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’ star witness & discredited FBI informant AGAIN

‘He has fully remained fully compliant w/his conditions of release since his court-ordered release,’ a new filing states.

A fmr FBI informant — who was arrested last wk in Las Vegas — was arrested again on the same charges after being accused of making false statements against President Joe Biden & his son .

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was arrested on 22 Feb — the 2nd time this month — on the same charges & based on the initial indictment following an warrant issued from , a Thurs filing states.

His attys are asking the court for an immediate release & say he has not set foot in the state of CA since being released from custody on 20 Feb, days after he was arrested on 14 Feb. A magistrate judge in granted ’s release on various conditions.

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, the fmr indicted for lying about President Joe 's family & their alleged dealings in , has been re-arrested in .

Though prosecutors fought to keep him behind bars, was released by Magistrate Judge Daniel Albregts in NV on Tues w/ several conditions, including GPS monitoring & the surrender of his 2 passports.

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Two underground metro entrance canopies rusting away in a vacant lot in the tiny desert mining town of Goldfield, Nevada. Only in Nevada... o_0 (Photo: 10/06/2021.)

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Fun read. | Route 50, Nevada: What it’s like to travel on the loneliest road in the US

(maybe paywalled)

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While hanging out at my Dad's, spotted this downy woodpecker hanging out at the suet. I love the almost "Excuse me?!" pose the woodpecker held when a house sparrow decided to land there too.

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Just before I snapped this picture, it seriously took me a moment looking through the viewfinder to make sense of what I was seeing.

Like, what??


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"Trump’s Nevada Rigging Backfires"

"Even with Trump rigging the GOP Nevada caucus so that he could run essentially unopposed, President Biden still nearly got twice as many votes in the Democratic Nevada primary."

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A helicopter carrying six people crashed in near the border, east of the 15 Freeway near , about 10 p.m., according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

Six people were onboard. It is unknown if any of the passengers survived.

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US election: Donald Trump wins huge victory in caucus with 99% against one other candidate.

Nevada primaries are separate from caucus votes.

Nikki Haley will contest in Nevada Primaries

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Before the chairman of Nevada’s Republican Party introduced former President Donald J. Trump at a campaign event last month, he casually referred to a telling private conversation they’d had.

“When I talked to the president, I said, ‘I guarantee you, Nevada will show up, and we will deliver you 100 percent of delegates for the state of Nevada,’” the chairman, Michael J. McDonald, told hundreds of Trump supporters gathered in Las Vegas.

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⚠️🇺🇸Nikki Haley loses Nevada GOP Primary to ‘None of The Above’, State will hand solo candidate Trump Nevada’s delegates at states GOP Caucus (AP News VIDEO)

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Donald Trump’s allies in Nevada GOP ensured victory for “none of these candidates” over Nikki Haley.

AP reports on the U.S. presidential race:

#Trump #NikkiHaley #GOP #Republicans #USPolitics #Politics #Nevada

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Finally, the Republican voters make a sensible choice at the ballot box!

#noneOfThese #nevada #gop #republican #primary #politics #nevadaPrimary #election2024 #2024election #nikkihaley

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Tues night’s #Republican presidential primary… had no effect on the selection of the party’s nominee since, thanks to internal party fighting, it didn’t award any delegates.…
>42k #Nevada #Republicans turned out to vote in a meaningless contest solely to pick “no one” instead of voting for #NikkiHaley. But those votes weren’t really for “no one” in this case. They were for “no one on the ballot” — or, more specifically, for #Trump.

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Nevada’s fractured Republican presidential nomination is the outcome of the turmoil engulfing American conservatives.

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Intense flooding pummels Southern California #CaWx #Wx #Floods #California #Nevada

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- caucuses or primary: Why both and may claim victory

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Republicans’ Caucus Adds Chaos and Confusion to the State’s Presidential Primary

While legal, the party’s decision to host a competing contest to the Feb. 6 primary election has angered voters and provided fertile ground for to take hold, experts say, undermining voters’ trust in the process.

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What looks like
Political landscape

"… its casino and hospitality industries is synonymous with split-ticket, hard-to-predict results.

"It has a transient, working-class population and large Latino, Filipino and Chinese American and Black communities .

"Nevada has a stark rural-urban divide, with more than 88% of active registered voters — and much of its political power — in the two most populous counties, the Las Vegas and Reno metro areas."

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In case you missed it: Winter storm warning for Saturday night, Sunday, and Sunday night. Up to ~10 inches could fall where I live (Reno, Nevada). I'm sure glad I got my snowthrower running again!

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Today in Labor History February 2, 1848: The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed, ending the U.S. war with Mexico. As a result of the treaty, Mexico was forced to cede over 1/3 of its territory to the U.S., including California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Texas. 25,000 Mexicans and 12,000 Americans died in the war.

Video of Tijuana No, with Kid Frost, performing “Stolen at Gunpoint.”

#workingclass #LaborHistory #mexico #treaty #imperialism #tijuanano #california #arizona #texas #nevada #NewMexico #colorado #utah

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Alas for the Washoe County Republican Party, we live in a republic of laws where voters and candidates choose their party affiliation, not a democracy where county parties vote to decide who's in and who's out.

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Read a well-researched overview of the environmental cost of solar energy:
: "Do I report what I’ve learned about PVs— or live with it, privately?":

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