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#Canadian (sorry). Being kind, empathetic and supportive to others, #vaccines, #vegans and #LGBT+ are cool; convoys and racists and *phobes are not. Computer Engineer, #software #developer, #technical #writer, #translation manager, reformed project manager and #SCRUMmaster, dad and boyfriend.

I like video games, programming, baking and cooking. While Im not #vegan, LawyerGF is, so I'm vegan-ISH.

#tootfinder #searchable @waterlooregion #fedi22

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hotdogsladies, to random
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Man, the lengths I'll go to for a bit that three people will see.

I'm like a gibbon with a flamethrower.

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@hotdogsladies lol. Psst. Hey kid. U want connections? I got all 3 (though id have to rip 1 cause its on dvd)

GayDeceiver, to random
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“What do you mean my emails are lost? I put them in a PST file!”
“Yes, but 100 GB is way beyond the recommended capacity. Way too much.”
“I don’t care. Just fix it.”
“You heard me. Fix it.”

@tezoatlipoca@mas.to avatar

@mentallyalex @GayDeceiver Ditto that sounds like a super duper not fun time if you have to fix that.

That "big PST" file thing and the fear of one day discovering that one of my super big PST files was bork was the straw to kick me over to TBird. That and paying $50 for tools to do basic things like move shit around from folder to folder efficiently because the stupid file format is still somewhat closed and there aint no tools.

TheBreadmonkey, to random
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I try not to pay attention to the constant, never-ending, inexorable stream of adverts being beamed into my face. But this one for yoghurt makes me crazy. It's called Fage. It's clearly called Fage. Only they're insisting it's pronounced 'Faya' (fire). I am sure this is retrofitted and refuse to believe anyone is calling it Faya. Stop lying to us, yoghurt people.

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@TheBreadmonkey @wendinoakland @KeefJudge @Alice Is Worchestehshishsshire on that list?

@tezoatlipoca@mas.to avatar

@TheBreadmonkey @wendinoakland @KeefJudge @Alice Hey and I didn't even bring up Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch

davidaugust, to workersrights
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Job Description: "fast-paced environment"

Otherwise known as: "we can’t project manage"


#work #job #JobDescription #antiwork

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@davidaugust Also known in the long form as (not that this is my situation) "we have a competent project manager, but product management is a sock puppet with sale's hand up its ass and they keep changing priorities and over committing to customers that I literally can't update the schedules and dashboards fast enough, let lone reorganize our too-few resources let alone give them runway to ramp to velocity before they change their minds again. Yet somehow its our fault we can't deliver."

kcarruthers, (edited ) to random
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The Epoch Times’ Unholy Journalism: How a new [right wing nut job] religion’s pro-Trump rag became one of the world’s fastest-growing newspapers.


@tezoatlipoca@mas.to avatar

@researchbuzz @kcarruthers As in the Epoch Times run by Falun Gong?

>They are known for their opposition to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), espousing anti-evolutionary views, opposition to homosexuality and feminism, and rejection of modern medicine, among other views described as "ultra-conservative".

Ah. Fox News Plus.

AAKL, to Instagram
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  • tezoatlipoca,
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    @AAKL Namaste! Hello! I'm Meta AI, your friendly AI Assistant. How can I assist you today?

    How can I disable Meta AI in my insta?

    I'm sorry, I don't understa-

    And how do I opt-out from all data collection and use of my DMs to train you?

    I'm afraid I can't allow that Dave

    Hey, why can't I close Instagram?

    BlackAzizAnansi, to random
    @BlackAzizAnansi@mas.to avatar

    Question: Am I the only person who can't tell the difference between 720 and 1080?

    @tezoatlipoca@mas.to avatar

    @BlackAzizAnansi tv wise, nope. Im still rockin a 17 yr old 720p 32 inch handmedown. Is fine.

    Computer monitor tho.. 720 is tiny.

    vwbusguy, to random
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    Fellow users. Where are y'all moving to? Is there a fork?


    @tezoatlipoca@mas.to avatar

    @vwbusguy do we need to go anywhere? its not like IRC is adding any features much these days.

    @tezoatlipoca@mas.to avatar

    @raptor85 @vwbusguy <checks mIRC> holy shit.. actively maintained.

    Mrfunkedude, to random
    @Mrfunkedude@mastodon.social avatar

    It's Friday.

