I give dota 2 a pass on any shitty monetization for cosmetics since they give all new heroes for free. I've played too many f2p games that don't do this, and new characters tend to be OP for some reason...

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I never really played Dota 2, but the monetization is a prime example how a Free to Play model should be in my opinion.


They just had their worst battle-pass yet. While I dislike battle-pass in general, they kinda did it to themselves this year...


Good on them. Now if everyone else would get on board with this. Fomo pay to win battle passes are why I quit games rather than why I stay. One of the worst modern inventions for gaming since lootboxes.


Funny thing is, valve invented the battlepass, and now that almost everyone else is using it, they're getting rid of it.

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Valve also "invented" the Free to Play model with loot boxes and showed on large scale how much money one can make with it, if I'm not mistaken.


with the difference being that they didn't lock any gameplay content behind payments. only cosmetics


I actually like them when there isn't a time limit. Chivalry 2's battle-pass-thing is nice for that reason. It's just something i can throw on while i play normally with no grind


Halo does this very nicely. You can buy either the current battlepass or any other battlepass that's been sold so far.

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