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Tāmaki-makau-rau, Aotearoa. Ngāti Te Ata land.
Cis mostly straight, LatAm migrant. dad.
Labels suck but eco-anarchist kinda fits.
Work in news and hope for better.
ZeroCovid. Don't catch, don't spread.
Mask and fight for clean air.
Better transport: + bicycles, - cars
Love music, film, books, games and languages.

The ultimate, hidden truth of the world is that it is something that we make, and could just as easily make differently. - D. Graeber

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Today's is , while I have a personal mission of posting at least one Manu Chao song every friday.

You'd think my plans would be foiled because Manu is not from Colombia, Argentina, New Zealand or Japan (countries I might somehow call home).

You'd be wrong though!

Here he is with Colombian band Bomba Estereo (who were my literal neighbours once, many years ago)

Bomba Estereo & Manu Chao - Me Duele

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but wait, there is more!

Manu Chao also made a film with a Colombian indigenous community from the amazon: the Tikuna.

So here is a song (in portuguese) with Dani Lança from Brazil, and images of the colombian Amazon jungle and the Tikuna people.

Manu Chao y Dani Lança -ACONTECER


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pezmico, to random
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Everyday is #MaskUp day.

But these days are particularly so.

The research is out, the science is clear:
Respirators work.

Masks and respirators for prevention of respiratory infections: a state of the science review

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If you follow me, you likely don't need to hear this anymore but still spread it around:

Masks work.
Respirators are better.
It should be very normal to wear one.


#Mask4YourMates #MaskUp #CovidIsNotOver

pezmico, to NewZealand
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The First Home grant was what allowed my whānau to finally be able to afford a modest townhouse in South Akl.

We love our little home. 🏘️
It is infuriating that a similar opportunity won't be available anymore to people like us.

(And I get that it was an inefficient subsidy on demand, but in a market as cooked as NZ's it was a helpful tool. One that should not be removed until the supply variables in the equation are solved. And currently they are only getting worse, thanks CoC)


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@simon_brooke yes, that would be far better.

Unfortunately, it's not what the current govt of Landlords is doing.
Nor is it what has been done in the last 40 years here.

But ppl need homes now and that grant was the way first home buyers could hope to compete in an investor's market.

If it was removed as social housing was built on mass, and profits were taxed, my opinion would be different. Right now it feels like ditching the lifesaver without rescuing the castaway from the raging ocean.

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Cmon New Zealand, if we move quickly we can be first in being the 147th country to recognise a Palestinian state.


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@cam Dunno, between Germany, the UK and the US, that second to last position might be a real nail-biter.

pezmico, to palestine
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Norway says they'll recognise a Palestinian state from May 28. 🇵🇸

Ireland and Spain are likely to follow.



pezmico, to palestine
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The ICC has issued arrest warrants for Yahya Sinwar, Mohammed Diab Ibrahim Al-Masri (Deif), Ismail Haniyeh from Hamas.

And for Benjamin Netanyahu, Yoav Gallant from Israel

#freePalestine @palestine 🇵🇸

Statement of ICC Prosecutor Karim A.A. Khan KC: Applications for arrest warrants in the situation in the State of Palestine

pezmico, to NewZealand
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Chlöe's speech from today is a banger!
"Poverty is a political choice." also "Don't leave politics to politicians"

Full speech: Greens co-leader Chlöe Swarbrick delivers State of the Planet address

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We laugh, but inside we're crying. 😁😭

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Lots of attention given to absenteeism, threats to fine parents, online dashboards for real-time student tracking and all the BS non-solutions.

Instead we could clean the air in schools, normalise masking in risky environments, regularise testing, support adequate isolation. But for that it would be necessary to break out of the collective delusion and admit that #CovidIsNotOver.

Relief teacher shortage, rising staff sickness sees schools struggling to stay open

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You'd expect the teacher unions to be raising hell about this, but they also seem to be caught in the fantasy that covid (and all the other diseases) are fine to catch over and over again, and that workers' health is disposable.

Covid won't get better until there is collective action to materially change the conditions where it spreads.

We know what to do and it's cheaper, easier and better than this endless cycle of death and disability.

The Emperor has no clothes.

pezmico, to NewZealand
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Coordinated and accelerated march to privatise, defund and destroy anything not designed directly to enrich the already rich.
The goal is clearly to make that inequality gap absolutely insurmountable.

It's so grim.
But the worst is seeing so little pushback.

We're already losing so much.

pezmico, to random
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Likely unpopular opinion but I think AT getting rid of free street parking in the CBD is a good call.

Free parking encourages car dependency, wastes precious urban space and discourages alternative modes of transportation.

Here's Donald Shoup, author of "The High Cost of Free Parking", the expert on parking economics why too much of it ruins our cities:




#motonormativity #carBrain #BanCars #Auckland

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Hypothetically, if one had applied for a cool job and been rejected, and a similar (although not quite the same) position was advertised again in the same company... applying a second time for it would be wise or foolish?

pezmico, to tesla
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"The fake part of Tesla has become more real than the real part of Tesla."

Interesting discussion about the hype behind the stock and the lack of substance in , like anything Musk, has become about image and hype much more than actual innovation or product.

It's all smoke and mirrors with the billionaire class.

Tesla is Choosing Hype over Substance w/ Ed Niedermeyer on Tech Won't Save Us by @parismarx


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We might be doomed but the sky looks pretty. 🌠

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I can tell another wave is getting started because another workmate is off with covid.

Still, am the lone masker in the team.

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workmates talking about buying lotto because apparently today's odds are better than usual while refusing to mask when airborne sickness is already making us short-staffed really says something about humans and our limits in understanding risk and probability.

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@dave 💯
The workmate who is currnetly infected and off is on his third covid ride. His partner is a cancer survivor.
One would think that would warrant some precaution, but he "won't live in fear".

I've tried, but can only do so much.

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@jeremy_pm @dave i mean yes... but also vaccines are increasingly ineffective to mutated strains. Kids under 5 are not allowed any. And the ones approved here in NZ are for XBB, a strain not detected in a few months now. We don't have access to a more effective updated novavax and keep acting ignorant when it comes to clean air and masks.
It's a strategy doomed to fail.

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Hello toot friends, I bring #antiLawn memes.
I'm hoping to radicalise you all against the boring monoculture lawn and turn you into biodiversity defenders.

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There's so many reasons to love urban trees.
Green your city!

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Not only is it an elitist ecological disaster of a massive manicured lawn every NIMBY loves, it is also so boring the winner is whoever manages to play the least of it.

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