    Glad you made it.

    @tezoatlipoca@mas.to avatar

    @Mrfunkedude I just have to make it to 11:30.

    Every other friday at 11 I have a 1:1 with my boss. Whom I dislike. And the work is boring. And there's way too much of it. Getting fired wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.

    When the only thing keeping you at a job is 20% awesome coworkers and 80% "I hate job hunting and interviewing".... meh.

    atomicpoet, to random
    @atomicpoet@atomicpoet.org avatar

    Do you like Civilization? Do you like Homeworld?

    Then you’ll love Sins of a Solar Empire, a title that combines 4X depth with RTS gameplay.

    @tezoatlipoca@mas.to avatar

    @atomicpoet Sins is great. And yes, it IS like Civ and Homeworld had a baby.

    Aaaand, I bought my copy like 6? 7? years ago and everytime I fire it up they've added more things.

    speaking of, Homeworld 3 drops in six weeks! Time to dust off your remastered 1 & 2 collection (Catacalysm was a nice spin off but I think its stuck circa 2002 graphics)

    @tezoatlipoca@mas.to avatar

    @atomicpoet I have never even heard of it. But now I Have. I will try it for less than $5. (first few reviews I dug up aren't... uh.. favourable.)

    astrid, to random
    @astrid@fedi.astrid.tech avatar

    I killed them. I killed them all. They're dead, every single one of them. And not just the men, but the women and the children, and the lambs, and sloths, and carp, and anchovies, and orangutans, and breakfast cereals, and fruit bats, and large chulapas...

    @tezoatlipoca@mas.to avatar

    @astrid Skip a bit sister.

    mentallyalex, to random
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    My Dearest Mary,

    I hope this letter finds you well. I was unaware that we were acquainted but your recent texts to me would leave me to believe that I am in error.

    You mentioned, several times I might add, my ongoing struggles with obtaining insurance as a real estate agent. As I have told you in the past, that isn't me you keep messaging.

    I'm not in real estate, I don't need your estimates, your listings, your assistance, your leads, or really anything from you.

    I have blocked your number a few hundred times, Mary. You really seem to be unable to understand the simple truth. The truth is, this isn't real. You are a robocaller, I am a bored man in a very boring presentation. It's just not meant to be.

    Please don't take this too harshly. You have plenty of skills, have you considered working for a game show? Perhaps on the dark web as an attack script? Find yourself some happiness Mary, for both our sakes.

    Alex and his phone

    @tezoatlipoca@mas.to avatar

    @mentallyalex If Merchant Ivory were still around they'd totally make a movie adaptation of this. Mary = Helena Bonham Carter.

    @tezoatlipoca@mas.to avatar

    @aria_unbound @mentallyalex There's a bot around here that spits out Midsomer Murder plots. Surprised there isn't one that generates Hallmark christmas special plots.

    "When Fiona gets dumped she heads for a week in Vermont at her Dad's country Inn. There she runs into her ex with his new girlfriend. She strikes a deal with the Inn's chef, Derek, to be her "boyfriend"... less for the week."

    Srsly, thats a real one. "Moonlight in Vermont"


    RickiTarr, to random
    @RickiTarr@beige.party avatar

    I love that nearly everything in the 90's had a rap for no apparent reason.

    @tezoatlipoca@mas.to avatar

    @RickiTarr Yes. Everything.

    <hangs head awkwardly>

    • Every Rush fan ever.

    (its less cringe with age; the rest of the song is great, the whole album is quite good, one of their better ones. But that rap in the middle... it polarizes fans worse than vi/emacs or pineapple on pizza: https://youtu.be/mmIynF-59YE)

    GottaLaff, to random
    @GottaLaff@mastodon.social avatar

    🇨🇦Justin announces national school food program amid rising grocery prices

    The Liberals estimate such a measure would give roughly 400,000 children access to healthier meals.


    @tezoatlipoca@mas.to avatar

    @GottaLaff Awesome. I hope this is the start of a trend of the NDLP emptying the tank in the runup to the next election. Moar progressive programs plz.

    I can't wait to find out how feeding kids in school will (attempt to) be spun by PP. Like how do you even spin such a thing? "We feel this unfairly targets hard working Canadian parents from being able to give their child the same hard-scrabble boostrap walk to school uphill in the snow both ways hungry existance that they endured as kids."

