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Roberto Cavalli, the Italian fashion designer known for his glamorous, flamboyant aesthetic and use of animal print, has died at age 83. The Hollywood Reporter says that he had been ill for some time. Here's their tribute to the man whose motto might have been "more is more."

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Pamela Anderson stuns in Wonderland Magazine Autumn 17 Photos, showcasing her timeless beauty and glamorous style.

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Having lived the majority of my life in Seattle, I've seen many folks rocking the Birkenstocks with socks look. Yesterday, I saw that game upped with Crocs with socks.


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@carlsetzer yup that is what all the cool kids are wearing on uni campus here in Australia too

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"The current database consists of almost 200 codes that are being used by far-right extremists to spread hate in society. ... Thanks to an API, the database can be used by any brand that joins the initiative against the spread of far-right codes. A web crawler makes it easy for brands to check whether such codes are spreading through their own online marketplace without them knowing it."

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So a multi billion dollar company such as Meta, should be able to write an algorithm that can take these codes, and watch for any messages that contain them, and flag these for moderator attention.

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I used the term human moderator, as a human should be able to see context within the use of codes. Having done a prevent course a few years ago, I know a few codes that were used by example the far right.

This was a few years ago, a human should be able to see the above as an example of use of code to explain it. But also see it being used in a sinister context. Over time human moderators gain that experience and use their gut instinct, (which AI lacks) to know something isn't exactly right.

I get the impression that Meta have replaced human moderators with AI, which is not a good thing really.

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La jolie veste légère en jean et toile provençale, idéale pour se protéger des courants d'air, taille 38, attend toujours sa future propriétaire, ainsi que la robe en double gaze à buste plissé taille 38-40

🇬🇧 a jacket made of denim and provençal canvas still awaits you, size 10-M
And also the double gauze dress with flower looking pleats on the bust. Size 10-12 / M

femme de dos portant une veste en jean avec des manches en tissu provençal vert turquoise et blanc
robe sans manche en double gaze vert pâle avec des plis en forme de fleurs au niveau du buste. Elle comporte également une ceinture assortie à boucle vintage nacrée

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Printemps => jersey Toutdoux & pimpance

Pièce unique, taille 38

🇬🇧 Springtime, Supersoft™ jersey and dashingness

Size 10-M

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Ce matin je vous ai parlé du merveilleux sergé, ce soir je vous parle du jersey Toutdoux™, le fameux, dans lequel je peux réaliser... toutes vos envies de confort et de douceur
Envie d'une robe, d'un short, d'une jupe, d'un legging, d'un top ? Bipez-moi !

🇬🇧 Earlier today I've talked about the wonderful twill, now it's about the supersoft jersey, in which I can make... all your comfort and softness needs
You'd like a dress, shorts, a skirt, a legging, a top ?
Call me

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I am contractually obliged to inform you that there is free shipping on all t-shirts from now until Sunday midnight.

PS If anyone would like a t-shirt made up from any of my posters, doodlings etc. Let me know. xx

A variety of bird-themed t-shirts

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What do you all think?

Image: Courtesy of Fabio Lovino

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@jquillin yeah. Very predictable, unfortunately.

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@miramusank I just wish someone would take a risk somewhere towards, I dunno, someone younger and female?

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I'm currently really really enjoying windowshopping Carmina, Grant Stone, Loake, and Church's.

It's really nice because I have the money saved where I could pull the trigger if I wanted to. But I'm not. Those savings are earmarked for other things.

But it's really nice to be able to just look at the beautiful things people are making and enjoying. And then check ebay occasionally.

...but really I want the Grant Stone Coral Loafers.

#Fashion #Shoes #Menswear

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[OC] Last night's outfit ☺️

My face in the pic I chose looks kinda weird to me, but I didn't wanna take more cause my phone was dying lol

Top is H&M
Pants are thrifted
Shoes are old forever 21 shoes I thrifted
Watch is a Casio A700 (edit: ignore, its not actually visible 😅)


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I have no idea how to feel about that 😅


For me it isn’t optional. I should go for a jog…

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I started this Mastodon instance as an alternative to Twitter because I was tired of the noise and ads.

