I play guitar, watch MLR and NHL, enjoy live music and travel, and practice sarcasm. He/him

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  • baronvonj,

    I started in the mid 90s and I wasn't very good at learning by ear but I tried. I would buy tab books and magazines. Took a long hiatus and getting back into it recently I'm much better at learning by ear. I think mostly because of putting more time into basic theory now. I still don't write down my own tabs much though.

    monkeyborg, to random avatar

    Since I am the only person I run into that loves the Terminator movies, even the bad ones, maybe I should become the Terminator Guy



    Wait, there are people saying even 1 & 2 are bad?

    baronvonj, to HashtagGames

    syndactyly was normal until my girlfriend declared her surprise at my webbed toes.

    dgar, to random avatar

    There’s a fine line between the numerator and denominator.

    Only a fraction of people will understand this.


    There are 10 kinds of people: those who know binary and those who don't.

    baronvonj, to Texas

    I can't believe how much more comfortable the weather is in than it is in right now.

    azedand2knots, to random




    Negative, I am a meat popsicle.

    rticks, to random avatar

    I have moved servers. Universodon flagged a post that I did not agree with which caused me to resolve to create my own instance when I had the funds (dm for a screenshot)

    But when other instances I follow resolved to defederate w them for anti social behavior I realized I could not wait that long


    Is there an easy way to find all the instances that have defederated from a specific instance?

    baronvonj, to random

    Hasta luego, .

    dalfen, to random

    Trump has more indictments than most people have ___________.

    (fill in the blanks)



    Trump has more indictments than most people have spouses.

    baronvonj, to random

    @apps can timeline settings like auto-expanding content warning or hidden media be set per account?

    baronvonj, to HashtagGames
    timelordiroh, to random avatar



    @timelordiroh it just says bear ...

    TexasObserver, to news avatar

    “Big corporate lobbies do not want our to work for working people. And they don’t want any examples that can show that democracy can work for working people.”

    Senior Staff Writer @gusbova digs into the , 'Death Star' bill and finds a “a laser beam aimed at a small group of progressive ordinances improving worker and tenant protections”:


    @TexasObserver @gusbova

    The party of small government and states rights is such a hypocritical farce, full of assholes.

    baronvonj, (edited ) to HashtagGames

    Her aging red Corvette became too expensive to maintain. She traded it in for a white Chrysler LeBaron and learned to cut through red tape with a machete.

    alexwild, to Texas avatar


    In 2020, with over 65% voter turnout in Texas, Biden came within 1M votes of winning the state. Paxton is on public record saying Biden would have won if mail-in registration hasn't been shut down. We had such a great chance to kick Abbott, Patrick, and Paxton to the curb in 2022 if we could have kept voter turnout high. It's a shame that we instead dropped to under 50% turnout and reelected these malignant tumors.

    @alexwild @fcktheworld587



    Precisely. And exactly why we need to get turnout back up to overcome their efforts

    @alexwild @fcktheworld587

    edgeofbreakup, to guitar

    I’d like to thank everyone who takes a moment to favorite or share my stuff with their followers. Means a lot to me! 🙌

    What’s the last pedal that you’ve fallen in love with?

    #guitar #guitarist #guitarplayer #guitarpedals #songwriter #musician #music


    @edgeofbreakup it latest pedal is an El Capistan. My first time with a delay that can do multi-head tape delay. Haven't quite found my groove with sound-on-sound yet though.


    @Louyoukmusic @edgeofbreakup Soul Food is great. Like you say it's great as either a boost or being boosted. I have mine paired with a Prince of Tone.


    @edgeofbreakup I also have a TC Ditto which is a bit too simple and a Boss RC-5 WHICH I haven't yet passed the certification to use!

    flexghost, to random avatar


    Tonight’s theme:


    🎵 We lost a lot of talent recently so let’s celebrate them! Post a singer who died in 2023 along with what you’re drinking 🎶

    But I say that the women of today
    Smarter than the man in every way
    That's right the woman is uh smarter

    List of musicians who passed in 2023:

    🍷 Harry Belafonte - Man Smart Woman Smarter + Laphroaig+rocks 🍸

    Post often • share • make some friends


    @flexghost twas a night of Ron Abuelo rum, and various other libations, and latin hip hop at in with my wife's family. There were three groups filling the bar, each there for a birthday (in my group's case, my wife's).

    BrianJopek, to random avatar

    Hey! It’s Marvin the Martian’s birthday!


    @BrianJopek ahh, I wanted this to be true as I know a fan born on July 28, but Marvin's first appearance seems to have been the 24th.


    @BrianJopek well if you hadn't shared I wouldn't have even thought to check! So cheers!

    SpockResists, to random

    To be clear. The fact that Hillary was right all along is nothing new to the majority of us. We knew all along too. This country turned into a huge f*** up because many believed the lies about her and voted for a bloated orange lying immoral conman who told them things they liked.

    baronvonj, to random

    In the melody of Hurt by NiN

    I, broke my phone today.
    Cause gra-vi-ty is real.
    The glass is all cracked up.
    But the sensor still can feel.

    silvereagle, to random

    I posted about switching to Firefox as my "daily driver" browser as a little tiny step away from Chromium browser hegemony, and I had a ton of people in the replies suggesting I should just use Brave or Edge or Opera or Vivaldi instead.

    I'm a little concerned that people don't realize just how pervasive this problem is. Every single one of those sits on top of the Chromium codebase.


    @admin @patterfloof @00dani @starsider @silvereagle And Chromium itself? That's Chuck Testa.

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