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Zum heutigen ein Lektürehinweis: Rückblick auf Diskussionen über die Rückgabe geraubter Kulturgüter vor 50 Jahren

▶ Anna Valeska Strugalla, Museumsdirektoren nehmen Stellung. Argumentationen, Intentionen und Geschichtsbilder in der Restitutionsdebatte der frühen 1970er Jahre, 81/2020, https://werkstattgeschichte.de/alle_ausgaben/steine

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The first two photos are the 7 new(plus one freebie) Android minis that I have added to my collection this week thanks to the huge sale that @deadzebra put on.

The last photo is a photo of my entire collection that I've been collecting for years now.

A photo of 4 Android mini figurines that I purchased along with a free Android shaped mouse pad and a thank you note!
A photo of my entire Android mini figurines collection that I've been collecting over the years.

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Jesus, take the wheel
Take it from my hands ♪
'Cause I can't do this on my own

♫ Jesus, Take The Wheel ♫

Carrie Underwood

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Dernier projet étudiant sous la direction de Damien Delille et le master #Histoire de l'#art de #Lyon 2 sur le « Matrimoine au #musée », qui envisage la place des femmes #artistes dans les collections de trois musées (musées des Beaux-arts, des tissus et d'art contemporain de Lyon).
La restitution concernait cette année le musée des tissus.

#musées #collections #féminisme #EYAWomen

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Am Wochenende wird der begangen!
Zur Vorbereitung (besser: als Rückblick) greifen wir selbst tief ins und empfehlen 5/1993 "", hg. v. Gesine Krüger, u.a. mit Beiträgen zum Geschmack & zum Schweigen des Archivs sowie zu vielen Beispielen aus der nach 1990 in Bewegung geratenen gesamtdeutschen Archivlandschaft:
▶️ https://werkstattgeschichte.de/alle_ausgaben/archive//archive/](https://werkstattgeschichte.de/alle_ausgaben/archive/)

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Inhaltsverzeichnis von WerkstattGeschichte 5/1993 "Archive"

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Architizer : The Chef’s Table Effect: How the Hit Netflix Show is Changing Restaurant Design https://architizer.com/blog/inspiration/collections/chefs-table-effect-netflix-restaurant-design/

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Appeal: does anyone have any juicy photos of museum/collection textiles that I may use in a training session? (With credit, obviously.)

I'm after:
👔 packed/stored textiles (stored well or poorly, your choice!)
👚 examples of different types of historic and modern textiles
👗 examples of damage to textiles (stains, tears, pest nibbles, anything!)
🧶 identified fibres under a microscope

Grateful for boosts! :boost_ok:

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bleistift2, to avatar in 19 Years of ATLA

In case you didn’t know: There are a few comic books that continue telling the ATLA story.


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Our friend @alf has been working on some amazing new features for . 🥳️

You can now:

Go and give it a ty at: https://linuxdaw.org/

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During the freeze this week, a pipe burst in the ethanol storage facility used by the UT fish, reptile, and insect collections. The specimens are fine, as it's just metal shelving and sealed jars, but the building itself is damaged in a way that might shut down regular research activities for a few weeks to months.

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Where are you getting Cornell/Cal Academy drawers now? I'm having all sorts of troubles with the few remaining suppliers being backordered.

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ContentConsumer9999, to fediverse in An alternative perspective on Alien.top and the Fediverser project

has a to kind of deal with this called . Instead of subscribing to all of a same type or even name, you can put them in a collection (or find a collection where somebody already did that) and then favorite that collection see all of those magazines in your feed. Splitting up the discussion is still not ideal but at least this lets you see all of it at once and increases .

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Molto fiche le raccolte (collections) di pixelfed, simili alle board di pinterest. Contrariamente alle storie, che vedrei bene nel cesso della storia, questa mi pare una funzione utile.

v. https://mastodon.social/@dansup/111516466828628538

Qui per esempio ho raccolto le copertine dei dischi che ho postato da giugno a oggi:


Flipboard has begun testing ActivityPub federation of user accounts (flipboard.com)

Mike McCue - Hello Fediverse. I'm posting this tonight from my federated Flipboard profile! We're now testing our #ActivityPub integration starting with my account. You can follow me here to see all the stories I'm curating about things like startups, photography and of course, the #Fediverse. Curious to hear your thoughts on...

ContentConsumer9999, to fediverse in Flipboard has begun testing ActivityPub federation of user accounts

Well, after messing around a little, Kbin seems to be able to do both. I can your PeerTube or to your . Interestingly, PeerTube seems to allow you to create multiple channels under a username which is kinda similar to Kbin's or Mastodon's .

