Artist, Photographer, Cook, Miscreant. Odd. Basically I cook, do art, and sometimes post about them.

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olavf, to Cats

Ah yes. A cat's natural prey: refried beans and cheddar cheese

(Yes she got a taste, but not from my bowl. I'm not that mean)

Free_Press, to news
@Free_Press@mstdn.social avatar

You can't make this sh*t up!

Trump speaking in Las Vegas yesterday:

And remember, Florida’s easier than other places, you have the ocean and you have the sun. There’s something about that that works. But — you (Nevada) have the sun, too, but you don’t have the ocean, I can tell. You definitely don’t have the ocean. Maybe someday you’ll have the ocean, you never know,” said Trump, who made a motion with his hand before the crowd applauded him.



@Free_Press if you want to see him implode, tell him he's acknowledging climate change.

DevWouter, to anime_titties
@DevWouter@s.poweredbydev.com avatar

Oh my god, the has launched a server! Welcome to the !



@DevWouter agencies,.not individuals at least for now. In the US i'd like to see a way for Congress people to have official accounts.

squizzleflip, to random
@squizzleflip@forcedconversation.com avatar

I kind of wish that I had joined a large instance and migrated servers a few times before self hosting, like there is shared experience that I missed since I don't really have a local timeline. Though I will say that the @lisamelton boost experience is by far better than any algorithmic timeline and is a must follow, especially if you are self hosting


@squizzleflip @lisamelton
Large host -> small host -> self-host but my friends will be able to join. Managed host tho, for several reasons beyond I'm already maintaining a vps

grammargirl, to random
@grammargirl@zirk.us avatar

I just wrote something on my to-do list and then crossed it off, because, dammit, I deserve to cross it off even if I forgot to write it down!


@grammargirl not doing something that.can be put off until tomorrow, and doing something that's "someday" but not on the short list is totally legit and counts as an accomplishment

Teri_Kanefield, to random
@Teri_Kanefield@law-and-politics.online avatar


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  • olavf,

    @Teri_Kanefield Trump's used to being surrounded by Wesselbergs that are willing to risk jail time for him. But he's been abusing that, and it seems that some see the bus coming.

    ElleGray, to random
    @ElleGray@mstdn.social avatar


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  • olavf,

    @ElleGray elder cat now plops down between us on the couch because it's bellah rubs time. So there's hope.

    ablackcatstail, to foss

    We need a alternative to . I'd be surprised if one was not already in the works. Etsy seems to take advantage of its merchants so it's time to wrest the power from the corporations and give it to the people.


    @ablackcatstail @coopartisans is taking a stab at it.

    danhon, to random
    @danhon@dan.mastohon.com avatar

    A sufficiently large successful decentralized network is indistinguishable from magic


    @stefan @danhon

    The answer is always more sidekiqs. I don't think anyone knows why.

    SabreMc, to random
    @SabreMc@cyberfurz.social avatar

    A quick tip if you have friends who haven't joined Mastodon yet: Don't say any variation of "join Mastodon" at this point

    Just tell them to join either your instance or some instance you know that you think they'll gel with. Eliminate the decision paralysis and just get them started :3


    @SabreMc it's ~$15-20 (per year) for a domain name and around $10/mo to have someone like Masto.host to do all the tech stuff

    (Guess what I'm doing tomorrow to lure my friends. I've been lazy)

    alex, to random
    @alex@cybervillains.com avatar

    Here are meta-results: the engagement on Twitter, Threads and Mastodon for my last post about engagement on Twitter, Threads and Mastodon. Now with more Excel features!

    Threads is the winner by a mile.


    @human3500 @alex

    A lot.of people care about Threads: will it legitimize, destroy, or relegate us to XMPP obscurity?

    mariyadelano, to threads
    @mariyadelano@hachyderm.io avatar

    The hardest part in trying to write about #Threads is figuring out how to compassionately describe both sides of the divide.

    On one hand, I’m rooted in the #Fediverse camp and you have all seen me making fun of the cringe and status-chasing on Threads.

    On the other hand, I’m a marketer and a long-time lover of many mainstream web spaces. I don’t hate a lot of popular culture. And I missed so many of the people who only now migrated from #Twitter.

