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Tree at Gabriel Park, Portland, Oregon (2017)

Taken with a Bronica S2 camera and Fuji Acros film, printed using Moersch Easylith chemicals. I believe I used old Foma paper for the darkroom print, but I don't remember the specifics.

I only printed perhaps half a dozen (or fewer) images using the Lith process; this was the most successful one. I've always intended to do more. I love the way Lith prints look. So much texture.

#photography #fediphoto #believeinfilm #bronica #fujifilm #lith #darkroom #printing #portland #oregon

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As #MARCHintosh draws to a close, I encourage you to print some cool stuff to my #GlobalTalk #ImageWriter II printer (w/ Color ribbon)!

I did a livestream doing this the other night:

#retro #vintage #printing #dotmatrix

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The international poster competition “Posters For Future” is only limited by the two colours, but not by creativity. The jury is carefully selected and the deadline is the 31st of May.

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I discovered this by chance: Delving Deeper Into Our Visual Language. A mixed-media exhibition for inspiration. You should take time for it. A rabbit hole: You find the links to many of the artists. @textilearts @fibrearts

#art #artmatters #mixedMedia #printing #textileArt #artBooks #artJournals #paperArt #embroidery #sewing #painting #natureFinds #nature #artists #markmaking #visualLanguage

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Come to the Anarchist meet-up 10th of April where we gather around our book-info store!

We want to:

⭐ Generate a space where we can find reflection materials and editions (, , , ) that are an extension of the ideas and struggles in which we believe and participate.
⭐ Organize that actively encourage the do-it-yourself , and .

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Aww, much tessellated hug love this morning. Thank you.

It was such a small tweak to go from "this isn't working" to "oh, cute". This is why I try hard not to delete in frustration!

I would like to find somewhere it can be printed as a fabric on demand, once I've tidied it up a bit & tried some different colour combinations.

I've had someone suggest so will check them out, but if anyone else has any others I would be happy to hear recommendations.


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I'd rather go back to using a dot-matrix printer.

#HP said in January that it hoped and dreamed to make #printing a #subscription. Now, the company has done just that, with the All-In Plan that allows HP customers a limited number of printed pages per month for a monthly fee, with a two-year commitment and potential overage charges, too. #printers

The nightmare is real: HP makes printing a monthly subscription

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Recognizing the urgent need for #innovation in #BraillePrinting #technology, Song & his team embarked on a mission to enhance the quality & efficiency of #Braille #printing. Their research subsequently helped #revolutionize Braille printing & improved printing accuracy at multiple levels.

The new Braille printing technology has been promoted in #China to the forefront in the field of #GlobalGreen Braille printing

#UsefulTech #AccessibleTech #VisuallyImpaired #BlindTech

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I made my own Printmaking Registration Pins and you can too...



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@rasterweb @3dprinting wow Pete, I’ve been 3D printing a long time but I’ve never printed finished things this thin before. The fit on my tabs were pretty great, only a few needed a swipe with a round file. Seems legit, I think I’m going to do some printing this week. Thanks! In the photo I’m just doing a fit check and dress rehearsal with some painter’s tape on the edge of my desk.

hankg, to history

If you are old enough, like I am, you can smell this video :). I never knew how these devices worked.
Spirit Duplicators: Copies Never Smelled So Good

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Somehow our uni printing backend turned my 6MB PDF into 10 GIGABYTES... How? I have no idea. I had my worst printing experience today and got home with only 80% of what I wanted to print out 💀 It works normally but today (after giving up on uploading and using a USB stick) I had my funds run out mid-printing, then after that had the color run out mid-printing and after that it said I have no funds even though I charged my account again!

KindaABigDyl, to linux

My mom was having so many issues printing on her computer (Windows). I had her email me the doc, pulled out my computer (Linux), and immediately printed without any issues. This is how it begins!

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German inventor and craftsman Johannes Gutenberg died in 1468.

