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Sad to see but my wallet will be happy

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I know of Techland but had to remind myself of what they’ve made .. Some recognizable names:
Call of Juarez
Dead Island
Dying Light 1 & 2

Doesn’t feel great to hear about Tencent doing this with any company.

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Why is tencent constantly allowed to buy up every company slowly and become massive but Microsoft has to face a massive battle when purchasing Activision/Blizzard


Because both Microsoft and Activision are already magnitudes of scale bigger separately than Tencent and Techland ever were combined?

Also, being based in China and Poland, neither is under the jurisdiction of US courts.


The first argument is not true. Tencent is one of the top 3 largest video game publisher in the world both by net worth and by revenue. It may not have its own console but it's definitely on par with Microsoft and Sony when it comes to the gaming market.

That said, I'm not a fan of @Whiskeyomega 's framing "but Microsoft has to face a massive battle when purchasing Activision/Blizzard" as if Microsoft is a poor little oppressed mom and pop shop, that if another megacorp behemoth gets to consolidate the market, it should too.

It would be better if Microsoft didn't get ActiBlizz, especially considering that it alone is another top 10 publisher with many studios under its umbrela. It would also be better if Tencent didn't get to acquire studio after studio, which should be brought up to the attention of European Union regulators.

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Yea I dont mean it to sound like that. Its just most Anti-Monopoly bodies barely blink an eye at Tencent just gobbling up more and more stock of companies and then they just buy out them out making them well into the top 3 Companies on revenue . The guy I spoke to at the CMA in the UK here never heard of Tencent but of course they've heard of Sony and Microsoft.


In terms of gaming, Tencent is basically the Valve of China (well, without the "aiding police state surveillance against ethnic minorities" part). They have their own PC gaming platform and even their own PC gaming consoles. Outside of gaming Tencent is absolutely enormous, their flagship app is like Facebook and Twitter combined for the Chinese market.



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    Please God make it end

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    Well, there's one less company to deal with.

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