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N.B. Appeal Court says lieutenant-governor is not required to be bilingual

#court #newbrunswick

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Curtis's humiliation came from the fact that at his graduation, the ramp to get onto the stage was too steep & for .

Curtis has syndrome, a connective tissue disorder that causes joint dislocations & severe pain, which is why he uses a & has a service animal.

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[Canada] Trudeau calls New Brunswick's Progressive Conservative government a disgrace on women's rights

  • re: provincial gov. position on abortion, LGBTQ youth, climate change
  • N.B. Premier Blaine Higgs doesn't respect woman's right to choose
  • N.B. regulation prohibits public funding for abortions admin. outside hospitals
  • criticized Higgs' policy on gender identity in schools

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This is the biggest on Earth, and it's in .

The is on Canada's East Coast and it sits between and . And it's enormous.

Twice a day, these waters ebb and flow, and in some places, they rise up to 18 metres — that's nearly 60 feet.

At low tide, the waters recede up to five kilometres, leaving behind 1,000 square kilometres of mud.

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Awesome these policies are being challenged by some great names in Canadian entertainment. Are you listening #Alberta #NewBrunswick #Saskatchewan ? You are backwards bigots.

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New Brunswick beer, wine and spirits getting their own April 1 tax increase

#charges #newbrunswick

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The federal government has a new online "calculation sheet" to figure out your carbon-tax rebate:

It's quite literally a sheet, though.

Like, you can't type in it. It does no calculations.

I guess you're expected to print it out and pencil in all the values and use a calculator?

#canada #cdnpoli #alberta #ableg #saskatchewan #skpoli #manitoba #mbpoli #ontario #onpoli #newbrunswick #nbpoli #novascotia #nspoli #newfoundland #pei

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Inside Irving Oil's repeated push to change federal pollution rules

#newbrunswick #oil

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If Canada axed its carbon tax — and rebates — this is how different households would gain or lose:

High-income households would tend to be the biggest winners, lower-income households hurt the most

🔗 :

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The CEO of 's Vitalité Health network is under fire for attending last week's fundraiser dinner hosted by Conservative leader by Poilievre & NB Premier Higgs.
Vitalité is currently under scrutiny by NB's auditor-general for contracts totalling $168 million to private companies who provide agency nurses.
Vitalité's Chair says the CEO is 'impartial' & did not attend the reception before dinner that required a separate $200 ticket.

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Um, I'd love an explanation. Anyone know what exactly this early-20th-century postcard of New Brunswick was trying to communicate?

"The Hoppers Have Made a Donkey Out of Me, Edmunston" (Toronto: Canadian Post Card co: n.d.)


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How restoring rivers helps fight climate change

If you want to see the restorative power of nature, look no further than the banks of the Kennebecasis River. The waterway and its tributaries — which wind through southeast New Brunswick’s agricultural heartland — once ran clear and cool enough to suit schools of sturgeon, salmon, and trout

#NB #NewBrunswick #canada #MassExtinction #pollution #ecology #environment #climate

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This used to be a bustling ferry terminal with traffic between the mainland and PEI, then the bridge was built. It's amazing how quickly Mother Nature will reclaim uncared for infrastructure. There are holes in the concrete so folk need to watch their step. It is fenced off, but up by the lighthouse, it's a great place to fish for mackerel, so the fence has a well-used hole. The harbour is still in use by locals so I'm surprised the wall doesn't seem maintained.

#CapeTormentine #NewBrunswick

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New Brunswick community reeling after Covered Bridge Potato Chips plant destroyed by fire

#newbrunswick #people

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ducks are back! #spring #newbrunswick

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