    So how do I approach this with kindness?


    @mariyadelano I've opted to just stay out of it for the most part. There are some legitimate concerns, a lot of FUD, and a vocal minority that wants the Fediverse to be a walled garden. But Threads is coming and ultimately nobody knows what it actually means. Other than maybe more corps & orgs will follow, either their or doing their own federated thang


    @Jennifer_Pinkley @mariyadelano if the options include using ActivityPub it won't matter that much. Like if Flickr joins the party they can do their thang and interact with everyone else too.

    futurebird, to random
    @futurebird@sauropods.win avatar

    All my life whatever social media I've been on there has always been Niel Gaiman hanging around there too for some reason and only now have I stopped to wonder if this means anything since it's not apparently "normal"


    @photovotary @futurebird when I've seen him post, it's definitely him. None of that "nice, nice. Thanks for buying my book" stuff.

    Edit: he mostly pops in here every couple of days so maybe it's round-robin lol

    lowqualityfacts, to random
    @lowqualityfacts@mstdn.social avatar

    I never would have guessed.


    @lowqualityfacts Mars closer to California too. I mean I can see Mars with binoculars. I cannot see Texas with binoculars.


    @Battle_Masker @lowqualityfacts lol slow news day in the NBA?

    mivox, (edited ) to random
    @mivox@mivox.net avatar

    Looks like my prohibition on buying Amy’s mac & cheese and microwave burritos is extended indefinitely. 😫 WHY DID YOU HAVE TO GROW UP TO BE A SOULLESS CAPITALIST FUCKHEAD, AMY??
    (h/t @Radical_EgoCom for the screenshot)

    [Edited to add: Apparently the facility closure happened about a year ago. But if you—like me—hadn’t heard about it yet, now you know.]


    @mivox @Radical_EgoCom it's not going well with Starbucks & the NLRB so hopefully things get interesting



    @mivox @Radical_EgoCom yeah, I really have no idea where that would go. Sometimes they go sideways. Or just decided to not hear it.

    GW, to random
    @GW@newsie.social avatar

    Experts panic over Florida tourism as major conventions flee state’s 'unfriendly political environment'

    Convention organizers are pulling out of Florida

    When asked for a reason why they were scrapping plans, one organizer wrote simply: “Governor DeSantis.”

    Thousands of dollars are also being lost by restaurants and attractions by visitors going elsewhere.

    ...Community Schools Conference – it also pulled out of more than 2,000 hotel rooms.



    @GW from a quick Google maps survey around the convention center, non-convention cheapest room, prices start at around $100. 2000 rooms would be $750k hotel revenue over three days, probably much, much higher. This is also assuming bed taxes are included.

    ianbetteridge, to random
    @ianbetteridge@writing.exchange avatar


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  • olavf,

    @ianbetteridge one thing London does right is there's a corner of Hyde Park where anyone can get on a literal soap box and megaphone whatever they want. They think people are listening but mostly they're just laughed at. Most.of the actual protests (at least.my last visit) were opposite Parliament house.

    olavf, to mastodon

    Spinning up a new this weekend, so who's your favorite managed host? Or can you convince me to use something other than Mastodon l, but it has to be managed

    Managed because I want to have more than one admin and don't want to limit that to IT friends.


    @kenthebin they're my plan since that's all they do and they understand resource requirements better than most alternatives. But it never hurts to ask :)

    cobalt, to random
    @cobalt@awscommunity.social avatar

    @cobalt 1.5-2 weeks of 110F+, maybe a few around 120F is not going to be pretty. Not just the unhoused, older houses and older HVAC systems

    I mean here once it gets much over 105 even the brand-new AC starts struggling a bit because they didn't believe in insulation in the 50s. A lot of folks don't have the luxury of setting the AC over 80F

    devnull, to mastodon
    @devnull@crag.social avatar

    One thing I can't shake — you navigate to someone's profile and it's empty, so you have to view it on the original instance... or you view a toot but there's no context, so you have to view it on the original instance... or you view a toot and you have no idea how many replies there are, so you...

    Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

    View it on the original instance.

    This seems like a solvable problem; actors have queryable outboxes, so the question is why...


