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I just finished watching Mary Shelley's Frankenhole 2x03 "H.P. Lovecraft's Vagina!". Did you see it?

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You can watch TV just like in the 90's!

📺Just turn the power on (on the right of the screen) and change the channel.
✅You can select only a certain type of program if you want (filter is on the right side).
🌈And let the magic happen!

#90s #TV #tvshows

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What cheesy tv-shows that are addictive bingeable dramas do you think one should have watched? Asking for... myself

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I am in the process of "reclaiming" digital purchases that I own.

Pro tip: Never buy digital movies, TV shows, or games. If you do not have a hard copy, it is not worth it.

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I wish they’d make the sequels to the OG Three Body. Because it was brilliant! They stayed true to the book. I can’t comment on acting though, this was the first time I watched anything Chinese.
Anyway if you get the chance, go watch it. It’s on Prime video (in USA). Highly recommend

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I've been a really happy user for many years - have loved it, paid $100/year and invested a lot of time to get my , , and collections set up the way I want them.

But encroaches... 1/3

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Allow me to reintroduce myself

by day, couch potato by night.

I have a ton of new stuff on my watchlist, but I'm just going to rewatch the same 5 over and over again.

I read a lot of and nonfiction about psychology, disease, physics, chemistry, poisons, crimes, and cults.

is the nerdiest sport, and therefore the best.

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Watching and thoroughly enjoying it. "Period drama with superpowers" is my very niche wheelhouse 😄😁

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There is only one Stephanie Corneliussen, a talented actress and model.

#actress #Danish #fashion #model #Mr.Robot #Scandinavian #StephanieCorneliussen #styleicon #TVshows

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I've been a bit back and forth on whether I should start watching 3 Body Problem before having read the books or not. I bought them a few years ago, but haven't gotten to them yet. In the end I figured I usually get disappointed by a show or movie of something I've read, but not the other way around.

So, here we go: first episode.

#3BodyProblem #SciFi #TVShows

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#Data Engineer by day, couch potato by night.

I have a ton of new stuff on my watchlist, but I'm just going to rewatch the same 5 #TVshows over and over again.

I read a lot of #memoirs and nonfiction #books about psychology, disease, physics, chemistry, poisons, crimes, and cults.

#Baseball is the nerdiest sport, and therefore the best.

One of my toxic habits is server hopping when my feed gets too quiet.

#simpsons #theoffice #cardinals #bookstodon #tech

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So, in PH TV, noontime show "Eat Bulaga," which used to be shown on GMA 7, has been broadcasting on TV 5 for several months. TIL, that GMA 7 will now air ABS-CBN-produced "It's Showtime!"

What a reversal of events 😳

#Philippines #Asian #Filipino #GMA7 #TV5 #EatBulaga #ItsShowtime #TVShows #TootSEA

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If, like me, you've been watching TV's , you may also, like me, have been slightly irked by it's glorification of .

Not to take away from the quality of the show of course, but it's an issue for sure, so I blogged about it here:

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A warrior of the people: How Susan La Flesche Overcame Racial and Gender Inequality to Become America's First Indian Doctor - by Joe Starita

In 1889, Susan La Flesche became the first Native American doctor to earn a western medical degree. She spent the rest of her life working for her community and standing up for equality. The book tells her life story, that of her family, and that of American women in medicine.

TarkabarkaHolgy, avatar

Bonus for this one:
Do you know this viral photo of three women doctors, from India, Japan, and Syria?

They were also the first women doctors (with a western degree) in their respective countries. Dr. Anandabai Joshee, Dr. Kei Okami, and Dr. Tabat M. Islambooly.

They were Dr. Susan La Flesche's classmates.

How is this girl squad not a high profile HBO show yet?!

#TVshows #WomensHistoryMonth #WomensHistory #WomenInSTEM

The Rise of Web Series: Revolutionizing Entertainment 🎥🌐

In recent years, web series have taken the entertainment industry by storm, captivating audiences and challenging traditional television's dominance. With the rise of streaming platforms and changing viewer preferences, web series have emerged as a powerful force in the digital age. 📈...

The Rise of Web Series: Revolutionizing Entertainment
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I have discovered, much to my chagrin, that I rather like sappy Korean RomComs. A bit of entirely predictable comedic romance soothes the soul it seems. At least in my case. #TV #TVShows #VideoContent #PrimeVideo

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Good morning and happy Sunday to all of you here in the today!

Let's talk about our plans for the day to round out the weekend.

I'm not sure I have anything planned other than to just rest and relax.

The wife and I have two TV shows with one episode each to catch up on and then we'll be totally caught up until new episodes air tonight.

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I am so, so done with streaming and the whole TV show business lately. They cancel things left and right with no rhyme, reason, or closure. You get into a story and a set of characters, and then nope, sorry, no more of this. No one gets to give us a whole complete story, or even a longer arc.

As a storyteller, I am WILDLY annoyed by this.

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Watching Mrs. Davis, 2 episodes in and I’m like…😱

If you decide to watch, don’t look up reviews, just go in with a blank slate.

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Inspired by @jcrabapple updating his yesterday, I have updated my /now page as well on

Don't forget, to get all the latest updates, news and information that I post to my personal blog, you can follow @Cliff as everything I publish to the blog auto posts to that account as well here on Mastodon.

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