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Wij worden bestuurd door een bende randdebielen.

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Hej everyone 👋

I put together my April favourites on Bandcamp via BuyMusicClub. There were some great releases this month I think. Parra for Cuva has finally set up a Bandcamp account with his new Mimose album as well as the new Catching Flies album is also out now, plus a bunch of other great releases. Hope you enjoy! ✨

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Schaut euch unbedingt heute in Volle Kanne den Beitrag über die Schädlichkeit des Massentourismus an.
Zunächst Bilder von Tausenden Inselbewohnern, die gegen die Zerstörung ihrer Inseln protestieren und dann
erzählt ein junger Professor, der über forscht, dass die Ursache dafür

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    seien und dass man den "organisch" gewachsenen Tourismus geschickt steuern müsse.
    NEIN. Tourismus ist eine überbordende, Natur zerstörende Industrie. 1/2
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Seit ich wieder bin, muss ich nicht mehr jedes Jahr meine Heimat verlassen um irgendwo teuren Urlaub zu machen.

Wann immer ich deshalb schräg beäugt werde, empfehle ich gerne das Anschauen des Fernsehfilms - "Reiseziel woanders".

In wechselnden Szenarien wird kommentarlos "das Reisen" vorgestellt, unterbrochen von Lesungen des Gilgamesch-Epos.

Lief meist auf GEO Television.

Sehenswert💚 🌍

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moms on a kid free night

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👋The is a key component of . We're advised to adhere to it, lest we end up with low-quality . Is this always the case 🤔? Could there be scenarios where the might be beneficial? 👀

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"Night Moves" is a song by American singer-songwriter . It was the lead from his ninth studio album of the same name (1976), which was released on . Seger wrote the song as a tale about adolescent love and adult memory of it. It was based on Seger's teenage love affair, which he experienced in the early 1960s. It took him six months to write and was recorded quickly at Nimbus Nine Studios in , .

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Jetzt wo ich wieder bin stellt sich mir die Frage, ob ich das Thema und nicht einmotten soll. Wird sich eh nix mehr.

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"Late in the Evening" is a song by American singer-songwriter . It was the lead from his fifth studio album, (1980), released on . His first single release for Warner, "Late in the Evening" was released in July 1980 and became a hit on several charts worldwide. In the U.S., the song hit number six on the Hot 100. Internationally, the song was a top 20 hit in the , , and .

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"Peace of Mind" is a song by American band , written by . It was on their 1976 , and was released the next year as the third and final from the album. It peaked at number 38 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 in 1977, as well as number 33 on the Top 100. It received substantial radio airplay, both upon the initial release of the Boston album and subsequently, and has been described as a "rock-radio staple".

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I'm trying to sign up for men's here in to placate my busy wife. While she was away, I made this cheese omelette; beginner's luck! A center has me on a waiting list, or I could spill for more upscale lessons. It is astonishing and unJapanese that single-person are approaching 40%. of all ages have a poor , which exacerbates the gap with . is also a hazard. Many men are , never , or their them, often after the children become independent and the husband is useless around the house after a busy career. Single men, or married men interested in cooking or helping their wives, possibly fearing their wives' pent-up anger, can find as well as in cooking lessons. Men's classes start from zero; women and .


@psychology @sociology

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"Loneliness" the first single of the Pet Shop Boys forthcoming album "Nonetheless"

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SWORN AMONGST Release "Tyrant" Single And Music Video
British metalcore mob... Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, the band stated: “'Tyrant' is offered not only as a tribute to the friends, acquaintances, and all peoples affected by this modern-day genocide, but...

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"Edge of Seventeen" is a song by the American singer and songwriter from her debut solo studio album (1981), released as the third from the album on February 4, 1982. The lyrics were written by Nicks to express the grief resulting from the death of her uncle Jonathan and during the same week of December 1980. The song features a distinctive, chugging guitar riff, drum beat.

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