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'The rediscovery of a long-forgotten slave narrative would be notable enough. But this one, scholars who have seen it say, is unique for its global perspective and its uncensored fury, from a man living far outside the trans-Atlantic network of white abolitionists who often limited what the formerly enslaved could write about their experiences.'

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2yrs AFTER an American flag was flown outside the VA home of Justice Samuel , another provocative symbol was displayed at his…house in NJ….the flag…like the inverted flag was carried by rioters [] at the… 2021 [].

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What a coinkydink, just as Russians were undertaking a crucial offensive to break through defense lines, Musk’s Starlink stopped working entirely, for the first time in the war, leaving Ukrainian defenders blind.


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jeebus, the pedigree on this guy

Son of prominent conservative family sentenced to nearly 4 years for Jan. 6

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#GregAbbott grants Daniel Perry #pardon in #murder of #BlackLivesMatter protester #GarrettFoster

#Republican Gov. Greg Abbott said Thurs he was pardoning #DanielPerry, the fmr Army sergeant convicted in the fatal shooting of a protester during a #BLM march, after a review board recommended he be released from prison.

#GiftArticle #law #WhiteSupremacy #Republicans #extremism

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If you want a better understanding of why has so much support, read this in-depth interview with 12 US women from different backgrounds and parts of society who have one thing in common.

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"Westminster dog show has its first mixed-breed agility winner, and her name is Nimble" 😍

Gift link

"A mixed-breed dog has won the Westminster Kennel Club dog show’s agility prize for the first time…

Just about a foot (30.5 cm) tall, Nimble powered through an obstacle course of jumps, tunnels, ramps and other features like a furry, black-and-white, well-targeted torpedo to cheers from the crowd in the agility finals."

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Such a wonderful writer. Dear Life indeed.

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Provocative video essay on in young people by Oxford psychologist Lucy Foulkes: “We should not label all our feelings with psychiatric terminology.”

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From The Oregonian:

"See photos of northern lights in Oregon, Washington"

Gift link =

"The northern lights, or aurora borealis, put on a colorful show across the Pacific Northwest late Friday night into early Saturday morning. And there could be a repeat performance Saturday night."

#Oregon #Washington #Aurora #NorthernLights #PNW #GiftArticle #GiftLink

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"Most extreme solar storm in 20 years brings beautiful northern lights"

"The major disturbance of Earth’s magnetosphere caused stunning aurora displays across northern Europe and very low latitudes in the U.S."

Edit: Oops, I was wrong this is behind paywall!

The link has been changed to a gift link. Click on link above ⬆️ not the preview below.

#Aurora #NorthernLights #Photos #GiftArticle #GiftLink

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"The singer and songwriter with a silky-smooth voice has written a memoir with Paul Reiser that recounts his story of pain and redemption with dashes of humor."

He Sang ‘What a Fool Believes.’ But Michael McDonald Is in on the Joke: (gift link)

#MichaelMcDonald #70sMusic #YachtRock #GiftLink #GiftArticle

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"Bishop’s story, from birth to presumed death, shows the extreme danger facing right #whales, which could be #extinct in three decades if they continue to disappear at the present rate.

Bishop’s species is not doomed to #extinction, advocates say, but time is running out."
#GiftArticle #GiftLink

#Nature #Wildlife #Animals #Marinelife #Oceans #EastCoast #Florida #Virginia #Massachusetts #USA #News

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"“As we watch this go one by one, the solution sits idle in the hands of the administration”...

this year, a dead female turned up off with a dislocated spine, a calf was discovered in with head lacerations, & a young female was found — again in Georgia — with a fractured skull. All the injuries are consistent with vessel strikes.

“It’s only that kill right ”"

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'They heckled her and shouted boos as she rose to speak, and some hissed at her — and those were the voices from the same side of the aisle as Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.).'

Paywall removed #Giftarticle

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"Leaders of the slaveholding South called the Declaration [of Independence] 'a most pernicious falsehood.' South Carolina’s John C. Calhoun called the very idea of equal rights a 'false doctrine.'..

"The influential 'second' Ku Klux Klan of the 1920s was anti-Catholic and anti-Jewish as well as anti-Black, which was why, unlike the original Klan, it flourished outside the South.. Christian nationalism has been a powerful force throughout America’s history"


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Well that explains a few things!

Says Doctors Found a Dead Worm in His

The presidential has faced previously undisclosed health issues, including a parasite that he said ATE PART OF HIS BRAIN.

🧠 🪱 🧱

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As I was unable to do a #TrumpTrial 🧵 today, here’s a #GiftArticle on the day’s proceedings:

“After 2 wks of enthralling jurors w/stories of sex & scandal, prosecutors delved into the documents at the heart of Trump’s #criminal trial on Mon, a pivotal turn in the case that came on the same day the judge held #Trump in #contempt & threatened to #jail him.”

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