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Want to help libraries? Install Libby and check out books and magazines constantly... That's what I do!

➡️ https://libbyapp.com/

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We've updated the bookshop list to make it easier than ever for you to find DRM-free ebook, comic, magazine, and RPG bookshops. 💜

#ebooks #DRMfree #comics #magazines #RPG #bookshops


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‘Under every cloud…!’

Original artist: Bill Ward (1957)

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New Feature!

Today, we launch the new and updated DRM-free bookshop list, with tools to help readers filter by type of shop, by book format, by the date shops were added, and even search by shop name.


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From issue 280: Joe Casad reflects on yet another post lamenting the end of computer print publishing in the US and looks back at his experiences in tech publishing over the years.

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I include links in my review to digital copies of the three magazines that Simak's stories in the collection appeared in. https://sciencefictionruminations.com/2024/02/10/book-review-clifford-d-simaks-worlds-without-end-1964/

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Readers are storing 16,268 📈 digital books in their Libreture cloud libraries! 📚

Join them with your FREE FOREVER cloud library.

Store and track your DRM-free ebooks, digital comics, magazines, & RPGs in one place, and support indie bookshops. 💜


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These arrived today, wanting to compete for my attention against Persona 3 Reload! The gall!

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Wow, my colleague just federated my @Flipboard profile. Now you can follow what I'm curating into #magazines the #fediverse. How cool is that! 🤩


Really excited where all this is going!

#content #curation #culture #mastodon

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This is the unique first hand account of the birth of some of the most influential computer magazines. Those who didn't live through the personal computer revolution just can't imagine how important magazines were for users and enthusiasts.


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Readers are storing 16,089 📈 digital books in their Libreture cloud libraries! 📚

Join them with your FREE FOREVER cloud library.

Store and track your DRM-free , digital , , & in one place, and support indie bookshops. 💜


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Janvier 2024

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Arrivée devant la porte, son ventre est noué. Les souvenirs des violences de Soignants ont accompagné sa nuit. Plusieurs amies lui ont conseillé ce cabinet, "safe place". Elle tente de raisonner la part d'elle qui ressasse les douleurs, les mots et quand la porte s'ouvre pour laisser sortir une patiente, elle s'engouffre.
En salle d'attente, les s'intitulent "La Potion", "Allumettes et tasse de thé", "Émotions". Pas de doute, ça va changé de ce qu'elle a connu jusqu'ici.

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YOU get more ebook storage! YOU get more comic storage! YOU get more magazine storage!

Store ALL your ebooks.

I've expanded the library space on all paid plans. Take a look at the new HUGELY increased capacities. 💜


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Added Lucent Dreaming to Libreture's list of DRM-free bookshops. 💜

Lucent Dreaming is an independent magazine for emerging authors and artists worldwide.

They publish beautiful, strange and surreal short stories, poetry and artwork from contributors worlwide.


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Added @newedgeswordmag to the list of DRM-free bookshops. 💜

New Edge Sword & Sorcery is a short fiction magazine dedicated to the Sword & Sorcery sub-genre of Fantasy speculative fiction.


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Latest payouts off to authors. Love this bit! 💰

If you enjoy reading indie ebooks and magazines, have a look at our Special Edition titles.

Authors get 80% of WHAT YOU PAY, and you get stunning digital extras with every DRM-free book.


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Happy Masto friends. If you have never heard of this hashtag, it was used years ago to share your @Flipboard on social media so they could be seen by your followers. I vote we bring it back. :flipboard: I’d love to see your magazines today. Here’s one of my first magazines from 2012 https://flipboard.com/

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Readers are storing 15,806 📈 DRM-free ebooks in their Libreture cloud libraries! 📚

Join them with your FREE FOREVER ebook cloud library.

Store and track your DRM-free ebooks, digital comics, magazines, & RPGs in one place, and support indie bookshops. 💜


ContentConsumer9999, to fediverse in An alternative perspective on Alien.top and the Fediverser project

has a to kind of deal with this called . Instead of subscribing to all of a same type or even name, you can put them in a collection (or find a collection where somebody already did that) and then favorite that collection see all of those magazines in your feed. Splitting up the discussion is still not ideal but at least this lets you see all of it at once and increases .

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A month after being shuttered by G/O Media, Jezebel has been acquired by Paste Magazine and could be back as soon as this week. The independent publisher has also purchased politics site Splinter, which closed in 2019, and plans to relaunch it during the 2024 election campaign. Here's what the team at Paste has to say.


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For Sports Illustrated, Report About Fake Authors Is Latest Stumble - The venerable magazine has experienced management upheaval and staff complaints in recent... - https://www.nytimes.com/2023/11/28/business/sports-illustrated-artifical-intelligence.html

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