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Hello Mastodon! Just trying out my first post here 😀
#clouds #photography #michigan

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Michigan Has the Wins But Ohio State Has the Money


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These wins give Dems back their trifecta in state government.

“In 2022, Democrats won control of both houses of the Legislature for the first time in almost 40 years. With Gov. Gretchen Whitmer also romping to reelection, the party secured unified control of Michigan government and passed a slew abortion rights, gun reform, LGBTQ+ rights and pro-labor legislation last year.”

Democrats regain full control of state House with two special election wins:

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Snapshot from Decision Desk HQ. I'm only posting this because of the #RFKJr part, which pisses me off.

#Michigan Presidential

Donald #Trump (R): 37% (+3)
Joe #Biden (D): 34%
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (I): 13%

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Former MI GOP house speaker charged with embezzlement and conducting a criminal enterprise

#gop #michigan

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Michigan Dems Regain Control Of State House In Special Election


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I don't see Trump winning anything but a prison cell without #Michigan. Certainly not the #electoralcollege.

"Michigan special elections flip control of lower house in #Democrats’ favor.
Restored trifecta could allow Democrats to pass laws protecting voting rights and election administration."

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Not scared. Prepared.
#ElectionWorkers #Michigan #Polls

“It’s devastating that I have to train our local election clerks in threat analysis and reporting and de-escalation. But that’s the new reality.”

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Via Kyle Griffin:


just won two special state House elections in — Democrat Mai Xiong in the 13th District and Democrat Peter Herzberg in the 25th District — regaining their majority in the chamber with a 56-54 advantage and their trifecta across state government.

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Don’t stop believing

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Ann Arbor, Michigan, March 2024

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AG 's office says it will announce charges in its long-running investigation into fmr House Speaker at 2PM ET Tues.

Nessel's media advisory provided no further details of what the charges would be or specifically who will be the subject of the allegations. has already charged 's top 2 advisors from his term as speaker in the probe.

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police began probing , a , around Jan 2022 after a complaint was filed by his sister-in-law, Rebekah Chatfield, who said she'd been by Lee Chatfield beginning when she was 15.

The investigation into Rebekah Chatfield's claims has focused on the fmr lawmaker's use of millions in political contributions he collected while MI House speaker in 2019 & 2020. Chatfield maintained multiple nonprofit orgs that raised & spent money, largely in secret.

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AG #DanaNessel revealed multiple #criminal charges against fmr #Michigan House Speaker #Republican #LeeChatfield in her office's investigation of #corruption in political spending..

Chatfield allegedly used political nonprofit funds for family trips including to the Bahamas.

Nessel said #Chatfield used private donations from the Peninsula Fund, a nonprofit #social #welfare org, to pay off $132k in charges to his personal credit card.


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FYI, was one of the two representatives from that summoned to the White House when he was attempting to get battleground states to send fake electors.

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Allegations of #SexualAssault against fmr #Michigan House Speaker #LeeChatfield were enough to spur an investigation that ended in 13 charges for alleged #financial #crimes on Tues, but fell short of securing charges in the woman's own case.

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How ‘bout Lucas Raymond and those #Detroit Red Wings?? #LGRW #Michigan #NHL #HNOM

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I spent a good chunk of my career in the towers of the #RenCen . . . while GM leaving for the new Hudson building is a really big deal, perhaps even bigger is that Bedrock and the city now have the chance to do great things with the riverfront.

#Detroit #GM #Michigan

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