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Siberian Iris by Roses Bokeh, Modern Lens

This is one of my favorite lenses, a Voigtlander Apochromatic wonder. So sharp, and also reasonably pretty. It's pretty much always in my bag. However, maybe not quite as pretty as a vintage lens…

#johnlehetphoto #bloomscrolling #garden #spring #iris #bokeh

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First Photo from the !
I've had it a bit more than a day, but it's a plucky little phone. Stay tuned for more coverage coming soon!

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Each character you play has to have their own set of dice. Can’t be mixing and using others. Oh no. No no no.

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Fiddlehead Ferns and Dicentra Bokeh

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A busy on an overcast morning (sooc from the .
A really patient little bug. I swear it was posing for me 😊

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arkadiusz, (edited ) to analog
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It's spring, so it's a great time to post some garden pictures. This image was taken at Heritage Gardens several years ago. There were so many butterflies around!


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Enjoying Mexico City with some friends who travelled from Canada just to surprise me on my 40th birthday (tomorrow).

Nice excuse to bring out the old Fuji X-T10 and 35mm f/1.4 and generate some 📷

Two people standing in front of glowing red lights of a chinatown district.
Hands holding a phone taking a picture of the glowing red lights of a chinatown district.

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Dieses wunderschöne Exemplar eines Rotkehlchens hat mich mit seinem Gesang in seinen Bann gezogen. Die Sonne, die das saftige Grün im Wald so knallig gemacht hat, hat für einen schön cremigen Hintergrund gesorgt. Mehr Glück konnte ich zu diesem Zeitpunkt nicht haben.

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arkadiusz, (edited ) to art

Spring has begun and magnolias have bloomed beautifully. I just mounted an old $20 Soviet lens to my Sony camera and took some photos. Check out the spring dreamy look! 🌸 Thank you for being there!

• Sony α6400
• Jupiter-8 50 mm f/2 (KMZ, 1967)
• L39 to Sony E-Mount Adapter

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Affliction doesn’t come from the dust,
Nor does trouble sprout from the ground,
For we are born for trouble,
As sparks fly upward.

More ice bokeh balls, heavily reinterpreted. Injured Pentax DSLR, 50mm lens at f/1.4, 1/6000, ISO 100

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Crystal forest.
More ice bokeh balls.

Injured Pentax DSLR, 50mm lens at f/1.4, 1/6000, ISO 100

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