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Queensborough (59th Street) Bridge, NYC, 2019.

Groovy pixels at

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@SteveBellovin @mattblaze Only if you're not counting Long Island highways

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@rsalz @mattblaze Yes, there's the Long Island Expressway, the world's longest parking lot, and I've spent more time than I care to think of stuck on the Southern State. But I stand by my statement…

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Evening settles over the valley. This has been a fine spring day.

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@patrick_h_lauke Holy fuck, look at all that hair.

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20 avril 2020

📷 Fuji X-T2

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@eriko_hana toi-même

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@polker sortir

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Ce soir, le ciel de

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Halki sleeps. That bowl is a foot across. She is tiny.

If you saw this cat, you'd think she was a half-grown kitten. Friends, we have had this cat in our house for a year and a half since we scooped her away from the country park, and she has not grown a bit. (Well, she's plumped up, that's it.)

Look at her cute little toe beans! Look at her cute stubby tail! Look at her adorable flame points! Her silky fur! (Pfeh! Spit it out, it gets everywhere.)

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Our Lucky is like this. She turns 3 years old on May 3, but is petite. The most she has ever weighed is 8 lbs. People always think she's a kitten, too.

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Old, but still hinged.

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Since today is my birthday, and tomorrow is that of my wife, a weekend getaway is in order - so we’re in Karuizawa at the moment. Burger lunch was great at “KazBond”, a fairly new restaurant, and the incredibly nice owner threw in free tiramisu and coffee upon learning about the occasion. Scenery is great too, as would be expected up in Nagano Prefecture.

#photography #shotoniphone #fotografie #happybirthdaytome #japanlife #karuizawa #japanesefood

Fire grill at “KazBond” restaurant, Karuizawa
Burger and sides

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@norbertwoehnl Happy birthday to you both! 🎊✨

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