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Morrowind, by far. I still remember the sense of freedom and exploration I got

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Same. One of my friend's dad played all the old school DnD games and what not. I remember going over one day and seeing him play that, and when I asked him he was showing me a bunch of things with the open world and the characters. As soon as I was able to get it, I did, and I put in so much time into that game.


Also Morrowind. The systems of that game blew my young mind, and I was far too dumb to notice most of the jank.


I was too young for Morrowind and started at Oblivion, but yeah, it's the Elder Scrolls games 100%. At the time, to me (age ~9), gaming was jumping and gunning around blocky worlds full of fake doors and imagining how cool it would be if GTA felt like an actual world instead of a blocked-out setpiece full of people whose only thoughts were to walk around, drive, or fight each other.

I started Oblivion and it was insane. I could go in nearly every house, I could have conversations with everyone, I could walk around picking up whatever objects and stealing stuff, then break out of jail when I got caught, I could get inducted into an assassination cult (even if I was really bad at lockpicking and struggled to get in the front door), etc. It was mindblowing and those sorts of features are why I prefer Bethesda titles even to these major titles everyone loves like Witcher 3.

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This is 100% my experience too. My mind was blown when I saw what you could do in oblivion.

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Tarhiel and his Scroll of Icarian Flight. Using it without thinking was an experience for sure

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Duke Nukem 3D.


I remember getting my first 2 computers connected over 10base2 LAN with T connectors and terminators and all that stuff just so me and my brother could play duke nukem 3d. It was awesome. I also remember one of the computers could barely run it and then only if shrinking the screen down. If more than 3 laser trip bombs went off at once... instant slideshow.


Hell, Duke Nukem 2 was pretty amazing even.

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Yeah, Wolfenstein 3d and DOOM were great but Duke 3D was some next level shit. Being able to take a leak at the urinal was so cool.


Shake it baby. Wanna dance?

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One of my most nostalgic games! I replay it yearly - the ambient sound effects and drone and atmosphere is incredible - the space levels have a creepy feeling despite the comedic tone it often goes for.

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Everquest. Man that was revolutionary.

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Probably Return to Castle Wolfenstein was one of the first games i ever played


Even with the view window reduced so it would run decently on my 12mhz 80286, I was amazed.


Hello fellow old person! You’re thinking of Wolfenstein 3D, which I also played on a 286. Return to Castle Wolfenstein was from around the year 2000, I believe.


oops, that's right. It's been some years. :)


I didn’t own it, but my dad’s friend had it on a computer in the back of his shop. I spent hours back there when he was visiting his friend.

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Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't this game also the engine upon which Enemy Territory was built? I logged soooo many hours in that multiplayer mode...


I believe it was one of the early games to implement classes/roles in a team-based shooter

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Arguably the best free game ever released. "I'm a medic!"


This is what did it for me.

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The Secret World.

I loved the spooky Lovecraftian vibe and the stories.

The Siren Song is still stuck in my head.


Wolfenstein and Doom of course were amazing of course, but the one that had me floored first I think was BioForge.

First game I saw that used pre rendered 3D graphics and I had just gotten a machine powerful enough to run it.


The first 3d(not top down) GTA game...the freedom to explore was epic


Battlefield 2, Modern Combat. My brother and I watched the opening sequence with our mouths hanging open. We couldn't believe how "realistic" the ragdoll physics were lol.


For me I'd say it was probably playing Carmageddon 2 at my friend's place. I think that was also the first time I played a 3D-accelerated game (Voodoo).

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Myst blew my mind as a kid, and World of Warcraft made me fall in love with PC gaming for life.


When wow first came out it was totally mind blowing! The sheer scale of the map was like nothing else.

Warcraft 3 was also amazing for me.

@canthidium@lemmy.world avatar

Warcraft 2. It was the first game I played online. Fond memories of a friend teaching me to download war2.zip and direct dial to his computer and play together. It was a complete game changer.

I'd also say Mass Effect. I'd never played a game that I connected to so much at that time. I still to this day don't know if there's another series I've played more often.

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I'm gonna go with world of warcraft. The idea of a persistent online MMO was entirely new at the time (at least for me and most people I think) and it just blew me away that it was basically just a virtual world that was going 24/7, entirely 3D too. I got into mmos a bit after that and got really into ragnarok online which is now a fond memory for me.


Probably Warcraft III

I did not grow up with a console. Pretty much just floppies with TLC games on them. My grandma introduced me to Sierra and Blizzard games, and they were exciting yeah but not mind blowing.

But then warcraft III (didn't play Starcraft much at this time, was young) introduced the concept of custom maps to me. Basically going from having one game to dozens. Tower Defenses, RPGs, genres that basically either didn't exist yet or don't exist anymore (rip Enfos...and RP maps seriously wth)

It pretty much shaped my childhood, friends, and all that stuff. Really sad that SCII never really became what Warcraft III was to me.


Aww man the amount of time I spent on battle net playing custom games.

I particularly loved tower defense and DOTA

touchegooodsir, (edited )

Reading this title, instantly thought of watching my older brother play wc3 as a 5 year old, and it being the defining game of my childhood and teenage years. Easily 10k hours of having that game open if not playing.

The comparison of lightning in a bottle that I've heard is so apt. og Dota, etc, countless custom maps that countless people put their souls into creating, out of passion. the "programmers", texture/map designers, all working together or by themselves to build and improve these incredibly complex/deep works of art. For MOBAs, being the progenitor grounds of the genre!

Blizzard killing wc3 with reforged was the day I told myself I'd never buy another one of their products again. Impossible bosses (GORGEOUS mod), metastasis, war in the plaguelands, battle for middle ... you get it dude. meeting mapmakers in lobbies! Wc3 was every genre you could imagine in a birds eye view game wrapped into one.

& I concur about sc2. Graphically looked newer, but the custom game scene pales in comparison, even today, with a more "powerful" map engine. I got into league because of friends a couple years ago, and controlling 9 heros as the fellowship or nazgul in bfme, in pitched 5v5 wc3 battles with massive custom designed lotr armies with lore accurate, non revivable heros and named units, in a spawn based map, with an insane amount of coded events... well, league never hit the same in terms of that feeling of sheer scale and epicness :/ always seemed... too easy?


Gonna date myself a bit, but the Original Descent and MechWarrior 2. The seemless use of a z-axis in a shooter was for some reason mind blowing, and the combination of resource balancing and evaluating pros/cons for how to approach a mission was amazing. TIMBERWOLF is the real Og.


Certainly Kerbal Space Program. The first game that felt like more than just a toy or a story teller. Landing on the Mün for the first time felt incredibly real and like an insane achievement, in a way that no game I played before (or after) has delivered.

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