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TheConversationUS, to USpolitics
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There’s nothing groundbreaking about protesters’ tactics of taking over university buildings or erecting encampments on college lawns.

These students – knowingly or unknowingly – are part of a long history of radical student organizing. There are echoes of both the protests against the Vietnam War in the 1960s and 70s and more recently, of South African apartheid in the 1980s.


TheConversationUS, to news
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Louisiana’s new bill, once signed, would reclassify two pills (mifepristone and misoprostol) as Schedule IV controlled substances, like valium, and making it a crime to possess them without a valid in-state prescription.

Surgical and medication abortions are already banned in Louisiana, with few exceptions.

An obstetrician and a law professor explain more about the law and the lack of evidence supporting it:

TheConversationUS, to random
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Nearly half of U.S. Jews ages 18-34 say Israel’s response to Hamas’ attack has been “unacceptable.” While most traditional Jewish organizations have lined up strongly behind Israel, many young activists say they are inspired to protest against Israel because of their Jewish identity and values, not in spite of them


TheConversationUS, to random
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Parks that are built in such a way to be welcoming and inclusive to all
Parks that host events celebrating diversity
Parks that offer safety services (like lifeguards)

^ These types of parks take active management, but are beloved and improve city life

TheConversationUS, to history
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How do you get cargo and supplies to a shoreline where there are no ports or piers?

That’s the problem the relief effort faced in Gaza, and one that military forces and humanitarian groups have faced countless times in #history.
During World War 2, a navy engineer figured out a solution, using this model of cigar boxes as the prototype to show how a steel pontoon causeway could be made.

#Histodons @histodons

TheConversationUS, (edited ) to random
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It's a witty and enjoyable look at what's happened in the world and been explained on our site by experts, written by a Jeopardy! champion.


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TheConversationUS, to Unions
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UAW’s recent loss at a plant in Alabama shows how difficult labor organizing in the South can be – especially against the established anti-union politics, and the “union avoidance playbook” that automotive executives have developed over 40 years

#unions #UAW

TheConversationUS, to Weather
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NOAA just released its forecast for the 2024 Atlantic season and everything points to a lot of storms, with 4-7 of them becoming major storms.

An expert on extreme weather explains what has led to the high accumulated cyclone energy that has meteorologists concerned:

TheConversationUS, to random
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A moment of appreciation for roads!

They require a host of engineering feats. The better they’re built, the longer they last. And engineers are working to develop materials that can make roads stronger and last longer.


TheConversationUS, to Health
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TheConversationUS, to random
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The US government has a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms – and now California is saying guns should be taxed like the other two products.

They do all have a common history: All have been associated with criminal organizations seeking to profit from illicit markets.

It’s unclear how the new tax will affect , but it could reduce sales of guns and ammunition.

TheConversationUS, to Health
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Alcohol consumption and binge drinking remain a major public health crisis, with roughly 1 in 5 U.S. adults reporting binge drinking at least once a week (with an average of 7 drinks per binge).


TheConversationUS, to USpolitics
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Trump keeps promising he would enact the largest domestic deportation operation in American history, exceeding 'Operation Wetback' in the 50s, which deported hundreds of thousands of Mexicans.

It's a disturbing and misleading proposal, says a migration scholar:

TheConversationUS, to random
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Imagine getting accepted to college, finding an apartment, signing a lease and showing up to discover your room looks like this.

Austin, Texas, is putting a stop to windowless private dorm rooms.


TheConversationUS, (edited ) to iran
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Iran’s president and foreign minister died yesterday in a helicopter crash, leaving the country without two of its most influential politicians at a moment of regional and domestic disorder.

#Iran will now need to hold presidential elections within 50 days. Will the country’s ruling conservatives quickly move to repress political expression and manipulate elections?

We have more from an expert on Iran’s #politics:
https://theconversation.com/iran-crash-president-raisis-death-leaves-tehran-mourning-loss-of-regime-loyalist-230385 #News #WorldNews #breakingnews

TheConversationUS, to random
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Hate does not mean rage, anger or general dislike.

It’s even more intense and can derive from fear.

Share this quick explainer, including how to take action against hate, with your kids or anyone who needs it:

TheConversationUS, to history
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The famous #graduation song is a send-off fit for a king! It was originally written for the coronation of King Edward VII in 1901, but evolved to be used during ceremonies for accomplished graduates.

The interesting #history:

#Music #Histodons @histodons

TheConversationUS, (edited ) to news
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A march by Edward Elgar is the traditional soundtrack for American college commencements and high school graduations. It’s a stirring bit of music, but perhaps an odd choice, given its roots as a celebration of the British king.

Here’s a brief history of how it happened:
#news #commencement @academicchatter 🎓🎉

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@joelvanderwerf @academicchatter Oops, yes. Thank you!

TheConversationUS, to news
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TheConversationUS, to Jewish
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May is Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month – and it’s also Jewish American Heritage Month!

And although most people think of American Jews as white Europeans, this coincidence is a great reminder of how diverse the community is.


TheConversationUS, to Ukraine
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If $61 billion seems like a lot to spend now on military aid, it’s nothing compared with what will be needed in the months and years to come to rebuild #Ukraine


TheConversationUS, to geopolitics
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Don’t celebrate too much about the Dow reaching record highs, says a financial markets scholar.

There’s a lot of randomness in financial markets, and the significance of round-number milestones like last week's toppling of the 40,000 mark is mostly psychological.

#economy #dowjones

TheConversationUS, to news
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A philosopher and a psychologist share their 5 thoughts for new college grads to consider as they head out into the “real world,” including:

#3: Seeking work with a purpose is a noble and understandable goal

And #4: It is also understandable to care about money

More important reminders for grads:


TheConversationUS, (edited ) to news
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TGIF! It's #news #quiz day. Here's this week's first question:

A majority of recent graduates say they want to work for companies that try to improve society rather than generate profits. What are researchers calling this new young cohort?

Check your answer and try questions on impregnation, pollination and carbonation:

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