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Virtually Real

"We each live in our own perceptual universe, no two sensoria are exactly alike, but, because we all live in the same physical universe, we imagine it is a shared whole, its entirety common to us all. But our perceptual worlds are as unique as we each are, each unique perceptual world adding to the creation of the whole of reality."

Theologian. Historian. Polytheist Animist. Regenerative Farmer. Virtual World Developer. Refugee From Academia. Open Data Advocate. Photographer.

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Gargron, to threads
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If for whatever reason you never wish to interact with , you can personally block it for your account. This hides all posts and profiles from Threads, prevents anyone from Threads from following you, and stops your posts from being delivered to or fetched by Threads. Simply click the "Block domain threads.net" option on any Threads profile or post you see in Mastodon.

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@Gargron This is such a naive take on this situation.

jaap, to academicchatter
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Really enjoyed reading this article from Oishi and Westgate on “A Psychologically Rich Life”. As a potential third dimension next to Hedonic (Pleasure) and Eudaemonic (Meaning) Wellbeing, they posit the notion that Psychological Richness leads to Wisdom. It allows for a reframing of experiences that don't fit the happy/meaningful box, but do add to increased wisdom in life.

I'm working on a blog post to be more coherent about this...



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@jaap @academicchatter Paywalled 😐

Oozenet, to meta
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Please help me find a new instance. I'm super sad about @Gargron 's gullibility and poor ethical choices about meta and need some suggestions. I'd like a decent charachter limit i.e. min 1500. And I really want to be able to know exactly who is running it and exactly what the moderation policy is.

Help me fedizens. You're my only hope.

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@Dangerous_beans But I am! I have considered it but ownership seems opaque. Who actually runs it?

ct_bergstrom, to random
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A rare moment of tenderness with Australia's most dangerous bird (really).

/because this is the internet, I want to make it abundantly clear that I adore magpies. Absolutely adore them. Rooted for bloody Collingwood as a kid I loved them so much. Imagine that.

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@ct_bergstrom I'm sorry but cassowaries!

kcarruthers, to random
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Fascinating: -19 and the 5G Conspiracy Theory - Social Network Analysis of Twitter Data

[do love to see some nice SNA]


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@kcarruthers "The study identified a single account whose sole purpose was to spread the conspiracy."

siobhanwanders, to random
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Do medical professionals who are no longer masking not understand the harm they’re doing?

I was talking to someone yesterday who said they used to mask but stopped because things seemed better and that their doctor doesn’t mask anymore so that must mean COVID isn’t that bad.

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@JoBlakely @hannu_ikonen @siobhanwanders I was in a day surgery the other day. All nurses but two wearing masks well. Two kept grabbing the front of their mask, pulling it below their chin then touching their face and other things then putting it back. I asked my nurse why they weren't telling these nurses to not do that, "they really should do better" was all she would say.

Gina, to australia
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Not gonna lie, I'm a bit disheartened about all the comments I see everywhere from Aussies that are against immigration. 🥲

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@Gina The absolute hypocrisy of it is breathtaking. When people mention to me that they don't like it when immigrants come into their communities and try to do things in different ways I always say, yeah, imagine how the indigenous Australians felt when all the Europeans arrived. But somehow that isn't ever considered a valid point.

Bellingcat, to random
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December 11th ❄️Here's a tool Bellingcat built to archive content so you can refer back to your source material in research. Used by organisations across the globe: https://www.bellingcat.com/resources/2022/09/22/preserve-vital-online-content-with-bellingcats-auto-archiver-tool/

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@Bellingcat Google sheets. That's a hard pass. Anything that starts with Google cannot be considered a serious archiving tool.

DenisCOVIDinfoguy, to Women
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@DenisCOVIDinfoguy @auscovid19 Is this more likely even with the same number of vaccinations as men?

RickiTarr, to random
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I noticed they have a protein based non MRNA Covid-19 vaccine. So, finally all the people who refused to take the MRNA based vaccine, because they claimed they didn't trust it, will also not take this one.

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@michaelgemar @ghostie @RickiTarr Pretty sure Ricky is a psyop...

madsejsing, to academicchatter
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Calling fellow academics:

The book manuscript based on my dissertation has been waiting for review with one of the big UPs for more than a year now. The editor keeps saying that I'll get the reviews "next month", but nothing ever materialises. Is this normal?