    @BeAware @devnull

    Afaik disk space.is a problem on many smaller instances. On large instances the sheer volume of pull requests would likely be nutty

    apontious, to random
    @apontious@dice.camp avatar

    I just managed to type the word “assvole” and I appear to have made autocarrot so gobsmacked it made no attempt to correct me.



    @apontious I need an autocarrot. I never seem to have one when I need it and they're such a pain to chop up into appropriate sizes


    @michaelgemar @apontious @lisamelton like ferret legging gone horribly wrong

    Lorry, to science
    @Lorry@mstdn.social avatar

    @Lorry I've seen so many "revolutionary" PV discoveries that never seem to scale that I'll believe it when I see it on the market


    @Lorry when we had our (probably 30yo) system replaced last year, the HVAC guy basically said that solar + a heat pump system is awesome, but the units are several grand more expensive and cost more to operate if you don't have solar :P

    jeridansky, to twitter
    @jeridansky@sfba.social avatar

    Reading about people trying to post to , & along with — and that doesn't sound like fun at all.

    I'm so glad I settled on Mastodon as my only social media platform back last December — and have seen no need to revise that strategy. I've had time to focus on Mastodon & build a nice community of familiar folks and ones new to me. I have what I want: a chronological timeline filled with a variety of interesting, engaging stuff — provided by people who support and encourage each other.


    @jeridansky "I don't need more corporate social media" is my standard response, and I don't care if people think it's smug

    bkm, to random
    @bkm@mastodon.world avatar

    I wonder if birds think bird feeders are a magical part of nature that provides an endless supply of food.

    You know, like an all-you-can-eat bar on cruises.


    @bkm given our hummingbird is constantly at both the flowers AND the feeder, I'm surprised it's not the size of a finch


    @bkm ours burns off most of its calories chasing the other hummingbirds away.

    baarda, to random
    @baarda@mastodon.green avatar

    The Seven Stages of climate denial:

    1. It's not real
    2. It's not us
    3. It's not that bad
    4. We have time
    5. It's too expensive to fix
    6. Here's a fake solution
    7. It's too late: you should have warned us earlier

    Via @profmarkmaslin


    @Crispius @baarda @profmarkmaslin based on the @ in the corner and a link to an Instagram account by the same name (@semi_rad) this guy

    erik365, to Wyze
    @erik365@stranger.social avatar

    Fast and bright or inconspicuous and light? The great conundrum.


    @erik365 low key is great for street/urban stuff l, but in general I prefer a couple good, fast lenses. Eventually I want to also be able to cover 16mm thru 200mm+ while keeping it under f/4


    @erik365 the Canon 16-35mm f/2.8L isn't nearly that bad, but it is a bit beefy

    michaelsheetz, to space
    @michaelsheetz@spacey.space avatar

    Hi folks, I’m Michael Sheetz! 🚀 Nice to join the people on Mastodon.
    For those who don’t know me, I report on the space business for CNBC: covering the ~$500B industry’s growth and its importance to life on Earth. 🌎 I’ll be posting the latest about space companies, agencies, and investors, as well as updates about rockets, satellites, astronauts and more. 🛰️🧑‍🚀🌕



    @michaelsheetz it's about time :D

    tdierks, to random
    @tdierks@mastodon.social avatar

    Sigh, what's the best set of resources for "I have a family member who got entangled in a "tech support"/screensharing/malware scam, but escaped in the middle, and whose windows machine now has uncertain pwnedness? They have already changed passwords on financial accounts.


    @lauren @tdierks

    Some manufacturers (used to?) have locked-to-model installation media for download and/or by mail as well.

    olavf, to random

    A storm water diversion tunnel is being dug under Alexandria, VA because like a lot of old cities the storm water and wastewater are the same pipes. So in heavy rains the system can't cope with it all

    So a nifty multimedia article about the project:

    (Gift article)

    Natasha_Jay, to uk

    Inside Britain’s tiniest places: 'There’s really only space for one punter inside this micropub at Claygate station (and more)’

    ... in the commuter town of Esher, which has a 30cm x 38cm (12in x 18in) bar and makes fine use of a former coal ordering office. Drinking takes place almost exclusively outside the pub, and with glasses banned by the council, the 55 regulars have pewter tankards (labelled with their names) hanging on hooks inside. Others sip their ales from compostable cups or take them home in milk cartons. The food menu extends to local sausage rolls.

