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is brilliant playing an in front of a .
The amount of in knowing every note, preparing and deciding what to do is .
And that too with a big .

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😹Xing Xing the Rescue Kitty showing off her mad pinball skills (while I try to get some work done! 🧑🏽‍💻).

#rescuecat #wfh #cats #fun #humor #games #smile #oldschool #pinball #catsofmastodon

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Just a smile for your day! 😀

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🌞 Artist: / in City: UK 🇬🇧 2024 - Title: "🌻😊" - !☕🥐🥐

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Always leave a wherever you go.

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This Toby. I picked him out as an early birthday gift from five below. I love his goofy face and sparkly hooves. I look over at his big smile and it makes me instantly smile back at him.


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⏱️Not sure who's more dedicated - my online fitness clients or my rescue kitty, Xing Xing! 😺

🐾She’s always there to "supervise" my sessions, offering her unique brand of encouragement (and occasional head bumps). 😹

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