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Important message here!

So, artwork covers most of it - I'm going to share a lot of stuff that I didn't post anywhere, so feel free to check it if you're interested! I'm really hyped for this, and I hope you'll enjoy this idea too 💜

Link to the profile in comment!

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"An unintentional side effect of using a subscription model, is that we end up competing with actors in wildly different verticals or domains."

A very insightful read.

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@dalfen EXACTLY!

We ain't talking about some thing like or something but people BOUGHT it...

THIS is why I have my games and movies on a physical disc: Because those can't be nilly-willy stolen remotely!

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Adobe, why can't I quit you?!

Adobe being investigated by FTC because canceling is too hard - Desk Chair Analysts

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Personally, I am trying to get rid of all 'subscription-based' software solutions, even on mobile devices, unless they offer extremely advantageous costs.
Profit should come from the quality of work done in security, innovation, technology, and efficiency, not from depriving the right to use unless a subscription fee is paid. The innovations should encourage the user to be motivated to continue investing in a solution, not the noose around the neck of the cessation of the right to use the software itself

Hooray for OpenSource, horray for !

VMware by Broadcom Dramatically Simplifies Offer Lineup and Licensing Model

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Sony has been banning people seemingly on a random basis from their PS Online network.

Good, good. Rise of hate toward DRM is going according to the plan.

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If I hadn't already, I'd cancel my subscription over this. If you are in NS or PEI, consider cancelling. And file complaints, this borders on fraud. I'll explain.

After hearing concerns from an “alarming” number of residents, P.E.I. Premier Dennis King says he would consider sponsoring a regional media company’s obituaries page to ensure its death notices are not behind a paywall.
#SaltwireNetwork #Obituaries #LovedOnes #PaidServices #Paywall #PEI #NovaScotia #Thread

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"I don’t understand the “for the cost of a coffee” kind of subscription drive language. “For the cost of two coffees, you could subscribe to the Halifax Examiner for a month!”

Please consider subscribing to the .
It's affordable, investigative & informative.
Various inexpensive options to consider.

Renewed annually. Worth every penny! I'm a fan, RU?

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Anyone interested in a ? I have five spots left, each for 5€ instead of 30€ a month.

You can stream music lossless, they are the best paying platform for artists, less "noise" as it's about music and not any other type of media. Also the algorithm is suggesting things that might be a bit out of your comfort zone but still interesting.

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The Sneaky Sticker- of

The thing about background spending is it tends to happen, well, in the without your full attention. And therein lies the point.

“Hand over your credit card details and let us take care of the rest,” these companies assure us. But by agreeing to this trade, we’ve become passive consumers who are allowing the balance of capitalism to tilt away from us. We have ceded one of our key powers as individuals

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@hexaheximal @esm @hexaheximal Like & & before them, is working hard to forcibly -ize & -ify (aka. ) their products and subsequently cancel any , / and options until there's only / as a with no control over anything whatsoever...

And OFC that'll be weaponized against anyone and everyone!

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Idea for a service: One that tracks all your current various warranties and handles all the RMAs, prorated refunds, post-trial period service cancellations, etc. for you.

Like - "Oh, your guitar cable broke within a month? We'll schedule UPS to come by and pick it up and you'll get a tracking number from Monoprice* in about a week."

  • I've never had a Monoprice guitar cable break. This is just an example.
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The 2023 survey of trends reports that most (55%) "are seeing revenues decline."

At the same time, most (90%) are seeing an increase in revenues.

The report says nothing about where these revenues are coming from. It doesn't mention , fees, or charges. (PS: I'm guessing that these revenues are from APCs & the report didn't mention that bc it assumed that all OA journals charge APCs.)

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The additions to the alone make me want to install the 5.1 right now. 😅️🫣️

amadeus, avatar

@macberg I don't know, but I guess I like to things, especially when they're as essential to me as a . I think there is something subconsciously reassuring about "owning" something. Whereas with a , you could lose the service or product at any time. Of course, I would ultimately prefer Bitwig to be . Then I could be super calm and express my gratitude with and . 😇️ But that is probably (for now).

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You know those /subscription-wall news sites? The ones that show you a paragraph then ask for a fee or your e-mail before letting you read further? Do you believe that they deserve every penny and e-mail address they can get? Well, then, you definitely should not go to this site that archives several sites’ contents and allows you to view them without the walls. Definitely avoid going to at all costs!

And do not this!

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Studio One has made a debut on Linux.

Axel1973, avatar

@itsfoss Finally a new face since FruityLoops shut down their shop for Linux users. I welcome support even for commercial closed source software to a degree... BUT... QUESTION IS, will it be REALLY YOURS, AFTER YOU PAYED FOR IT ??? Talking , based and requirements here! IF there is any kind of that prevents you from "keeping it", including ALL add-ons, on changing hard- and software over time, IT WOULD BE A NO GO TO ME !!! It's either MINE OR THEM'S !

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Don’t want us to track and target you with what we think are personalized ads? That’ll be $14/month thank you…

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Finally, a social network charging me for something I'd actually use!

TikTok is testing an ad-free monthly subscription plan

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With the price increase in every single tech subscription service of today already happening or coming, I think it's high time to reconsider whether we really need all the streaming, video games, task management programs, etc.

Because I understand the rising costs of living, but some companies are being utterly rude toward their paying customers.

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@vertigo random thing. Before VSCode came along I used to use Sublime. It was a little rougher around the edges in some areas of the experience but it was practically the same. Including the command palette keybindings. Only difference was that it wasn’t built on electron and was a tiny (relative) C++ app from memory. Maybe need to go back to that…

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@ihabunek @dianshuo @vertigo going from to killed it for me.

I'd rather go with ...

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Another article made it through peer review (at ) with the false claim that all journals charge .

Reminder: Only a minority (≈ 31%) of OA journals charge APCs, even if a majority of articles pub'd in OA journals are in the APC-based variety.

petersuber, avatar

Update. journals that flip to see an increase in citations. Those that charge also see a decline in submissions from the global .

PS: These authors recognize that not all OA journals charge APCs (). On the one hand, their data only show a decline in submissions from the south for APC-based OA journals. But their imprecise writing attributes it to OA as such.

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