    Honestly, this is the kind of story I need more of in my newspapers...


    @Natasha_Jay aye, it feels like a bit too much doom scrolling lately. My plan is to do less of that and more.of this.


    @Natasha_Jay why not both? :D

    I'd love a local gin bar particularly. There is so much good gin out there...

    Definitely more quirky posts too. Like wine windows in Florence

    DrPsyBuffy, to random
    @DrPsyBuffy@mstdn.social avatar

    Mastodon can be so weird. My feeds are filled with lots of posts complaining about how and why people are doing mastodon wrong, how they should post, why they should change their server, shaming people for forgetting to add text to an image, calling people who haven’t deleted their twitter accounts Nazis, now followed by posts ripping on people trying Threads….all followed by posts wondering why people don’t seem to enjoy Mastodon as much as they think they should. I just can’t imagine why 🙄


    @GhostOnTheHalfShell @DrPsyBuffy not a bad idea to start culling the one-trick ponies either

    ChrisMayLA6, to threads
    @ChrisMayLA6@zirk.us avatar

    Well that didn't take long;

    No sooner than launches than accuses of stealing 's ;

    As Meta may've hired many ex-Twitter staff, my guess is Musk's legal team will be working on an accusation of 'inevitable disclosure' on the basis that even if they formally agreed not to utilise knowledge of T's organisational practices, their tacit knowledge of T's workings would inform how they run Threads;

    not an easy case to prove & unlikely to get to court IMO


    @ChrisMayLA6 Meta's response was 'yeah, well, no former Twitter employees were involved with Threads'

    spaceflight, (edited ) to Amazon
    @spaceflight@techhub.social avatar

    #Forbes 📆 Jun 23, 2023 "#Amazon says half of the 3,236 #satellites 🛰️ will be up above us by 📆 2026" - but who will #launch 🚀 them ? 🤔 https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidphelan/2023/06/23/project-kuiper-how-amazon-will-drape-the-world-in-satellites/

    #BlueOrigin / #NewGlenn : no news / tests yet
    #Ariane 6 is years late (again)
    #ULA's #Vulcan is late, dependent on #BE4 engines


    @spaceflight BO probably way late 2024, probably 2025 is a decent bet. Vulcan Q1 2024 bit there's a waiting list. Arianne 6 Q2/Q3 2024 hopefully. IRSO doesn't have a cadence to pick up the slack.
    Just my guesses based on regular delays anyhow


    @spaceflight engine cadence is a lot of the things. I figure they have to ramp up to at least 9 engines a month before New Glenn can get serious. (2 for ULA, 7 for BO).

    Andbaker, to climate
    @Andbaker@aus.social avatar

    We were recently asked by @theconversationau to write an article about our recent research on the decline in groundwater replenishment in SW Western Australia, and how it is unprecedented in the last 800 years.

    That article has just gone live here:


    @Npars01 @Andbaker @theconversationau

    That big subsidence in Tulare County (CA) is currently at the bottom of Tulare Lake. I do feel sorry for the folks that live there (mostly farm workers) but every so often the levees.get inundated and lakes gonna lake.


    @Npars01 @Andbaker @theconversationau

    Tulare is currently 170mi² (445km²) and the only reason it isn't bigger is we had an amazingly mild spring. I mean skiing on the 4th of July mild.

    The suck-ass part is that area of the Central Valley is some of the most agriculturally productive land in the US (which also means nothing changes when the lake dries up on a year.or two)

    Teal, to random

    It's too dignified on Mastodon. Where are my trash goblins at?


    @vmstan @Teal Norwegian akavit and Turkish coffee are a fantastic combination. Especially if you don't have anything important to do that day.


    @arclight @vmstan @Teal 'twas perfect to start the day at ren faires :)

    spaceflight, to space
    @spaceflight@techhub.social avatar

    @spaceflight it's a very good tell-all type book. I need.to get back to reading again so I can finish it lol

    My favorite phrase: the NASA Bros and their "self-licking ice cream cone"

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