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Full-Time Software Engineer, part-time hobby jugglerโ€” I run and lift because I like suffering and my woodworking and 3D printing projects are proof that patience is real and mediocrity IS acceptable! Married to a beautiful woman, because sometimes miracles DO happen. I've always got an audiobook playing in one ear, and always looking out for clear skies so I can take the telescope out!

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austinphilp, to Fitness
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Pretty big milestone! 100lbs down since August of last year

Only a couple pounds away from my goal weight, then I'm going to start slowly ramping up my calories again and start focusing on and training for a this Fall!

austinphilp, to 3DPrinting
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Nothing like the satisfaction of queueing up a job before bed and waking up in the morning to a beautiful print ๐Ÿ‘Œ

devnull, (edited ) to fediverse
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Federated NextDoor? @evan


Could be a neat use case for location based notes outside of the hashtag purview.

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@devnull just like the original nextdoor, I don't really see the point compared to just using regional mastadon hashtags or lemmy communities

austinphilp, to cooking
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I don't understand why so many people act like air fryers are a scam because "It's just a convection oven!!"

Yes, it is "just" a convection oven, and having a small, quick to preheat, easy to clean/store convection oven is fucking AWESOME.

I've used full-sized convection ovens before, and having one is definitely not a replacement for an air fryer.

Yeah "air-fryer" is just a marketing term, but it doesn't make the devices any less useful

austinphilp, to politics
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It's insane to me that anyone on either side of the aisle is actually rooting for Trump to win his presidential immunity motions.

If you're a Republican whose actually hoping for him to win on that score, you need to stop and really ask yourself - Do you REALLY want to live in a nation where the highest political office is completely free from any responsibility to act within the law?

Keep in mind that any such precedent that might be set for Trump, will also apply to any Democratic president.

It's insane to me the overlap of people claiming that Trump is immune from prosecution because he was president, while also going on about the "Biden Crime Family"

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@maddad 100% agreed, especially given that the very first thing he'll do without a shadow of a doubt is pardon himself.

If Trump gets elected and doesn't make a concerted effort to overturn the 22nd amendment I'll livestream myself eating a shoe.

austinphilp, to random
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Just finished Mickey7 and I have to say it might be my favorite SciFi read of the year so far. The concepts are somewhat familiar, but combined in a fresh and engaging way, and written so that you're always kept right on the edge of your seat.

Excited for the movie that's coming out next year as well, as it seemed like the type of book that would translate very well to the screen!

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@jnovinger Nice! I'm about a quarter through the sequel now, if you haven't, you should check that out as well - if you liked the first, you'll definetely like the second

georgetakei, to random
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@georgetakei I just can't believe that of all the things they could be doing right now with a government shutdown looming, they're squabbling about the dress code.

That being said, dress codes are archaic and idiotic. For all those who think casual dress would "demean the office" or something like that, I'd simply point you towards the actual behavior of most of our politicians.

Acting like squabbling, self interested children while dressed in sweats isn't actually less respectful than acting like squabbling, self interested children while wearing a suit. If you think it is, then your priorities need rethinking

rasterweb, to 3DPrinting
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Itโ€™s definitely a very loud machine as wellโ€ฆ

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@rasterweb Easily my biggest complaint about the p1p, I keep mine in a closet at least, so i can shut the door, but it's loud af.

If you have the time, try silent mode. It takes twice as long, but it really helps

rasterweb, to 3DPrinting
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It seems insane how fast this thing can move!

A Bamboo Lab P1S 3D printer printing very fast.

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@rasterweb Damn, I need to get the official cable chain on my printer, that looks so much better...

I use the 3d printed version, and it sags like crazy, dragging across the rods as it prints in some positions

golgaloth, to worldbuilding
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Remember, things in your world were not always this way. What recent innovation has drastically changed things? Who has been left behind?

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@golgaloth And to make things worse, the middle column is rarely actually the case, it just looks that way to the folks in charge who are completely disconnected from reality

For an example, see the "eat less avacado toast" debacle

austinphilp, to 3DPrinting
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With all the drama between and in the world, I find myself surprisingly siding with Bambu on a lot of the current controversy. I say it's surprising because I'm generally a huge FOSS advocate and really admire Prusa's commitment towards keeping their stuff open source.

That being said, between the makerworld controversy and their past spats about how much of Bambu's success is built on top of the open source work done by Prusa, Prusa is seeming more and more unreasonable in his attitude towards his less FOSS competitors.

First off, for the prusa slicer -> bambuslicer controversy - I don't see what the possible cause for complaint is. Bambu operated well within the confines of the license used by the PrusaSlicer, and credit the Prusa team every time they merge a feature from the Prusa Slicer into BambuStudio. Is Bambu profiting off open source work? Of course, but name me a company who isn't.


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@Andrew Their primary complain seems to have been that they weren't credited enough. Nevermind that the changelogs always mention when a feature was ported over from Prusa, and that their repo readme literally says

"Bambu Studio is based on PrusaSlicer by Prusa Research, which is from Slic3r by Alessandro Ranellucci and the RepRap community."

I get the impression that Prusa wouldn't have been happy unless the loading splash screen for the BambuSlicer had a big picture of Josef under the text "All this is thanks to the magnificent and magnanomous Josef Prusa, all hail!"