His early printing process, and what texts he printed with movable type, are not known in great detail. His later Bibles were printed in such a way as to have required large quantities of type, some estimates suggesting as many as 100,000 individual sorts. In the following decades, punches and copper matrices became standardized in the rapidly disseminating printing presses across Europe. via @wikipedia

An early wooden printing press, depicted in 1568. Such presses could produce up to 240 impressions per hour. Jost Amman - Woodcut illustration in the 1568 book "Ständebuch", reproduced in "Meggs, Philip B. A History of Graphic Design. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1998. (p. 64)" At the left in the foreground, a "puller" removes a printed sheet from the press. The "beater" to his right is inking the forme. In the background, compositors are setting type.

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A bit more about the 3D Printed Printing Plates I Printed so I could Print Prints.


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“Ichigaya Letterpress Factory”, B-sides

A few additional photos from yesterday’s visit to this interesting place on the DNP company campus in Tokyo’s Shinjuku Ward.

  1. Stencils Cabinet
  2. Lead types for Roman alphabet
  3. Visitor seats shaped like lead types
  4. Main Entrance

Roman alphabet lead types, Ichigaya Letterpress Factory, Tokyo
Lead-type shaped seats, Ichigaya Letterpress Factory, Tokyo
Main entrance to Ichigaya Letterpress Factory, Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo

norbertwoehnl, to photography avatar

“Ichigaya Letterpress Factory”

Found this place pretty much by chance, but it was really interesting. It gives a great idea of the challenges of printing Japanese before advent of the computer age and desktop publishing (one needs to select from more than 2,500 characters!). We also did a fun hands-on experience printing color on a bookmark with a manual letterpress, and had coffee decorated with topical latte art.

Ichigaya Letterpress Factory, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Ichigaya Letterpress Factory, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Ichigaya Letterpress Factory, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

rasterweb, to art avatar

This was a fun (and slightly frustrating) project I did back in 2014/2015 around the idea of digital fabrication to create letterpress pieces to print posters in a DIY fashion.

(I declared it "not a failure" because I learned a lot in the process.)


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Folks: why is it not year of Linux on desktop?

Me: setting up a printer

(And before anyone asks, yeah, I tried it through GNOME/the graphical settings app. This is the only thing that worked, using a legacy driver that I had to scroll though a list of thousands of entries to find in a – thank fuck it exists – legacy web interface from what looks like circa 1993, which I’m informed is not going to exist for much longer.)

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The first proof of the Tech Medic Zine.

hankg, to art

Scribus, the free and open source page layout application (think Adobe InDesign) just had a big new release. I'd love to hear some real world usage stories by graphic arts/desktop publishing professionals that use Scribus on a regular basis. My time in that industry was so long ago QuarkXPress was the most popular page layout platform.…

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I suspect that the introduction of moveable type to Germany greatly contributed to both witchcraft panics and anti-Jewish pogroms.

Even before the first actual, regular newspaper was published in 1604, Germany was rife with "news sheets" that printed all sorts of lurid and fantastical tales in order to increase sales. Think of modern-day tabloids or FOX News at their worst. And all those tales must be true, or else they wouldn't have been printed, right?

Some of the tales are rather amusing (like the Sankt Andreasberg cat that gave birth to 300 kittens and a goat in a single night while under the influence of a comet). But then there's a tale of a Jew who supposedly tried to "torture" blessed altar bread and, when he could not destroy it "with fire or water", he tried to "bake it into a cake". And then the dough became red, and he beheld a vision of Baby Jesus within the oven...

Such tales took on lives of their own, and helped keep all sorts of bigotries alive. Just like modern-day social media do...

(By the way, if anyone can give me some recommendations for scholarly works on the early era of mass printing, I am all ears - so far, I've mainly picked up individual anecdotes.)

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I experienced a miracle! A printer I just connected and it worked with no setup at all. Just waiting for me in the printer panel.

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