ContentConsumer9999, to fediverse in Flipboard has begun testing ActivityPub federation of user accounts

Oh, I just use on my posts to make them easily . So someone looking to see what people are saying about collections can search "" and find my post.

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👾​ Hey retro gamers, are you into baseball? Here are a couple baseball games for the NES. I remember playing these with my friends since they were on a team. Baseball is a 5 screw cart. The stickers on LLB says .

daredevil, to kbinDevlog in RTR#31 Further refactoring, update Symfony to 6.4 and other deps
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The "Add New" button is a nice update to the page -- should be useful for and accessibility which hopefully inspires others to use this feature! Also glad to see that unfollowing a has been renamed from "Delete" to "Unlike". The spoiler tag update is also definitely welcome.

RTR#30 Monthly recap and planned next steps

Today, I added a box of related/random collections - I must admit that the ones you created are fantastic. Collection names can be repeated since they are user-assigned. I added the option to mark a collection as official - those with the highest number of followers in a given topic and with a specific name can be marked and...

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Do you have any favorites that have significantly improved your instance experience?

  • @kbinDevlog -- transparency and continuous updates were probably the biggest thing for me. Thank you @Ernest.
  • Transfer of abandoned magazines
  • Request for magazine moderator
  • Improved account and magazine deletion
  • Anti-spam protections
  • function

Regarding Collections: I'm wondering if it might be useful to allow transfer ownership of collections as well? Probably low priority, but this could be useful if:

  • The owner becomes inactive
  1. A magazine or community becomes problematic + has inactive moderators
  2. Other magazines/communities become more/less relevant over time, thus the collection needing adjustments

Re 1:

  • Could be mitigated on kbin magazines due to magazine ownership transfers, however, may pose an issue on federated magazines from lemmy
  • Also could be mitigated by the creation of a new collection, hence probably low priority

Re 2:

  • Could be low priority in regard to certain magazines/communities becoming inactive over time, however, the chance to miss out on discussions and threads should possibly be considered
  • However, this is also mitigated by also creating new collections -- I just think people generally like to avoid migrating when followings settle in.

Transferring collection ownership could also be excessive/unnecessary? Thoughts? Does the status of an official collection change automatically based on the user count?

Also regarding collections: After following a collection -- going to a collection's page and attempting to unfollow is described as "delete". This may give off the wrong impression to unfamiliar users. Perhaps "unfollow", or "unfavorite" may be better suited? I also wonder if it may be more appropriate to have favorited collections appear at the top of the collections view so users can quickly find the collections they follow in order to avoid being buried by the popular ones. This could also potentially be solved by giving subscribed collections its own tab in the navbar next to magazines? Is that perhaps too many tabs in the navbar?

Anyways, thank you so much Ernest. I know some people were unhappy about /kbin's development progress for awhile, but I'm really glad I stuck with it. Despite the challenges that came your way, watching you get back into the swing of things and /kbin's growth has been a joy to be a part of. The consistent communication and having our feedback be heard is also a big plus. As always, looking forward to what else is on the way.

Edit: Also, really glad to hear you're prioritizing sustainability, balance, and a strong foundation for the future. I hope you're able to get the support you're looking for, so you can give this project the time and effort you think it deserves. It's clear you care a lot about this project.

RTR#29 Another boring update: Categories and bug fixes

Today, I wanted to introduce you to Categories - a new feature that is essentially a multi-mags view. A new tab will appear in the user panel where you can create categories (public or private) and then add magazines to them (local or remote). In the magazine listing, there will be another tab that will list public categories...

daredevil, to kbinDevlog in RTR#29 Another boring update: Categories and bug fixes
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I did not expect to see the / feature be implemented so quickly after mentioning it in only two threads ago. It's really exciting watching develop. However, when I tried making a private and public test case, both returned with 50x error. Even though some actions are successful despite showing this error, I couldn't find my attempts at using this feature under Settings > Collections or Magazines > Collections. Regardless, your work is certainly appreciated.

Zander, to VideoGames

👾​ Hey retro gamers, it's cold today 🥶​. I pulled a couple more NES games off my shelf. Double Dare & Wood & Water Rage. Both r fun but physical challenges get repetitive on DD & music drives me nuts on WWR.

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Yes, I am probably going to be ranting about the union type problem in / more than usual at least until I get this serialization pattern worked out…

…or until I decide to just chuck it all out of the window and only write or accept one format.

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@joelving It gets worse. There's an Object type Collection.

Which can contain a list of items, but it could also contain a CollectionPage. https://www.w3.org/TR/activitystreams-core/#collections

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  • Subscribed
  • Moderated
  • Favorites
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