    Brad, to random
    @Brad@zeroes.ca avatar

    Today’s anecdotal Reddit post, is on AITA, read the comments. My wife was reading this to me this morning as she often does and I said “I know what causes those issues.” 🤔🦠 and then she started reading me the comments, so I decided I would share this here with you guys. So many people are having issues like this worldwide but nobody’s really covering it in the press so you wouldn’t know it, unless you’ve read the studies for yourself. - https://www.reddit.com/r/BestofRedditorUpdates/s/G3v2j0bm5q

    @tezoatlipoca@mas.to avatar

    @Brad >Distinctly WET ASHTRAYS

    as a former smoker, this is the most vivid and impactful depiction of a smell as I have ever read. That smell is so... everything. And nothing. And depressing.

    If there ever is a heat death of the universe (and we don't get eaten by the Great Glorb - T̴͔͊H̵̜͗Ẹ̷̓Y̵͙̊ ̸̙̏R̸̗͘E̷͈͗T̷͔̽U̶̮͂Ṙ̷͙N̴̞͠S̸̯͆ - or something), I bet it will smell like wet ashtray.

    NunavutBirder, to worldwithoutus
    @NunavutBirder@mas.to avatar

    Tell me fuel prices go up Monday without telling they’re going up Monday.

    @tezoatlipoca@mas.to avatar

    @NunavutBirder I'm surprised there isn't some kind of exemption for extremely remote or isolate communities where a) you kinda really need a vehicle b) cause there aint no busses c) hungry polar bears.

    glennf, (edited ) to random
    @glennf@twit.social avatar

    How is Mastodon working for creators? Well, this particular creator thinks it’s going quite well! My Kickstarter campaign that finished out yesterday at nearly $170K had about 9% tracked from Mastodon, and it’s possible it was twice that when figuring some browsers/firewalls suppress referrals and adding people who signed up for my announcement email list by hearing about it on Mastodon. This chart shows all tracked social media, 17.5% by dollar volume of the total, broken down by site.

    @tezoatlipoca@mas.to avatar

    @glennf Interesting!

    So.. if I did my math right, that's $1 per Mastodon follower and almost $3 per Bluesky follower. Compared to mere cents on the other platforms.

    Which tells me its much more effective to sink time into growing an already "large" follower base on smaller social medias than it is to bother growing (what are effectively small) follower bases on the big platforms.

    RickiTarr, to random
    @RickiTarr@beige.party avatar
    @tezoatlipoca@mas.to avatar

    @professorkiosk @RickiTarr Would it be fair to say emo is the spiritual successor to goth in the 80s? or are the two completely distinct and how dare I? Like I'd look at those pictures and hear Depeche Mode or maybe some Smiths because Im fucking ancient, whereas someone younger would be hearing Chemical Romance or Jimmy Eat World (Im probably offending someone here)

    damianogerli, to random
    @damianogerli@mastodon.social avatar

    Today we give the possibility of customizing our characters in whatever vaguely-RPG influenced title for granted.
    In 1984, that possibility was basically absent from non-RPG titles. Skool Daze is an interesting, if rare, exception. The 1984 Spectrum (and C64) title gave players the possibilty of re-naming all the major characters in the game (teachers, the nerd, the bully, etc), thus giving many a first glimpse of immersion...

    @tezoatlipoca@mas.to avatar

    @damianogerli oh man Skool Daze was fun!

    dannotdaniel, to random
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    CYBERTRUCK is the Happy Fun Ball of automobiles. The $61,000 Happy Fun Ball.

    @tezoatlipoca@mas.to avatar

    @dannotdaniel @paul @NickGates @kyleejohnson @lisamelton I want Nedry's password lockout bobblehead, but instead its Elon Mux. Uh uh uh! You didn't say the magic word!

    libreture, to random
    @libreture@mastodon.social avatar

    If you've been enjoying The Three-Body Problem on Netflix, you might like to know the book it's based on is available to buy in DRM-free ebook format through Kobo in the US (published by Tor Books), and direct from Bloomsbury in the UK.


    @tezoatlipoca@mas.to avatar

    @TimWardCam @libreture I too am a bit skeptical on how they'll deal with the ending of book 3 (agree, its a tough nut to adapt that), but based on how they dealt with the book 1 to book 2 transition, it will at least be interesting.

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