I'm considering withdrawing the manuscript altogether, but I am afraid I might just end up in a similar loop at another press.

Any advice?

@academicchatter @sociology @politicalscience @politicaltheory

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@madsejsing @academicchatter @sociology @politicalscience @politicaltheory At this point you should be asking yourself why you are persevering with publishing this way. What is more important, getting the information published so it can be useful or publishing it through a big UP to get career brownie points.

Oozenet, to linux
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Today is the last day to submit to the awesome conference in Australia! If you would like to do a talk but can't get your proposal in today please let me know and we will work with you.


JustCodeCulture, to internet
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A bit ironic given this is disseminated over the Internet...

The Internet would be far better if giant corporations didn't control platforms & endlessly surveille & profile & do so very unequally--to me that largely is a capitalism, governance & regulatory failure--power & control of infrastructure.

@histodons @sociology @anthropology


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@nazgul @curmudgeonaf @peterbrown @JustCodeCulture @histodons @sociology @anthropology So much research shows this! The Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory, yes that is a real thing, has been demonstrated to apply even when meatspace names are used. It is not the names but rather the remove from physical consequences that causes the problem.

Galehawk, to paganism
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@Galehawk I just can't take TWH seriously anymore since they wrote a piece about a situation in which I was personally involved and it was a massive misrepresentation of what actually happened. Which is a shame.

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@richardgrant @Galehawk I am not aware of the status of the author of the piece.

nathanlovestrees, to animism
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Curious if other parents of a more animist disposition find themselves struggling to both explain phenomena according to natural laws and also encouraging, for lack of a better term, the innate magical thinking of their children? I have no idea how to navigate that.

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@nathanlovestrees What is the problem with magical thinking?

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@handmade_ghost @nathanlovestrees 100% this. I raised my daughter on "animal people" and "tree people" and "who is this?" when identifying plants or animals. Discouraging the attitude that humans are somehow different or special does a lot of work.

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@nathanlovestrees @handmade_ghost You might read him The Sword In The Stone by T.H. White. It is about the education of King Arthur by Merlin. One thing Merlin does is turn Arthur into different animals to see the world through their eyes. Depending on the age of your son, if the book is too much for him yet there is a disney version.

DenisCOVIDinfoguy, to auscovid19
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By Scott Squires @scott_squires

"At this point, there's a 100% chance you will have at least 1 and likely multiple people on a plane with Covid. Some flying know they have it but don't want to spoil their vacation. Don't be fooled to think you're 100% protected because you got vaccinated."


Twitter/X source: https://twitter.com/scott_squires/status/1725563044158414850

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@GreySkies @trendless @maggiemaybe @noyes @DenisCOVIDinfoguy @auscovid19 This is a solved problem. If the people doing psyops to get people to support the war of the month were deployed to do public health no one would be seen dead without one.

radlschorsch, to fediverse German
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Wo bleiben die Universitäten im Fediverse?

warum betreiben Universitäten nicht schon längst eigene Mastodon-Instanzen?

Warum bekommen Studierende nicht mit der Inskription auch einen Mastodon-Handle?

Warum hosten Universitäten Vorlesungsvideos nicht über PeerTube im Fediverse?

Es gibt einiges, das für ein stärkeres Engagement von Universitäten im Fediverse spricht.

Ein Aufruf den man nur unterstützen kann!


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@RichardShaw @srfirehorseart @radlschorsch @academicchatter @edutooters I have also noticed that the great bulk of academics who came here last November are gone.

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@RichardShaw @srfirehorseart @radlschorsch @academicchatter @edutooters But then the great bulk of academics are busy destroying academia by means of the great publishing scam so I shouldn't be surprised.

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@gpollara @RichardShaw @srfirehorseart @radlschorsch @academicchatter @edutooters Honestly if one is smart enough to be an academic the operation of Mastodon should not vex one.

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@RichardShaw @srfirehorseart @radlschorsch @academicchatter @edutooters 100% agree. We are absolutely at that place where career advancement is more important to most academics than building a robust, ethics based, sustainable academic environment that nourishes students and staff. i.e. we are so fucked. But, don't feel like I am picking on academia, it is a society wide effect.

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@juandesant @RichardShaw @srfirehorseart @radlschorsch @academicchatter @edutooters I'm religion, history, anthropology, sociology, archeology and IT. Only IT has remained steady.

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