With this space, I’ve experienced the ups and downs of micro community engagement. It’s by no means a straightforward solution but remains an interesting alternative for those with an interest in fashion and style.

I know some find the UX off putting but I think this is such a valuable community!

#fashion #style

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@ai6yr @technewslit Interesting. I haven’t really been on X in over a year for more than 6 seconds.

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@jquillin @technewslit Yeah, good choice, LOL. Most of the time it takes 30 seconds before I run into a white nationalist/neonazi ad or post and I get a sick feeling in my stomach and close it again.

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Dezeen : Camper unveils modular trainer "simple enough to assemble and disassemble by customers" #Sustainablefashion #Reversibledesign #Modulardesign #Trainers #Fashion #Design #Camper #Shoes #all

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'Lady of Light' - my article for Signifier on Clementina, Lady Hawarden, who was among the first female photographers and forged her own genre to light the way for and fine

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Envie d'une tunique douce et printanière ? Taille 38-40 (42 si vous aimez les vêtements moulants ?)

Elle est là, elle vous attend

🇬🇧 You'd like a soft top ideal for springtime ? Size M / 10-12 (L/14 if you like tight-fitting clothes?)

There it is, awaiting you

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Interesting fashion idea

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Nouveauté pour ce spamedi !
Un haut manches raglan en jersey Toutdoux™ avec le superbe imprimé crochet !
Taille 48-50, les commandes sur mesure sont ouvertes (il me reste du tissu crochet 👀)

🇬🇧 New item for this spamturday ! Raglan sleeves top, Supersoft™ jersey, with this beautiful print, hooked squares
Size XL -XXL
And comissions are open ! (I still have some printed jersey left 👀 )

#plussize #handmade #faitmain #mode #fashion #crochet

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We partner with original content creators through our creator programs to offer a broader range of opportunities via Flipboard, and add new creators to the platform almost every week. Recently, we've onboarded people who specialize in healthy cooking, travel, history, fashion, and savoring the good things in life (cheers to that!). Check out our blog post here for more details.

Video showcasing the "five creators to know" that have just been onboarded to Flipboard's creator program.

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Puisque nous sommes déjà mi-avril (🤪) il va être temps de penser aux robounettes d'été, notamment la robe glamour en double gaze, qui est disponible à la commande personnalisée du 36 au 52 sans avoir besoin de me biper !
Grand choix de couleurs 💖

🇬🇧 Since we're already in mid april (🤪) it's time to think about summer dresses.
This one is available to custom order from size S/8 to XXL/24 directly on my site, you can pick your size and colour, no need to contact me
Large choice of colours 🥰

robe en double gaze terracotta, double bretelles, buste plissé, taille ajustée, jupe ample. Vue de face sur un mannequin couture
Nuancier des couleurs de double gaze disponibles. 1 bleu marine 2 blanc 3 gris clair 4 gris foncé 5 blanc cassé 6 jaune moutarde 7 rose pale 8 vert d'eau 9 violet 10 noir 11 vert paon 12 vieux rose 13 rouge 14 gris bleu 15 émeraude 16 rose orangé 17 beige 18 gris bleu soutenu 19 pêche 20 vert pale 21 prune 22 écru 23 fauve clair 24 marsala 25 corail 26 kaki 27 gris vert 28 indigo 29 vert foncé 30 bronze 31 rose foncé 32 rose tendre 33 gris vert clair 34 brique 35 roux 36 jaune 37 céladon 38 mauve 39 violet pale 40 lin 42 kaki clair 43 roux pale 44 brun clair

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Trim Tred Shoes - The Cosmopolitan [1949]

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@LibrarianRA Gotta love a shoe ad with a call out to Duke Ellington!

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Mais qui voilà ? Mais oui c'est le chemisier qui attendait d'être fini depuis septembre !
Taille 34-36, dans la sublime popeline imprimée fleurs
brodées de chez Renata Blanco

🇬🇧 But who is it? Yes, it's the blouse that's been waiting to be finished since September!
Size 6-8 XS/S, in Renata Blanco's sublime printed embroidery-like floral pattern poplin

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