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"Danger Zone", the Battle Royal mode from CS:GO is completelly gone now too.
They didn't even bother to mention it being taken away....

Sure, it might not have been the best battle royal game, but as someone who was never a fan of the terrorist vs counter terrorist theme, and who actually enjoyed Danger Zone once in a while, it saddens me.

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CS beta 8 forever!

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The Linux version has graphical issues with the smoke and particles. And it is more taxing on the hardware than it should be, I think. They really should have a Linux build while Beta phase. What's the point of a Beta if they don't test it? I'm currently disappointed.


There’s also an ongoing issue where people who use pulseaudio aren’t getting any audio. Best to wait a few weeks until they iron out the issues if you’re not in a rush to play.

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Yes, I'm aware of it too. When I launched the game for first time, there was no audio. Needed to select the audio device in the game. And later when I had no audio again, I had to select the wrong device and back to correct device. But now it seems to be working, even without commandline options. There is definitely something weird going on. That happens if you launch a game on a platform before testing it. Especially disappointing if there was a dedicated Beta phase for testing months prior launch... Sorry, I can't get over it at the moment.

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