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Found on Reddit:

"I am conducting a study to investigate whether adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) & domestic voilence/ intimate partner voilence makes men feel like they don't matter. With suicide being the biggest killer in men under 40, could this be a contributing factor? "

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Patriarchy According To The Barbie Movie : Jonathan McIntosh / Pop Culture Detective

This video essay uses the Barbie Movie as a primer to help explain what patriarchy actually is, what it isn't, and how it ends up harming everyone, including men.

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But also:

  1. This tells me you had the money and we're happy enough to just watch women and girls die instead of spending it.

  2. It's not nearly enough.

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A certain kind of man who thinks he is an "alpha" or a "lone wolf" should stop digging.

Other men aren't safe with men.
Bears aren't safe with men.
Women aren't safe with men.
The gender divergent aren't safe with men.

The common problem is a kind of man and the culture of that man.

#culture #criticism #politics #men #bear

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The Far Right’s Campaign to Explode the Population >>

"The threat, we are told here this weekend, is existential, , epoch-defining. Economies will fail, will fall, and it will all happen because people aren’t having enough .

“The entire global system, the value of your money, and every you might buy with money is defined by leverage, which means its value depends on growth...." >>

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>> ...And to ensure that these grow up to be adults who understand their place in both the and the larger order, we need to oust from the workforce and reinstitute -only spaces “where women are as a result,” shampoo magnate and aspiring warlord Charles Haywood says, prompting cheers from the in the audience."

So unsurprising how conservative commentary about declining birth rates inevitably leads to and 🤷🏻‍♀️🙄


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cis 👏 men 👏 are 👏 men 👏

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@TodePond can count me as an

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My new favorite thing to do is to ask to rewrite things for me “as a man”.

It’s fascinating and hilarious all at once :blobfoxcrylaugh:

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Do really call each other “buddy”? Like in real life?

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Abortion reached its lowest point since Roe under Obama/Biden because the goal was not to punish women, but to address inequality issues and have policies like health insurance covers birth control so that abortions wouldn’t be needed to start with.

The "prolife" movement has shown itself to be a nauseating fraud bent on punishing low income, non-white women.

Drive time for abortions are longest in low-income, diverse areas across U.S.:

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@TonyStark The best way to prevent abortions is to prevent unwanted pregnancies. And the best way to prevent unwanted pregnancies is for men to control their ejaculations.

The existence of unwanted pregnancies is entirely in the hands of men. @gabrielleblair has an excellent short book on this:


, .

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"A desire for a loud car with a modified muffler is predicted by being a man and higher scores on psychopathy and sadism",162006,0,2.html
#driving #cars #noise #trucks #transportation #men

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"I believe that to minimize mass shootings, we must move the question of the gender of the shooter from the periphery to the center of a long overdue national conversation."

"Change how we talk about the issue. That means refusing to speak out against generic 'gun violence.' Until we’re willing to say, men’s gun violence, we’ll continue to miss the mark, falling short of any campaign to prevent mass shootings."

~ Rob Okun

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You're in her DMs?

Well, I am her DM - roll for initiative.

#dating #relationship #Men #WhyAreMen #queer

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Men who message me every month "still with the boyfriend?" and don't say anything in between:

  1. yes
  2. im non-monogamous
  3. you still have no chance

#dating #relationship #Men #WhyAreMen

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Women’s Unrealistic Expectations 😂 >>>

"Why do today expect so much more from than women did generations ago?"

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Today's Youtube/Instagram/Tiktok short: Discussions about toxic masculinity should include topless inequality, aka

Every conversation about , , , , , etc must include mention of based on "what you look like," aka , because what clearer evidence do you need for getting rights that the rest of us especially , don't get??

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Are you a MAN who is scared of YARN?

Do YOU want to create MANLY KNITS with colour palettes ESPECIALLY FOR THE MENS?

Whoo- boy do I have a website for you!

Unfortunately this is real, not satire 🤣 🤦‍♀️

"Our yarn is created especially for men who knit for themselves and for everyone who knits for men. Our color pallet is designed to appeal to masculine tastes with respect to both traditional knitting projects and more modern designs."

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I just got an invite to a press event for "Initiatives on , Peace and Security" and women's participation in global issues and sustainable peace.

Sounds great, no? Except for one thing. The lead speaker and moderator...both middle-aged . 🙄

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This goes with any type of - -splaining tbh.. man-, white-, settler-coloniser-, abled-..

It's about power and the assumption that the person with the social capital understands someone else's lived experiences more than they do.

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"High pornography exposure among young Australians helps fuel violence against women, say researchers"

#Australia #porn #violence #women #men

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Why the political worldviews of young men and women are increasingly diverging | DW Analysis

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Only 30 years ago, #Germany removed §175 StGB. This article made same-#sex sexual activity between #men punishable by #prison. It was a remnant of the Kaiserreich, made worse under the #Nazi dictatorship and continued to exist WAY after the fall of Nazi Germany.

This #oppression was a great #evil and it's good that it's gone.

Today, there are still ~60 countries where a similar law exists.

#OnThisDay #Paragraph175 #gay #bi #law #history #homophobia #freedom #LGBT

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banned_tweets_of_john_cusack, to Palestine avatar


A carries the body of his in white linen. To date, more than 14400 young beings have been by , & , and their complicit supporters, and silent enablers who did not call for a .

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A holding the body of his in white linen - just one of more than 14400 young beings (not members) by , & , and their complicit supporters, and silent enablers who did not call for a .

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