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How this citizen archivist is preserving TV history -- one tape at a time

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In Mi'kma'ki, fighting to save the hemlock 'grandmothers' from a deadly pest

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Nova Scotia fishers found a rare yellow lobster

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announced that it's reached a with the government, that acknowledges plans to transform & reopen Nova Scotia in won't proceed & provides for a review process agreed between Northern Pulp & Province of Nova Scotia that is aimed to determine whether a new, modern mill in is viable.

Paper Excellence settlement: The deal with the devil has been refinanced.

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'He averted a catastrophe': Parent praises bus driver after 18-wheeler fell from overpass above

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St. Mary's Anglican Church in is an historic . Legend has it the walls are filled with crushed mussel shells from the Bay of Fundy for insulation! The church is virtually unchanged since it was built in 1790

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14 May 1761: The Halifax Gazette () ran the 1st advertisement of bookseller James Rivington (1724–1802) of London, UK, who had opened ’s 1st retail bookshop in Halifax “next Door to Mr. Manning nigh the [Grand] Parade”.
@bookhistodons @histodons

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Some : French lawyer & author Marc Lescarbot (d.1641) (‘ML’) had a client involved in an expedition to Acadia, New France. He invited ML, who accepted. 1606 July: They reached Port Royal (now in )… with ML’s in tow: the 1st known library* in what is now .

  • Depending on your definition of ‘library’, of course. Let’s say, ‘Lescarbot’s books are regarded as the first known collection of European-style codices in what is now Canada’.
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Missed the main course, but dessert was pretty good.

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After contracting flesh-eating disease, patients question Nova Scotia Health's response

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But what if your home’s roof can’t support solar panels? Perhaps your property doesn’t get enough sunlight? Maybe the upfront costs of installation, even with rebates, are just too much? Or you are a renter, & the roof isn’t yours to add panels to?

A community solar “garden” is a centrally located and operated solar array where the energy is widely distributed to residents, some of whom may not actually live close to the panels

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In this photo, a Nova Scotia cabinet minister is being interviewed by the press.

Guess how many reporters are in the photo.

(Spoiler alert: It's one. The rest are comms staff.)

Great analysis by veteran reporter Jean Laroche on how journalism & politics have changed


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"A spice so expensive that it has been dubbed red gold, is traditionally grown in Iran, India, Afghanistan, Spain and a handful of other countries.

“We decided that we would bring two new crops to , specifically because of the changing climate,” Roy said recently from his four-year-old Coastal Grove Farm in Upper Port La Tour, N.S. (The other new crop was tea.)"

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The world famous Cabot Trail in . One of the top scenic drives in the world, as named by Lonely Planet

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This is the biggest on Earth, and it's in .

The is on Canada's East Coast and it sits between and . And it's enormous.

Twice a day, these waters ebb and flow, and in some places, they rise up to 18 metres — that's nearly 60 feet.

At low tide, the waters recede up to five kilometres, leaving behind 1,000 square kilometres of mud.

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Please donate to the family who lost their son yesterday in a brutal stabbing. Syrian refugees come to for safety, they didn't find it.

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⚠️ 🚨 NOVA SCOTIA:⚠️ 🚨

Please Boost

April 19 2024 9:00 AM (local time)

🚨 ⚠️ RCMP are warning people in the Bible Hill, N.S., area to shelter in place because of a "dangerous man with a firearm."

⚠️ "Lock your doors and window and remain in place"


#News #Alert #NovaScotia

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