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Aged researcher for a Wellington-based start-up. Lived behind a nom-de-plume on squarkbox, but gradually getting ok with idea of saying who I am, here.

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toa5t, to random
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Even Britain, one of the most highly surveilled countries in the world thinks public facial recognition is a very bad idea

Hullo New World.


golgaloth, to random
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I was born in Australia, but I've lived all over the world and visited most of the rest of it. When someone in Tasmania says, "lovely old building"and they mean the old post office in Latrobe. I just... I've done the summer solstice at Stonehenge. I've lived in houses older than this. Seriously.

#quaint #old #relative

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@golgaloth when I lived in Ipswich I worked in an 11th Century coach house pub.

mikemathia, to random
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@mikemathia @dave The whole Microsoft suite is bananas. You can’t login with at MS account because it’s a different kind. You can share that documents with your colleagues but no way can they have edit capabilities. Share with randos? Sure do they want edit capabilities? It’s truly mad.

TechCrunch, to random
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@Potus just joined the fediverse via Instagram Threads https://tcrn.ch/4aI9YOt

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@TechCrunch @BigAngBlack that does not make it any better.

markwyner, to music
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This song is so beautiful. “Cardigan Song” by Kikagaku Moyo from their “House in the Tall Grass” record. It’s good overall, but this song is sublime.

They were a Japanese group that disbanded in 2022. But they released a number of records that are still with us.

Their name translates to “geometric patterns,” which suits the vibrations they create with their instruments.


#Music #Japan #KikagakuMoyo #Psychedelic #Rock

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@markwyner if you’d have told me that was 60s psyc folk from the UK I’d have agreed with you. It’s like an outtake from an Oliver Postgate children’s stop motion animation

bananabob, to NoStupidQuestions
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Need some help choosing an electric screwdriver. I want one for the delicate jobs like working on a laptop or other device, maybe even my glass frames.. Anybody got some recommendations?

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@bananabob makita

paulhellyer, to NewZealand
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Bernard Hickey right on the money again.

"However, S&P Global’s Head of Government ratings, Anthony Walker, told me in an interview to air in my When The Facts Change weekly podcast via The Spinoff tomorrow that the nation’s finances were not fragile and there was the equivalent of 30% of GDP ($120 billion) borrowing headroom left before any danger of a credit rating downgrade."

[Article available to all.]


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@draftexcluder @strypey @paulhellyer it’s so fucking obvious and it annoys me people still vote for these wankers

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    @ojala @BobLefridge makes it easier to identify who they are I guess.

    elijax, to Spotify Italian
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    Since will be paying only songs that have more than 1000 plays each year, I opted out!

    My entire catalog is here:



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    @elijax @electronicmusic loving your work

    Miro_Collas, to electronicmusic
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    New group:
    (if that works as advertised)

    @Sibilant @toa5t

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    @Miro_Collas @electronicmusic @Sibilant there are 137 Members. Already?

    BlackAzizAnansi, to random
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    What's the worst thing that your boss has ever done? Mines would probably be the time I worked for a law firm and the owner wanted us to clear out the upstairs of a dusty ass building that he owned to look scrounge for office supplies (literally not in my job description at all) and as we're clearing things out he tells us that they're going to come back and clean up the asbestos in a few days.

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    @BlackAzizAnansi @lisamelton shit!
    I delivered a piano with a psychopath on the run from the French Foreign Legion coz my boss said he was a good laugh. Said psychopath told me at great length that women were just meat…

    timClicks, to NewZealand
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    NZ govt: cost of living crisis means that you get a $20/week tax cut
    also govt: tax cuts are expensive so we are removing your $50/week public transit subsidy

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    @timClicks @phil_stevens don’t forget you won’t get your $20 until next year - if at all!

    bananabob, to nz
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    Businesses take Wellington City Council to court over Golden Mile revamp

    Who are The Guardians Of The Golden Mile?

    Have they seen this Golden Mile lately? Do they want it to continue to look so run down?


