Madison on why she quit Linus Tech Tips. (Content Warning: Sexism, Self Harm , Sexual Assault & Harassment)

For Reasons relating to LTT on its coverage of PCGaming and PC Hardware I thought it important to share this here.

Link to Post Images.

@suuuoppp: To stop the speculation and DM's I am receiving. I chose to quit my role at LTT because it, and the working environment I was facing, were ruining my mental health. The number of daily items...…

Update : LTT Responded
"The company has currently paused all production to improve its review processes, and CEO Terren Tong tells The Verge an outside investigator will be hired to examine the harassment allegations."

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Holy shit what a brutal read. If half of it is true (and it has every chance to be, as it is sadly “the usual fare” of male work toxicity and general ego trip), this company is a cesspool. Fuck.


LTT community members need to fuck off and leave her alone, and whatever upper management personnel perpetuated -either directly or by inaction - this harassment need to be fired immediately.

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It's hard not to empathize and immediately jump for pitchforks but... does she have any proof of this, or other people that can confirm any of these? From what I've seen all we have is her word.

I mean, remember few years ago when the internet collectively descended on Mick Gordon or Chris Avellone? And then only after years it came to light that they didn't actually do anything wrong and were falsely thrown under the bus by other people or companies? Or that thing with Bayonetta's VA and everyone coming to her aid even though in the end she was the one outright lying about the whole situation? Or the Disco Elysium situation, or probably dozens of other internet dramas fueled by emotion? I think we should collectively wait for something more than one person badmouthing on the internet before we jump to conclusions.

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This is an important point. We're all pissed at LTT right now so are eager to jump on any story that supports that narrative. I'm not saying I don't believe Madison (what she says pretty much lines up with what I would expect). But before we convict Linus in the court of public opinion, we should allow him to argue in his defense.


Funny you should name drop Mick Gordon. When Mick brought the receipts after years and proved he was in the right, Linus and Luke discussed it on the WAN Show, with zero research, and… sided with Bethesda.



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  • Hellsadvocate,
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    I dunno. I always believe the underdog with a lot to lose.


    What does she have to lose?

    Listen, I’m not at all saying she’s lying, but I do not know her and people do shit for inexplicable reasons all the time.

    She is getting a lot of attention, something I’m sure many people would not enjoy, but some of that is definitely being driven to her YT channel, so the whole “nothing to gain” position isn’t really true.


    Courts award damages and costs, LMG can afford expensive lawyers and she’s made imputations against the company that they would be able to demonstrate effected their standing and business.

    You can’t just say specific and detailed shit about people and businesses, in a high profile way, getting maximum attention, and then not expect any consequences. Canada does not have the same first amendment rights as the US, and even in the US defamation is a powerful legal mechanism. She’s risking a lot.


    I don’t know about Canada but that’s a very high bar here (as it should be). They would have to be able to prove not only that the things she said are false, but that she knew they were false.

    Hellsadvocate avatar

    Um. Being hired again? She can be completely shut out of any earnings that she needs to survive whereas Linus has a fuck you amount of money. So...


    Being hired again?

    She’s going to be hired against her will? 🤔


    All we have is her word and judging by the way everyone seems to be acting, you’d think they actually had solid evidence and not just accusations. I get people want to dog-pile but the number of comments I’ve seen along the lines of “Linus needs to sell all his shares” and “all the management team needs to be fired” is astonishing


    Linus has come across as a bit of a cunt for years now but always bounces back after every single one of his many controversies.

    I’d honestly forgotten all the Madison drama as there’s been that much happen since but this was definitely a worthwhile read. Unfortunately I’m sure the Linus brigade will continue to send her unwarranted abuse but I hope she’s mentally well enough to realise that what she’s said has been heard and appreciated by many people.


    Let's not kid ourselves. LTT comes out on the top because their way of operating reflects the community: as long as we get our daily shot of tech/geek stuff, we ignore the rest.

    Not mentionning the significant amount of people in the community who are always eager to defend a "bro" against them "woke bitches".


    Yup, Linus is definitely a fucking cunt. I hope that this is the beginning of the end for LTT.

    elscallr avatar

    Well I certainly don't see him digging his way out now


    A lot of cool people at LMG who I really hope aren’t caught up in this.

    jeebus avatar

    The pearl clutching in this thread is ridiculous. Just stop watching LTT. I did a year ago.


