The shorter list for me is Games I have finished.

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This is the way

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Zelda BotW, the game has all the elements of an RPG I like, but I just can’t enjoy it enough due to its weapon system. A metal sword shouldn’t break after 3 hits.


I just got a switch last week to play with my nephews. There isn't really anything for me on the switch so i bought totk second-hand. The game is cool and all, but exactly for that reason definitely not for me. I'll just never use them, because they break and i don't want to be dealing with that. I juat read that the new zelda is the same unfortunately


Emulation mods/cheats improve the BotW experience so much. I played through the first 3 infernal machines on my Switch before putting it down and never picking it up again. I started playing on CEMU with unlimited stamina and increased weapon duration, and the game is far more enjoyable.


There are plenty of games I thought were good but couldn’t get into, or games where I got distracted and fell off them. So I’ll limit this list to games where I got really far along and then made a conscious decision to stop.

Persona 4 Golden, at the start of the Golden content. I wanted to be done and it was too much to ask me to do another, even longer dungeon.

Zelda: The Wind Waker. I acknowledge it as a good game, but I just did not like sailing around.

Very recently, Age of Wonders 4. I really disliked the last story map and how many factions were running around.

Metal Gear Solid V. Reused missions in the second act, nuff said.

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@jessuwu Wind Waker on GameCube was indeed a chore. I always meant to replay it after the first playthrouhh but it was just a huge time investment. If you ever get a chance to play the remake on your Wii U (or some other means), you can get access to a fast sail relatively early on that makes it a lot more fun. Sailing was so slow in the gamecube version as basically an alternative to a loading screen so it's so slow for a technical reason not a gameplay reason. And further into the game you get a fast travel option that cuts down on sailing times even further.

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Besides the very first Zelda, this is the only other one I actually DID finish, lol.

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I think I've put over 500 hours into Skyrim and still haven't met the Greybeards. What a game.

Final Fantasy 12 is another game I keep picking up every couple years and I swear I keep dropping it at the same point every time.

Dragon Age Inquisition I really need to pick up again, that was a good one, but I need to finish Horizon Zero Dawn first, then go back to Elden Ring, probably pick Witcher 3 back up at some point.. yeah, I have a lot of unfinished games.

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Damn, I thought I was bad at 100 hours before meeting the Greybeards. I kept thinking, “When am I going to find the word walls that give me full Fus-Roh-Dah?”


I rarely finish games, the last game I did finish was bloodborne.

Even elden ring, one of my favorite games of all time, I haven’t finished yet.

Finishing a game is really rare for me, which is why I never understand people complaining about ‘not enough to do’ in games. There’s always way too much to do!

I’d appreciate shorter, well put together games than these 100+ hour slogs that games seem to be shooting for these days


Outer Wilds. I’m stuck but I don’t want to look up how to advance the story because of spoilers so every once and a while I fire it up and go explore but I’ve largely put it down. Should I go looking for what to do next?


Alien Isolation. Its hard for me, is stressfull, and its so freaking long.

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I really loved the setting of Assassin Creed Origin bit unfortunately didn't complete it. One of these days I hope...


Dark Souls 1 and 2. Never beat their final bosses because I don't want the game to be NG+ afterwards.


I've poured hours into total war shogun 2 but I don't think I've ever fully completed a run.


I'm a chronic side quest chaser.

I'd stop right before the final mission and then do all the left over side content.

I usually burn out and just never finish the game.


Subnautica:Below Zero.

I got quite far, I think. But the overworld bits are just kind of bland, and boring.

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It seemed to be missing a key ingredient in the level design that the first had.


Yeah, that’s part of it for sure. Another part is that exploring felt much more natural in the original. You got a radio signal, went to the coords, and maybe you’d find something you hadn’t before. It helps survivability and allows more exploration. Below Zero didn’t have that, instead it had me find body parts for an alien, which doesn’t do anything till the end game.

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Nier Automata. Started it 4 years ago, was having a blast but then I went through a breakup and lost my will to play.


Suikoden 1 and 3. My first exposure to the series was Suikoden 2 and I absolutely adored it.

Suikoden 3 was on the next Playstation console and the combination of not yet mature emulators and insufficient PC hardware made it too painfully slow to continue playing much past the first chapter of one character. On the other hand, getting the appropriate PlayStation console, a compatible TV screen and a physical copy of the game would have required braving the wilds of ebay and paying an exorbitant amount of money. I once checked for just the game itself when a flatmate had a PS3 or PS4, but the only offers I found were in triple digits dollars.

Suikoden 1 I got pretty far a bunch of times, but it's quite a long game and so far life interrupted before I was finished every time I picked it up again. By the time I would return to it, I'd have forgotten where I am in the story or lost the save.

Minecraft is another one, if finishing it is a thing. I just always burned off my interest in it before I reached a state where I was happy/satisfied with what I had achieved. Part of it is that I hate grinding but creative mode is simultaneously pointless and not powerful enough for me (creative inventory in particular).

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Doom Eternal - I played a few hours, was having a good time, but put it off to play something else and just never came back.

Atelier Sophie- always been interested in the Atelier series and finally bought one. I enjoy what I see when I play, but I'm constantly dropping it for something else, only to come back months later, play a little, then drop it again. It's a vicious cycle.

Divinity Original Sin 2- while I enjoy the game, it's so tedious to play that it wears me down every time I try to play it until I drop it.

Guild Wars 2- as much as I enjoy it, I keep thinking I could be playing FF14 instead, which I like more and have a hard time trying to come back to it.


I keep going back to doom eternal. I usually play like a section or two and then i put it aside again.


Doom Eternal was a slog by the late game that I really had to push myself to finish. I found the 2016 Doom far more enjoyable.

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Funny you say that, cause I found the first one a slog to play as by the late game. Those hell levels are so boring to look at in comparison to the early stuff.

SadTrain, (edited )

Playing D:OS2 with 3 others REALLY helped me get more into the game. I get dumb brain when I try to control all of the PCs and I never really make it out of the first act. With a group, I finally hit the 3rd act for the first time lol

We are probably going to transition into Baldurs Gate when that officially drops though and I can see another few hundred hours going to that.


I played it by myself and it was fine up until the last fight in Lucien's tomb (or whatever it's called) where you need to sit through 50 enemy turns before you are killed after barely making a few steps. I just enabled cheats and finished the game, all the good parts of it were before that anyway.

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I was thinking I might make my partner play with me, and make it just 2 players using lone wolf. Not sure if she would be down for it, but having to only manage one character would be much easier.

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