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    @bananabob arrrrrrghhh

    So they’re worried about the cost and are forcing the council into a costly review.
    They just don’t want cars gone.

    georgetakei, to random

    One of the most conservative Democrats in the House, Jared Golden from Maine, has apologized for opposing a ban on assault weapons in the wake of the deadly shootings in his state. It shouldn’t have to take a tragedy in your own state to come around, but we welcome Rep. Golden in the fight to ban these weapons.

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    @georgetakei @lisamelton He perfectly defines the difference between empathy and sympathy

    Daojoan, to random
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    The state of the housing crisis is a literal toilet in your literal kitchen going for $500 a week in Surry Hills

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    @Daojoan @BigAngBlack shit the bread!

    JulianOliver, to random
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    Very useful list, The Eight Stages of White Settler-Colonial Denial.

    This very process is playing out with precision to this day in countless colonised lands, as seen recently with the Indigenous Referendum in Australia, in right wing and center-right political rhetoric in LATAM countries, North America, and sadly also here in Aotearoa New Zealand

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    @JulianOliver Number 1: Winston Peters - ‘Māori are not indigenous’

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    theautisticcoach, to actuallyautistic

    As many of you here, and as all of you who have met or worked with me, know, I am an Israeli.

    I’m also a life long peace activist for Israel-Palestine.

    Unfortunately, MANY of you have taken the last few days to attack me, call me a murderer, lecture me about the world I grew up and lived in for 35+ years of my life, dare to speak down to me and over me, erase my history and lifelong dedication for Palestinian rights, and even wished me to die.

    Others of you have taken the opportunity to call me an antisemite, a race traitor, a horrible person, a hypocrite, a terrorist, and erase my history and lifelong dedication to Jewish life and making Israel a better place to live.

    Yet, VERY FEW of you have asked how I am. How is my family? How are my friends? How are YOU?

    Well, no. I have my family & friends in deep crisis. Many have lost their own other family and friends, parents, siblings, kids and lovers - some by bullets, others by fire, others by kidnapping. A comrade of mine lost his parents. An other had their 16 year old son taken into Gaza. Too many people I know or am connected to have been murdered or taken. And I use the word murder, not killed, because sleeping civilians in their home or at a party are not military combattants. Babies aren’t targets.

    I also have Palestinian friends who have lost families in Gaza from the bombs currently falling from IDF planes. My heart aches for them too as theirs does for me.

    But many of you only care about death when one side fits your own narrative and unformed and ignorant beliefs.

    So no, I’m not OK. I’m not OK at all.

    Keep reading in the next post

    @actuallyautistic @mazeldon

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    @theautisticcoach @actuallyautistic @mazeldon @lisamelton Not a lot I can say aside from I’m very sorry about all of this. This is terrorism and taking sides shows ignorance and prejudice. I wish you only the best.

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    w7voa, to Texas
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    @w7voa well this is bullshit

    markwyner, to random
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    Today feels really crummy so I could really use some love in my viewport. What’s bringing you joy in the world? Animals? Nature? Music? I’d love to see it all. Thank you. ❤️

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    markwyner, to Dogs
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    Earl and I took a selfie. This is his “I was just racing around the house with the zoomies an need a minute to cool down” face.

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    @markwyner bootiful dogface

    w7voa, to twitter
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    "Free expression for everyone" is what X () is all about," says new CEO Linda Yaccarino.

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    DemocracySpot, to Dogs
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    📷 Afternoon, y'all.

    A little cooler here today, mid 80s with a breeze. It's cool enough that Jack walked the perimeter for the first time in a few days.

    What's the plant he's strutting past? Dad planted two about 30 years ago.


    What are y'all up to? What's good?


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    @DemocracySpot looks like a New Zealand native Cordyline

    simeon, to random
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    OK folks, Mastodon can't do polls with attachments so we'll do this the old-fashioned way.

    Do you prefer this helpful onboarding/welcome text to sit in the middle, or on the left of the page?

    Screenshot of a meal planning app showing a welcome text placed on the left the page as aligning stuff with the center is a cardinal sin in UX/UI.

    @toa5t@mastodon.nz avatar

    @simeon boom!

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