MiBaWi, to Texas
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A dog has been found in Valley View at J L Drive and Green Meadow Drive.

If you know the owner of the dog please let them know. A neighbor on Green Meadow drive is looking after the dog until owner claims him.


karlchristiankrumpholz, to denver
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I saw this flyer yesterday when walking around the Cheesman Park neighborhood, Denver, CO. At first… I was thinking that this woman’s intentions seem to be quite sweet. But then it occurred to me… umm… isn’t this a quite similar way that the witch lures Hansel and Gretel into her gingerbread house?? I mean… it is literally signed ‘The Crone.’

karlchristiankrumpholz, to philadelphia
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screwtape, to climate
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An unexpectedly #live #lispyGopher #climate after @northernlights lovely hour #show #liveNow #aNONradio @SDF https://anonradio.net:8443/anonradio
Follow @kentpitman on the climate & lisp, all https://climatejustice.social/@kentpitman/112097517284385116 #found #poetry
#gopher : gef's great phost asking us each what we're actually doing, candide relatedly
#lisp : A selected biography of #ErikSandewall by yours truly.
#lambdaMOO : My answer to gef's question. #virtualReality as a climate crisis mitigation
#music is @inky !
#art @prahou

juma, to Haiku
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although often lost
i more than once have been found
still blind, can’t you see?


Aphelion, to music
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“Somewhere in a dream, we’re together.”


ai6yr, to random
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Rasta, to wow

"and sheltering an unmarried minor."

Missing 16-year-old girl found with the help of World of Warcraft
https://globalnews.ca/news/10210476/missing-girl-found-world-of-warcraft/ #

mythologyandhistory, to languagelearning
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Do you know how to survive a eruption? (tale in 3 parts🧵)

1/ In 1902, the island of saw the highest casualty count of any vulcano eruption in the 20th century.

The of St. Pierre was completely devastated, with only 3 surviving.

The most famous one was prisoner Louis-Auguste Cyparis, who would be pardoned & become a “curiosity” in Barnum & Bailey’s, but I want you to know about another:

@mythologyandhistory@mas.to avatar

3/ Rowing quickly, she made for a small .

Even in the water, boiling ash & rocks burned her.

Once in the cave, the water rose rapidly & Havivra lost consciousness.

She was by the French cruiser 'Le Suchet' while drifting two miles out to sea & lived.

cjeng, to streetphotography
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The sticker translates to, 'Only the beautiful may ride'
Kampong Glam, Singapore

Aphelion, to music
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“Somewhere in a dream
We're together” 🖤


Rasta, to NovaScotia

is down 5.1 ct. today. I filled up yesterday? Fuddle-Duddle.

RCMP on scene of a vehicle crash on Hwy 104 between exit 15 and 17 in . Motorists are asked to avoid the area. Hwy closed heading eastbound. Use alternate route, expect delays.

83-yo woman & 86-yo man yesterday from , have been safe.

INCREASED VIGILANCE on directed at communities across Canada.

stshank, to MountainBiking
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You can see the spot (lower center) on my mountain bike ride yesterday where my phone fell out of my pocket, then a short gray line showing where some good Samaritans carried it. I was retracing my ride backward — imagine my delight when I saw a hiker carrying a phone in his hand and it turned out to be mine.

Motorod, to random

Boosting the signal.
Yeah, yeah, it’s on FB, but it's a cat, yo.

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vees, to maryland
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FOUND DOG near Perring Parkway and Waltham Woods Road, Yellow lab wandering 8/14 1pm.

BartsBigBugBag, to music

found streetart in an unassuming alleyway some time ago.

ScaredyCat, to Cats

Finally found our cat, Tigger. One of those Swiss-cheese moments that involved our neighbour coming home 2 weeks early, then going out a slightly different route for her morning walk and spotting him sitting in the wndow of a partially complete new build. Despite us knocking on windows and calling for him, he never showed his face. Contacted the builder who sent someone to let us in. They were pretty great (I mean I know they dont want a cat trapped in there). Looked all around the house, calling his name - nothing. Builder spots hair-ball vomit and we find him hiding in the wall.

Took me 2 hours to coax him out with general chat and whittery on my part. Reaching in the hole stroking him andoffering treats.

All growly and cuddly and growly and cuddly and curled up in my lap for a bit.

Took him home for more cuddles and food and water. Then I return to clean up the house.

Huge relief to have him back. Still annoyed at his stupidity though. He just had to sit/sleep in the window and we'd have found him 4 days earlier.

Aslanmane, to random
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I lost my hearing aids. I installed a strength meter app and was able to narrow down where they were (to about a meter). Good trick for finding lost bluetooth items (assuming they still have battery power).

popcornreel, to mastodon
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Thank you to everyone on Mastodon who posted, reblogged messages (including mine) about trying to find Carlee Russell. Thank you for caring. We must continue to support Black women and girls.🙏🏿💯🖤

popcornreel, to mastodon
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Thank God Carlee Russell has been found ALIVE!

popcornreel, to mastodon
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DavidFlitcroft, to Cat

4 days ago, riding the tandem home through a forest >1km from any house, we stopped and heard a weak miaow. Found this little chap up a tree,abandoned or lost. Starving and terrified, he came home with us in a pannier. A trip to the vet the following morning told us he wasn’t microchipped. He’s found his forever home with us now. Our existing cat is slowly but surely accepting she has a brother. He’s the best roadside treasure you could imagine. He’s called Mister P(eestop).


schizanon, to books

Found a couple on the sidewalk!

Rasta, to iPhone Asturian

Anyone in North end, recognize this child? I have their locked . There's no SIM installed, it's a tablet/mp3 for a child, with no ID and a dying battery. I swerved to avoid running over it on the road, and swooped it up before the next car got it.. no one nearby, no contact for a so before the battery failed, I snapped this photo. Please boost in region, I'd like to see the child get it back @Lynessence near Harbour View School

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