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📷 Raindrops on Heavenly Bamboo leaf.

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@DemocracySpot It paid off. Just wonderful!

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@izzyamar 🤗

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A family of owls in a clock tower in France

[📹 Nicolas Dubois / _nicolasdubois]

Massimo @Rainmaker1973 #owls #photography #France

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@globalmuseum How cute! 😍

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I kindly inform you that Etsy has blocked my account for reasons unknown to me because there are no details in the information I got from them! I appealed but they have 2 (two) weeks to reply!
I find this approach outrageous because the first step should be to contact the seller to clarify the problem!

We are totally dependent on coprorations and their heartless approach to people. Bots, mindless bots are everywhere.

mczachurski, avatar

@TomaszSusul Incredible 🤯. I hope it unlocks faster. It's always safest to be the website owner. It's a pity that sometimes it is very difficult or even impossible.

TomaszSusul, avatar

@mczachurski A very frustrating situation especially as there is no explanation!


“Smoke shapes”

Photo session in studio organized by Virginie from the Photo Club of Draveil


📅 6 October 2020

📸 Fujifilm X-T3 + 80mm macro
🎛️ ISO 200, ƒ/11, 1/250 s

AusderPampa, German avatar
AusderPampa, German avatar

Guten Morgen, das Foto entstand fast auf den Tag genau vor einem Jahr. Der Blütenstand war noch ziemlich am Anfang und der Himmel war im Gegensatz zu heute blau.
Mein grippaler Infekt wurstelt so vor sich hin, aber mit meinem neuen ‚Hobby‘ des Inhalierens von NaCl Dämpfen wird das schon.
Macht das Beste aus diesem Samstag oder rollt einfach nur faul auf der Couch rum - ganz wie ihr wollt.

Kuestentroete, German avatar


Am Strand von Vila Franca do Campo auf São Miguel.

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Realize I probably should have taken a close-up of the fungi too. Woodpecker hole? Original photo was portrait mode.

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Don't get toooooo close....


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Hello Mastodon! Just trying out my first post here 😀
#clouds #photography #michigan

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@thepoliticalcat thank you!

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@DemocracySpot Of course! That photo was not just a great composition, that subject was weird AF. 😊

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You *do like my weird shots, my orphans. 😉

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📷 2:50 PM | 88º F

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@DemocracySpot :blobcat_nervoussweat:

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@MAD5300 What a magnificent creature!

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@thepoliticalcat she is stunning… lives at Suffolk Owl Sanctuary U.K…. The biggest owl they fly… total star.. 🦉📸😀👍


4/19/2024: Urban quilt -- today's Photo of the Day

Berkeley, 2024

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A thread of my faves from the most recent trip...

#photography #beach #palm #playa

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This new Eternal Leica profile has a dynamic range pretty close to Instax film which gives it a neat vibe.
#Photography #Leica #dogsofmastodon

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Paper drums

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eclectech, avatar

@alexandra Hehe, thank you 😊

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@eclectech It made me laugh out loud alright.

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I call this piece "don't let the bastards grind you down", because I am Quite Cross today & am trying to shake myself out of it.

There will be a time to focus the anger, but it's serving no purpose today so it can do one.

Time to channel my Inner Lichen.

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@eclectech I wish I could be so funny and encouraging when it's time to channel my inner lychen Thanks for a great witticism and picture, hope you feel better soon.Take care!

eclectech, avatar

@theappletree Thank you 😊

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For , @Flipboard (try saying that a few times fast!) Magazines relating to :

📸 The Photography Exchange
@the - Group Magazine featuring photo-loving community contributors

🌓 Shadow and Light
@shadow - Leeds photographer @simonwiffen's newsletter and curation

🖼 Behind the Pictures
@behind - beyond all the gear and tech talk, @stellakalaw celebrating as art

🎞 Photography EDU
@photography - @janettespeyer curates about becoming a better photographer

⚙️ Photography and Videography Gear
@photography - visual artist based in Athens, Greece, curates articles about cameras, lenses, accessories and more

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