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A sneaky visitor. Cover blown by a small army of scolding crows.

#raccoons #raccoon

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I see a lot of posts of this funny sign ("Pet Friendly Except For Raccoons Never Again") with questions about where it was taken.

This is Spokane, Washington. 47.73045,-117.41166

Google Street View of same sign

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We met at this adorable leucistic raccoon out by Lake Merritt 🤩✨
Look at ittttt galumphinnggggg ✨
Ignore my inane chatter...

(Resisted feeding it my leftover potatoes; I will happily accept Points for my noble sacrifice)

// #BayArea #Oakland #Raccoon #Raccoons #cute

A raccoon with very pale markings, nosing around by the lakeside, looks up and then cautiously approaches the camera, sometimes standing up or backing away, and eventually slopes off into the dark. I'm going "hello little guy!" and "Ohohohohohooo!" like a fool.

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OKay okay... let's just cover all the bases here...


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These raccoons were having an epic all day love making session outside my window today. They're nocturnal so I guess this is the equivalent of an all-nighter and I assume the masks are a kink ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Every 30 mins they'd venture out of the dead tree's hollow and start up again. Putting the wild in wildlife. Awww, to be young again...

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Enjoy this short clip of a raccoon playing with a hose on my deck. 🦝

Longer, 4k version on YouTube:

A raccoon rolls around on its back, grabbing and chewing lightly on a black piece of hose.

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Federal, state and local and wildlife officials said they plan to trap, test and vaccinate in Douglas County, , after a stray kitten tested positive for a worrying strain of they had not seen before.

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It looks like I'm going to be moving house in the the next few weeks so I'm opening my Etsy shop again temporarily! 🥳

Notebooks, cards, wrapping paper and tea towels, with designs perfect for animal lovers or for a very STEM-inspired Xmas!

Limited stock so if you see something you like, please be quick to avoid disappointment!

Thanks so much for supporting independent artists! 🙏

closeup of a illustrated blueprint-style christmas patterned wrapping paper
closeup of an illustrated bat patterned greetings card
closeup of an illustrated squirrel patterned tea towel

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Please allow me to introduce myself
I'm a man of moderate means and questionable taste
I've been around for a long, long year
I've seen too much and I've lost faith

Apologies to the Rolling Stones but I've updated it for the general malaise that is life in the early 21st century. General post here as I've just migrated from I'm the homebody type who's very content to just curl up with a good . I enjoy and most types of . Love good but I have a lifelong hatred of olives. I'm mostly here to meet fun, funny people and have a good time while taking the serious stuff in small doses for the preservation of whatever sanity I have left. I imagine I'll update this as more things occur to me to add. Below are some more specific interest. Glad to be here and beige bless!

, , , , , , , , , , , , ,

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Cubby and her kids are a tight-knit group. They show up in silence, they eat and frolic in the water in silence and they they melt back into the darkness in silence. No squabbling, no bullying the runt and no calling the attention of predators. What a nice little family! 😀

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I also saw raccoons. They were up to something.

KristianHarstad, to nature

me: can be so beautiful

random person: yeah, that's coz work for

me: gets coat

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"No, don't come into my yard, NO!!"

This is the little guy from the family of four, now there are three. One moved in with the groundhogs😏.

He's always last, every other Raccoon was gone at first light. He Spent a late Saturday night at the Crab bar, and he's waddling in looking for a place to curl up for the day.
The groundhog trap is open, try napping in there?

A small raccoon Wade's in shallow water, as the tide rises, to the Marsh grass on my shoreline

Rasta, to fishing

Like kids at an arcade, tuned out.
That's one disorganized child.
All the other raccoons went back into the woods before daylight.
This guy needs a watch, he's always the last to leave the ocean floor.

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Chance encounter in the forest yesterday: a raccoon family.

Mama raccoon is nearby observing the situation.

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Returning to an old birdsite tradition: the latest visitors to our bird bath.

Here’s this morning’s Steller’s Jay. (These crested beauties are sometimes misidentified by nonbirdnerds as Blue Jays, but those have white stripes in their head and they don’t usually appear west of the Rockies.)

An American Robin sized blue bird with a black crest perched at the side of a wagon filled with water, drinking several times by dipping its bill and then lifting its head back.

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