Ok, now I'm just being a little shitty, but you get the point lol

austinphilp, to 3DPrinting
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Just submitted my first ever printables.com contest entry!

It's a shelf that mounts on top of your monitor for easy storage or display of speakers, collectibles, lights, or whatever else you might want to stuff up there!


I've been wanting to participate in one of these since I first learned some basic 3d modeling last month, and this is the first time I've had a decent idea for one!

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@andypiper One of the first things I ever printed!

austinphilp, to 3DPrinting
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question for the many folks out there who know more about this shit than I do.

Regarding ABS printing, is an enclosure really sufficient for safety without exterior ventillation? It seems to me like all an enclosure would do is save up all the toxic shit until you open it up, no?

Or are the toxic fumes so volatile that they react with the air and become reasonably harmless over the course of the print?

johnke, to random

3D printers are great and all but fuck me if they don't remind me of running Linux in the 1990s.

And not in a good way.

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@cazabon @johnke

This is why I love my p1p. Had it for over a month now and have never needed to do anything to it besides changing spools

Teri_Kanefield, (edited ) to random


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  • austinphilp,
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    @Teri_Kanefield I'm not sure I agree. A lot of what he's being accused of are things that he himself has openly admitted to doing (while saying it's totally not a crime, but still).

    This isn't the public making uninformed demands, this is us reacting to a man who has admitted to his crime, and is publicly saying how he's going to get away with it.

    And the thing that's making "the left" nervous is, that with our corrupt and failing justice system, he might be right.

    People may be saying things like "LOCK HIM UP", but what they really want is just for him to actually be held to the same standards that you or I would be.

    I don't know that I've encountered anyone, no matter how far left that doesn't want him to have a fair trial. The concern is that he'll get a slap on the wrist because he's politically powerful, or that they'll let him drag it out past election day

    golgaloth, to books
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    Okay, here's a tough one, @bookstadon. What is your favourite book adaptation. So far, I'm very impressed with how they handled Silo.

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    @golgaloth The Expanse - not quite as good as the book series of course, but i think they did a great job of translating it to the visual medium

    Honorable mention is Going Postal - I'm partly biased because I love everything Discworld, but I thought the movie/show was great! And Charles Dance as Vetanari is absolute gold

    austinphilp, to 3dmodeling
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    I recently acquired a #3dprinter and I've got to say, it's an utter revelation having one of these in the house.

    Between all the sites like printables.com and thingiverse.com there's more stuff to print than I could manage in a lifetime. I've also been learning some basic #3dmodeling with OnShape so that I can create the few things I want that are too specific/niche to find on printables.com.

    I can't believe I put off buying one of these for so long, I've had mine running practically 24/7 since i got it, I can't remember the last purchase I made that really made me thing "we're in the future now".

    My wife loves it too, and now browses STL sites throughout the day and sends me stuff she wants printed

    #3dprinting #3dprinted #bambu #p1p #maker #diy

    dhrystone, to reddit
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    So. Imagine I own a huge house. A mansion. I'm a great guy, so I allow strangers to come inside. Sit on my sofa and watch TV. Use my shitter. Play in the pool. All completely for free. Then I realize I have to pay bills and so I tell them they can't hang out without paying if they use gas, elec, water or sewage. They instantly get the shits with me and - wait for it - they fucking lock the doors of MY house and lock the windows of MY house and don't let anyone else in and essentially think they can squat in MY house indefinitely.

    Here's my question. If all this hypothetically happened, what the legit fuck is to stop me from stomping through my own house, kicking these dickheads out, unlocking the doors, unlocking the windows and letting people in that have been queueing patiently on the sidewalk outside, just wanting to enjoy my house which is still free access as long as they don't use gas, elec, water or sewage? Or if they do, they pay me a nominal sum?

    @austinphilp@techhub.social avatar

    @dhrystone this is such a ludicrously bad analogy I can't even work out where to start..

    First of all, the only reason this hypothetical mansion is worth anything is because of the work all the "guests" put into it. It's like you bought a "mansion" that was literally just one giant empty room, then let a bunch of people come in and they built you a ton of furniture, clean the place for you, cook all your meals for you, etc.

    Then when you realize you're paying X dollars a month in utilities you decide to charge your guests X*1000 just so that they'll stop using the house the way they prefer, even though they basically built the thing.

    If reddit generated it's own content, and if it was charging a remotely reasonable rate for API access, you might have a point, but they're API prices are clearly designed specifically to kill all 3rd party apps, and not remotely close to market rate for similar services

    austinphilp, to boardgames
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    Any recommendation for good 2 player that me and my wife can play?

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    Things we've played and enjoyed include

    Terraforming Mars
    7 Wonders Duel

    georgetakei, to random

    Wait. The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 FOR voting rights? Iโ€™m truly surprised and delighted! Alabama, which is 27 percent Black, likely will get two instead of one Black folks to represent them in Congress, out of the delegation of seven, after the Court agreed the state had racially gerrymandered.

    @austinphilp@techhub.social avatar

    @georgetakei Heartbreaking that we live in an era in the US where the Supreme Court actually voting to uphold the basis of our Constitution is something that is surprising

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