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might be the first German speaking TV series I've watched and I'm already picking up some German words (some of which stood out bcos I've sang them plenty of times through OSTs lol):

  • Schicksal: Fate
  • Aber: But
  • Ich bin: I am
  • Jahr: Year
  • Wer bist du: Who are you
  • Verspreche: Promise (hands down MY FAVOURITE bcos of how ridiculous it is to pronounce)
  • Was: What
  • Wann: When
  • Apparatus: Apparat

Also I've always assumed Herr and Frau were Male and Female teachers respectively, just bcos in my high school those who took Mandarin as their third language called their teachers, Laoshi (teacher) while those who studied Japanese called their teachers, Sensei (also teacher). I've always thought the others learning German calling their teachers Herr (Name) and Frau (Name) essentially meant teachers as well. Bcos of this show, I know it's not haha.

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"On the darkest nights, when the shadows seem longer and the stars paler, a forgotten figure awakens from the depths of dreams. He is the brother of the Sandman, known as the sower of sleepless nights. While the Sandman gently sprinkles the eyes of the weary with dream sand, his brother weaves nightmares from the cold moonlight."

a rough idea, with procreate.

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The light and dark of spring.
Suddenly there are flowers everywhere in the woods, new blossoms to attract the pollinators but some like up hide in the shadows - maybe a little shy at how pretty they are.

#nature #Wildlife #art #Photography #Forest #Wood #Wild #snow #frost #river #scotland #edinburgh #glen #mountain #blossom #flower #dark

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✨ This is
Painted by me on me 😁

I was just feeling a little bluuuueeee, but in a good way! 😁

This was inspired by facecharts on Instagram:)

See my page for more


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An diesem Montag brauche ich nach Stunden der grauen Wolken etwas kreisrunde Sonne in meinem Gemüt. Ich hoffe es stört euch nicht 😉


#Fotografie #Natur #Baum #Landschaft #Abend #Wolken #Sonnenuntergang #FotoMontag #FotoVorschlag #photography #nature #tree #sunsetsunday #landscape #dark #moody #sunset #cloudporn #photomonday #art #fineart #mastoart #fediart #mastodon #Fediverse

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? Irgendwie vielleicht ein bißchen.

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Hat jemand von euch schon Crooks gesehen? Haben die Deutschen echt solche Probleme mit dem Wienerischen?

Aber zugegeben, Georg Friedrichs Aussprache kann schon schwer verständlich sein.

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@matuzo beste deutsche Serie für mich ist #dark mit großem Abstand. 1899 war auch super nice mit einem kranken Twist am Ende, so schade dass es nicht fortgesetzt wird 😭