    Personal experiences and telling a few people on lemmy to stop watching LTT is far from hurting them in any possible way. It’s more important for them to be held accountable for everything when all eyes are on them. Doesn’t matter if you watch them or not if it means they will continue to get away with scummy practices.


    This is reminding me of the collapse of Channel Awesome. If this goes the same way, LTT will continue to exist but not be as big

    Whiskeyomega avatar

    Update : LTT Responded
    "The company has currently paused all production to improve its review processes, and CEO Terren Tong tells The Verge an outside investigator will be hired to examine the harassment allegations."


    Finally doing the smart thing and taking responsibility.

    QHC avatar

    Time will be the real proof, but it's already refreshing to see someone besides Linus being referenced as taking corrective action. This is what Terren was hired to do. I wonder if Linus is actually prepared for the decisions he may make in the coming months.


    Wow. What a motherfucking piece of shit company. And Linus is also personally a piece of shit too (see screenshots below). Hope this means the end for LTT on YouTube. Note that the full thread is on Twitter here where she has responded to a few tweets that add further details.

    Linus piece of shit

    Linus piece of shit 2

    Prej avatar

    He may be a piece of shit, but he's a rich piece of shit with a devoted fanbase, so this will blow over, unfortunately.


    I think you might be right. Hopefully more employees come out soon to condemn him and his piece of shit company.

    Blakerboy777 avatar

    @Whiskeyomega I couldn't even finish this. It made me so fucking mad.

    Prej avatar

    Oh boy, are the floodgates open now?


    Fucking hope so, yeah.

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    I don't really understand how Twitter works, but why aren't these tweets on her profile? Did she delete them? The most recent posts I can see are from 2021.

    Whiskeyomega avatar

    Ive added the posts to imgur as a album as well.


    You need to log in, bruh, cos fucking Elon fucked Twitter up so bad. I could only see her 2021 tweets until I logged in too.


    Did she delete them?

    No, Twitter is just broken to all hell.
    It seems that now when you visit a profile without being logged in, they show you that profile’s most liked Tweets instead of their latest ones. Just tried it with Elon’s account and all I see are 2022 tweets.

    Here’s a direct link to Madison’s Tweet thread:…
    (Note this will show up as a single tweet as opposed to a proper thread if you’re logged out)


    cw: Twitter rant

    Twitter is fucking stupid and has a limit on the number of characters you can use in any “tweet”.

    My suspicion is that this is done intentionally so that users cannot properly explain themselves, which inevitably creates arguments, drama, and “engagement”. Mastodon also has this incredibly stupid limitation.

    The result is that you end up with people just posting long rants as a series of Tweets (thread), rather than just one, thus bypassing the incredibly stupid limitation, while simultaneously making it super difficult to just read.

    This website just gathers all of the tweets from this thread into one post that’s easier to read.

    RegularBard avatar

    LMAO someone stop me if this is a bot repost, but Twitter has the character limit because when Twitter was first founded you could text a phone number to post a tweet

    Text messages had a limit of 150 characters or so. That means all the tweets did too.

    That's all it is

    HughJanus, (edited )

    …and what year was that? And what is the character limit now?

    rolf, avatar

    @Whiskeyomega @Whiskeyomega i’ve always felt something was off about LTT & avoided their content… good to know I can justifiably continue to do so!

    Whiskeyomega, avatar

    @rolf @Whiskeyomega I Havent watched it in years so I didnt know who Madison was but ive known about the misinformation and bad quality in general has been going on for years and thats why I stopped watching.


    What do we even comment on a story like this. In 2023. There are no words to express the distaste to how she was treated. Found her youtube channel and subscribed. Looks like she is doing cool stuff. Will keep an eye on it.


    I was reading the linked article and it just kept going on and on. WTF is wrong with people that treat other humans like this?


    Malformed brains, maybe? I read something that a scientist posted about Trump possibly having a form of Antisocial Personality Disorder that comes from having a weird brain that actually lacks the ability to have feelings like empathy and such.

    I've come across so many people that are malignant narcissistic sociopaths who are so terrible (despite having only slightly bad lives at best combined with an extreme amount of privilege) that I have actually wondered if there's something physically wrong with their brain / body.

    Definitely have theorized that if this is the case, it tends to particularly associate with the Y Chromosome because it's mostly men that display this kind of behavior.

    wolfshadowheart avatar

    Could be. Could also be all of the symptoms of lead poisoning.

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