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News from 's Quality Assurance () and Development communities: in March, they resolved 429 bug reports. Learn more, and give them a hand:

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We want to find bugs before our users do! So, since the release of 115 Supernova, we’ve been putting a much stronger focus on improving our automated testing.

Read all about it in this new blog from Staff Engineer Geoff Lankow:

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I have just submitted a change proposal to @fedora to change the default desktop environment for Workstation to @kde

I want to emphasize, this is NOT an April Fool's joke. It may come as a surprise, given I am the lead of @buddiesofbudgie, but I am just as interested in seeing adoption of Fedora and the greater Linux desktop increase. I firmly believe that Plasma as a default over GNOME Shell would be a net positive for the Linux ecosystem.

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I see someone did not get the memo from the past 20½ years 😏
Good luck with that.

I reckon @adamw would be weeping tears of blood.

I'm just going to leave this "lightning talk" here for the benefit of casual onlookers:

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#LibreOffice isn't just a piece of software – it's a worldwide community, working on #UX, #QA, marketing, documentation and translations. And thanks to that community, we now have a Czech version of the LibreOffice Writer Guide 24.2 🥰 #foss #opensource

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I hate . I hate it so much. The week where changes occur lets me find the weirdest of higgs-bugson and mandelbugs in while doing .

At least the majority of those issues have already been durably fixed for 46 by @danigm's fantastic (unit-tests-backed) bufixes 😌

Today's new discovery:

GNOME Calendar's week view, showing a bug where dragging and dropping events in the hourly timetable to reschedule them will cause them to be offset by one hour from the intended position, during the week where DST changes occur.

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The video below is a fun little demonstration of my latest Calc issue report: "The Formula and the Furious 24.2: Tooltip Drift", featuring Jason Statham driving full-speed through Wayland in a pimped up Ford Pinto while on cocaine. That flickering jank is quite something 😆️

This is how I break your software in production on , folks.

Bug report here:

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:ubuntu: Ubuntu Touch: Ubuntu Linux for phone 📳

The developers (UBports) take questions / provide answers tomorrow 2. March @ 19:00 UTC!

Post questions live or prioritised in advance via forum:



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In January, 's Quality Assurance community resolved 456 bug reports! 💪

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If two programmers disagree in code review, one of them thinks a problem exists that doesn't, or vice versa.

People code for the problems they see. When you dismiss their solutions you dismiss their point of view.

You should never say "your solution is wrong." only "what problem are you solving?"

Problems are concrete, and you can't solve all of them at the same time. You can say "we aren't solving that problem, yet."

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Hot take: frontend libraries should E2E test the examples in their docs and nothing else.

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When your quality assurance team says internationalization is tested, maybe don’t just take their word for it.

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I'm hiring for a Performance QA Engineer to work with me at Mullvad VPN.

Must be Sweden based within commuting distance to Gothenburg. English speaking, experience working with Linux and scripting.

We want to gather metrics, work with alerts and insights into how our service works from various locations and configurations.

If you're interested please apply here: mullvad dot net slash jobs

#mullvad #vpn #privacy #qa #job #jobb #sweden #sverige #goteborg #gothenburg

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Headline in 10 years from now:

“Of course AI didn’t achieve sentience, but at least we ruined the Internet trying!”

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@datarama @thomasfuchs I don’t know what industry experience you have, but an overabundance of #software out there is severely lacking in informal verification, let alone rigorous formal proofs.

#SoftwareEngineering #programming #coding #quality #QA

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This is why we need people

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New post on the GNOME accessibility blog :gnome: 🦯

Automated testing of GNOME accessibility features

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Wanted: Digital Accessibility QA/Tester - WCAG and ARIA (contract, remote US) #wcag

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The @Vivaldi QA employees have arrived at the office!

As is the way with QA we must test ALL possible methods of transport!

The is mine, the belong to @mariap

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Oh cool. I'm looking into stuff I only ever glanced over and I have a question.

more of a remark.

Ha ha.

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's quality assurance (QA) team is getting help from @csumb_it students! Here's what Keldin Maldonado says:

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I've added a new feature to Loop/cycle detection!

It shows all places where waterways (e.g. rivers) form a loop, and go around in a circle. Most of these are simple tagging mistakes. Please get mapping!


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In my experience at this studio I have realized most, if not all testers don't really like their job, testing is a way to either make ends meet when more positions are unavailable, or to get your foot in the door in the industry,

I agree with them and to me testing is just the least terrible desk job to save up some money while I try to lift myself off as an independent developer, and it's at least gamedev adjacent but I do wonder, do any testers like their job, truly?

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Work from home worked during the pandemic. Why can't it work now?

ABK QA being forced back into the office - Desk Chair Analysts

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