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Try this, friend

Tap for spoilernix { config, pkgs, … }: let lock-false = { Value = false; Status = “locked”; }; lock-true = { Value = true; Status = “locked”; }; in { /* ** ffextid ** Usage: ffextid [install_url] ** Description: simple script to find the extension id from an extension’s manifest ** using the url found by right clicking the install add-on button and ** selecting “copy link” */ home.packages = with pkgs; [ (pkgs.writeShellScriptBin “ffextid” ‘’ #!/usr/bin/env bash $(curl $1 > /tmp/ffext.xpi) 1> /dev/null $(unzip /tmp/ffext.xpi -d /tmp/ffext) 1> /dev/null # If ripgrep exists, use that. Otherwise default to grep if ! command -v rg &> /dev/null; then rg id /tmp/ffext/manifest.json else grep id /tmp/ffext/manifest.json fi rm -rf /tmp/ffext* ‘’) ]; programs = { firefox = { enable = true; package = pkgs.wrapFirefox pkgs.firefox-unwrapped { extraPolicies = { DisableTelemetry = true; # add policies here… /* ---- EXTENSIONS ---- */ ExtensionSettings = { “*”.installation_mode = “blocked”; # blocks all addons except the ones specified below /* Format: “[Manifest id]” = { installation_mode = “force_installed” # will install the extension for you! install_url = “[url]” # found by right clicking the install button on the add-on page }; */ # uBlock Origin: “” = { installation_mode = “force_installed”; install_url = “”; }; # Privacy Badger: “jid1-MnnxcxisBPnSXQ@jetpack” = { install_url = “”; installation_mode = “force_installed”; }; # Bitwarden “{446900e4-71c2-419f-a6a7-df9c091e268b}” = { installation_mode = “force_installed”; install_url = “”; }; # XBrowserSync “{019b606a-6f61-4d01-af2a-cea528f606da}” = { installation_mode = “force_installed”; install_url = “”; }; # Decentraleyes “{jid1-BoFifL9Vbdl2zQ@jetpack}” = { installation_mode = “force_installed”; install_url = “”; }; # Clear URLs “{74145f27-f039-47ce-a470-a662b129930a}” = { installation_mode = “force_installed”; install_url = “”; }; #Dark Reader “” = { installation_mode = “force_installed”; install_url = “”; }; # Cookie AutoDelete “” = { installation_mode = “force_installed”; install_url = “”; }; # I don’t care about cookies “jid1-KKzOGWgsW3Ao4Q@jetpack” = { installation_mode = “force_installed”; install_url = “”; }; # Youtube Sponsor Block “” = { installation_mode = “force_installed”; install_url = “”; }; # add extensions here… /* “” = { installation_mode = “force_installed”; install_url = “”; }; */ }; /* ---- PREFERENCES ---- */ # Set preferences shared by all profiles. Preferences = { “browser.contentblocking.category” = { Value = “strict”; Status = “locked”; }; ### BOOLEANS “extensions.pocket.enabled” = lock-false; “extensions.screenshots.disabled” = lock-true; “privacy.donottrack.heater.enable” = lock-true; “” = lock-true; # add global preferences here… }; }; }; /* ---- PROFILES ---- */ # Switch profiles via about:profiles page. # For options that are available in Home-Manager see # profiles ={ sunstoned = { # choose a profile name; directory is /home/<user>/.mozilla/firefox/profile_0 id = 0; # 0 is the default profile; see also option “isDefault” name = “sunstoned”; # name as listed in about:profiles isDefault = true; # can be omitted; true if profile ID is 0 settings = { # specify profile-specific preferences here; check about:config for options “browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.feeds.section.highlights” = false; “browser.startup.homepage” = “”; “browser.newtabpage.pinned” = [{ title = “NixOS”; url = “”; }]; # add preferences for profile_0 here… }; }; # add profiles here… }; }; }; }

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was assumed to be a force in the universe, both currently and throughout cosmic history.

But new data suggest that it may be more changeable, growing stronger or weaker over time, reversing or even fading away.

“As would say, it’s a B.F.D.,” said , an astronomer at Johns Hopkins University and the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore.
Riess shared the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics with two other astronomers for the discovery of dark energy, but was not involved in this new study.

“It may be the first real clue we have gotten about the nature of dark energy in 25 years,” he said.

If the work of dark energy were constant over time, it would eventually push all the stars and galaxies so far apart that even atoms could be torn asunder, sapping the universe of all life, light, energy and thought.
Instead, it appears, dark energy is capable of changing course and pointing the cosmos toward a richer future.

Wendy Freedman, an astrophysicist at the University of Chicago who has led efforts to measure the expansion of the universe, praised the new survey as “superb data.”

The results, she said, “open the potential for a new window into understanding dark energy, the dominant component of the universe, which remains the biggest mystery in cosmology

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The Darkest Galaxy? Discovery of the Faintest Milky Way Satellite

📷 Hidden in this deep sky image (left) is a truly miniscule group of stars (right), bound together by their own gravity (and maybe even dark matter!), in orbit around the Milky Way Credit: CFHT/S. Gwyn (right) / S. Smith (left).

#DarkGalaxy #dark #galaxy #MilkyWay #satellite #stars #darkmatter #astronomy #astrophysics #astrodon #space #science #research #STEM #news #CFHT #CFH #telescope #MaunaKea

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বুলিং স্বভাবটা খারাপ, কিন্তু আমাদের দেশে এটা ডালভাতের মত ঘটনা। তাই সুমন ঐদিন যখন আমাকে উদ্দেশ্য করে "ঐ হাতি তুই কি খাস!" বলল, তখন সবাই সমস্বরে হেসে উঠলো। তবে যে যাই বলুক, সুমনের কলিজা ভুনার স্বাদেটা দারুণ হয়েছে। চেটেপুটেই খাচ্ছি!


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