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How are you all?

Take care of yourselves!

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I'm a huge fan of ranunculi/buttercup. Had some beautiful white-pink one last yr but the corm didn't survive. Cheated a bit here👇 cause I bought it in bloom. Put it in my "warm" garden where I've just reds, oranges, and yellows. Had difficulty establishing native reds so this is a backup. Got a bunch of new cardinal lobelia & a new royal catchfly going too. Both should bring in hummingbirds🤞

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I thought that the tulips I'd purchased/planted last yr were all pastel but my memory of what happened 5 minutes ago is sketchy 🤷‍♂️.

There were 3 pastel pink, one white, 1 red, & this vivid yellow👇. Took this angle because it kinda made the tulip look like a choir member with a slicked down hairdo in a fancy choir costume.

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First proper visit of our allotment this year. The neighbour's patch is flooded (the water pipe likely broke) but we got tulips we didn't plant.

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My ground phlox (possibly Phlox subulata/moss phlox) has achieved blanket status.

I'm a sucker for mass blooms. A friend of mine has large swaths of this phlox & was kind enough to borrow me a cup 2 yrs ago. A cup that was 1.5' x 2' chunk that I then plopped down in a 1.5' x 2' space.

Easy peasy phlox carpet squee-sy.

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Hello little one!

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The mini #garden #pond is coming along nicely. Needs a few filtering #plants and then it might be ready for small fish.

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Had a lovely afternoon picking up some plants to go in my little barrel pond - I created it at the end of last summer but only had oxygenating weeds in it before today.

It's a nice space to sit quietly with a cuppa, and the local wildlife enjoys it, too!

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Silberblatt im Garten // Lunaria in the garden.

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Reconnecting with Nature: How Permaculture Helps Earth to Thrive 🌍

In today’s fast-paced world, where concrete jungles dominate landscapes and industrial agriculture strains ecosystems, the concept of permaculture stands as a beacon of hope. Permaculture, derived from "permanent agriculture" or "permanent culture," offers a holistic approach to sustainable living by…

#permaculture #permaculturegarden #agriculture #gardening #garden #farming #gardens #byjessicachillea

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Hey, herb-growing nerds —

My oregano and thyme are the healthiest they have ever been, of late, and all I’ve started doing is giving them a heavy hand-misting of water (just h20) with a spray bottle.

I’ve had problems with tiny green pests in my kitchen since 2021. I saw them coming back, right before I began misting, and I haven’t seen them since.

I usually give them their mist at dinner, and I water in the morning.

Your mileage may vary.

(Tarragon, mint, parsley also thriving.)

Lush green English thyme — which has always been dry and hard and browner before now

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So my deck garden isn’t ready to give up the ghost quite yet. A couple more cucs and grape tomatoes.

Also I counted the lemons that managed to hang on and there are at least FOURTEEN on there! Not only that but the tree is budding again. Gonna be even more (maybe?). Crazy nutso! 🥒🍅🍋

A young green lemon about the size of a golf ball grows off a branch while a few inches above white and pink lemon blossoms get ready to sprout.

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I’ve never tried to grow Brussels Sprouts before so this summer should be interesting. They are one of my absolute favorite veggies. Will keep you all posted how things go. My deck is officially off to the races!

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Hopefully at least a half dozen of these budding lemons will hang on and mature into full fruit. The plant is covered in them at the moment but can’t sustain them all so most of them fall off. Fingers crossed a few hang on though! 🍋

A very small budding lemon on my lemon tree. This one is further along, about the size of a small gumball.

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Brought my little lemon tree up from overwintering in the basement and back to her home on the deck. I also purchased a bigger planter for her so she can stretch her roots. After re-potting and pruning and watering she’s all set. Hope I get half as many lemons this year as last year. ☺️🤞🍋

Lemon tree next to a bigger, white pot on my deck.
The lemon tree in the new larger white pot. Fresh soil all around its base.

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