HW News - Linus Tech Tips' Terrible Response

From the video description: In HW News this week, we start with a discussion about Linus Sebastian's recent reply to our commentary about Linus Tech Tips' issues with accuracy, data, corrections, ethics, and conflicts. We are baffled and disappointed by the hastily, angrily-written, and at times inaccurate statement posted.

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Very disappointed with Linus and his whole perspective in this situation. He has consistently chosen to prioritize the business, and specifically the need for high volumes of content, over everything else. Likely part of that is to cover the enormous expense of building out Labs, but what is the point of that investment if the company culture behind it does not actually care about quality testing standards?

Setting aside "trust me bro" and the data accuracy problems, everything about the Billet Labs story is bad for LTT and Linus specifically. His constant and sole focus on the relatively minor cost is obnoxious, but it also reveals what is really motivating his decisions. The only good things I can say about his leadership instincts are that he seems to defer (sometimes) to his wife's better judgement, and on a similar note has finally given over the CEO duties to an actual adult, but now I wonder if it's too late for any of that to matter.

I have unsubscribed and won't be watching any LMG videos until I hear things have improved, but even then I'm not sure I'll ever enjoy seeing Linus himself in a video again.

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Like, is the Billet Labs issue supposed to be sabotage or something? He's shitting on it right from the beginning, uses the wrong card, installs it poorly, then refuses to retest because...it'll cost him...like...$500?

It's like if I was reviewing a screwdriver, decided to use nails because I couldn't find any screws, held the thing upside down, then bitched about how shitty it was. And when it's pointed out that my review isn't fair, refuse to retest because a box of screws is $8 at Home Depot and the screwdriver probably sucks anyway. And on top of that, just sell the screwdriver to someone else instead of giving it back.

Does LMG have investments in a competitor or something? It is so willfully irresponsible that I almost want to claim conspiracy because I can't believe that a company would make so many poor decisions by mistake. What is going on over there where a $500 reshoot that would ensure a fair and balanced review of the product is such an nonnegotiable prospect?

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I don't think anyone intended to cause problems, but at some point enough incompetence that is allowed to continue becomes the same thing, at least in my book. Having a system where it's that easy to just lose some other company's property and then, even worse, allow a third party to take possession is absolutely an unacceptable level of mismanagement.

What is going on over there where a $500 reshoot that would ensure a fair and balanced review of the product is such an nonnegotiable prospect?

It's all about the money. LMG is prioritizing speed and quantity over quality or even just basic professionalism.

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And it's prioritizing short-term views over long-term stability. Sure, rushing the review gets you views now, but if companies realize that you're not going to give their product a fair shake, they'll stop sending you products. Then to review things, you'll need to buy them yourself, further cutting into your profits. If Billet Labs ever makes another product, they're not going to send LTT a review sample because of this whole shitshow. Other startups are now going to be hesitant to send LTT review products because 1. They may not get a fair review, and 2. They may not get their review product back.


I’m not surprised. It became very apparent they were operating at a business mindset and not for quality a long time ago.

Sad enough mkbhd, while I still enjoy his content, was very apparent with his steam deck coverage that he did not do great research so I think it is an overall issue with these bigger creators and hitting deadlines


Yeah, it's been apparent for years that they've been cutting corners on product testing to meet deadlines. Linus himself brought it up multiple times in video how they skipped testing this or that because they couldn't figure it out, when other people could. There were numerous examples of Linus's team not even doing basic research on the products they were reviewing.

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MMKBHD also doesn't seem to do any follow-ups on phones that actually get major software changes. His coverage of the Xperia 1IV is brutal, but the issues he covers are either subjective or were fixed in a software update.


Yes! I have the pixel slate for example and if you listened to any review it was hot garbage with no follow up saying how great it got

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I don't really feel that reviewers are required to follow up on changes, in any medium. I like the idea of a one-and-done review with the idea of "maybe this can be fixed", and leaving it to others who aren't predisposed against the item.


I’m disappointed but not surprised. LTT is the first YT channel I both subscribed to and later (maybe 18m back) unsubscibed to. It just changed.

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