Week: The Little Remote-Controlled Snowblower That Couldn’t - [Punxatawny Phil]’s prognostications aside, winter isn’t over up here in the North... - https://hackaday.com/2024/03/03/fail-of-the-week-the-little-remote-controlled-snowblower-that-couldnt/ #h-bridge

hateaid, to berlin German
@hateaid@troet.cafe avatar

Werde Teil unseres Teams!

Als Betroffenenberater*in stärkst du politisch engagierte Frauen, die digitale Gewalt erleben. Unterstütze uns dabei, ihre Stimmen in der Politik nicht verstummen zu lassen. Starte jetzt in Berlin oder remote!

Jetzt bewerben: https://hateaid.org/jobs/betroffenenberatung-frauen-politik/?mtm_campaign=job-beratung-frauen-in-der-politik&mtm_kwd=mastodon

itnewsbot, to windows
@itnewsbot@schleuss.online avatar

Streaming Deck Removes Need for Dedicated Hardware - Streaming content online has never been more popular than it is now, from YouTube ... - https://hackaday.com/2024/02/25/streaming-deck-removes-need-for-dedicated-hardware/

GeriAQuin, to random
@GeriAQuin@mstdn.social avatar
itnewsbot, to esp32
@itnewsbot@schleuss.online avatar

ESP32 Oscilloscope Skips Screen for the Browser - An oscilloscope can be an expensive piece of equipment, but not every measurement ... - https://hackaday.com/2024/02/23/esp32-oscilloscope-skips-screen-for-the-browser/

capensis, to linux French
@capensis@framapiaf.org avatar

Recrutement 🐧 Nous sommes toujours à la recherche de notre futur(e) Capen'AdminSys Linux !

Par ici pour postuler 👇

#recrutement #lille #remote #adminsys #linux #zabbix #icinga #prometheus #grafana #ansible #terraform #rundeck #zimbra #mattermost

igorkulman, to iOS
@igorkulman@hachyderm.io avatar

After another reorganization at my I have been made redundant so I am looking for something new as a , preferably in European timezones. I have been a mobile developer for over a decade, half of that working with and , CV https://www.linkedin.com/in/igorkulman

Gina, to Amsterdam
@Gina@fosstodon.org avatar

So the universe has been VERY PROACTIVE in letting me know that it's time to move on from . Rejection is redirection. ✨

The short-term plan: move somewhere sunny in Europe, apply to hybrid and/or jobs. Question is where?

Gina, (edited )
@Gina@fosstodon.org avatar

Speaking of, if anyone knows of a hybrid or remote position for a Scrum Master / Product Owner / Agile (Transition) Coach / Project Manager with a devops background and +8 years of experience ANYWHERE in the South of Europe, I'd be very happy to hear about it. 🙏💜

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