EZLorenzImagery, to Seattle
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… as you’re exiting the old building , the sweet floral scent fills the air, creating a sense of tranquility and anticipation.


If you’d like Canvas Print for 50% off, let me know…

kaleb, to random
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Transiting campus tonight I saw the most amazing snowman ☃️ in front of Mechanical Engineering. Unfortunately, I failed to snap a pic in time 😐.

It was in the shape of Totoro, and we named him Snowtoro.

RonaldTooTall, to washington

Trans teen loses volleyball scholarship after Riley Gaines unleashes right-wing mob against her.

Gaines celebrated "the power of public opinion" when she learned the school had allegedly revoked the scholarship.


jmcastagnetto, to brazil
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This week there was a presentation on the initial work towards improving and in the triple border between , , and . Our colleagues at has published a piece on LinkedIn:


jetsetdoritos, to Seattle
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UW Campus is so pretty (hi squirrel!)

#Seattle #SeattleWA #UW #UniversityOfWashingtom #Fall #Autumn #PNW

urda, to pnw
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Big THANK YOU to the University of Washington for having me again for the Paul G. Allen School's Annual Research Showcase + Open House. Can’t wait for next year!

physics, to physics
SeaGL, to linux
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Tomorrow at 9am PST we will meet again!

#SeaGL2023 is both in person and online conference about things related to free/libre/open software and community

More info: https://seagl.org

See the schedule: https://osem.seagl.org/conferences/seagl2023/schedule/events

Also be aware of our health policy for in person attendees: https://seagl.org/health_and_safety_policy

#SeaGL #linux #opensource #FOSS #floss #fossconf #seattle #uw

SeaGL, to Seattle
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This year we will have 4 keynoters @SeaGL

Our third announced keynoter is: Kaylea Champion @kaylea, Ph.D. student at the University of Washington researching many things related to free/libre/open source. She is an advocate for women in technology and past SeaGL presenter.

#seattle #linux #fossconf #keynote #opensource #FOSS #seagl2023 #uw #womenintech

UW-Parkside considers furloughs for all staff to address $5 million deficit (www.jsonline.com)

UW-Oshkosh is dealing with an $18 million deficit, UW-Parkside is dealing with a $5 million deficit, and the state just started a two-year budget cycle with a projected surplus of roughly $7 billion in its general fund. Can we start funding these schools again?...

RainbowWarrior, to Seattle

Went on a for the first time near in . I flipped the kayak as soon as I got in. The person helped me said “I never seen one of these flip before”. Leave it to me 😂

Myself in a kayak on lake Washington

vbre, to Freediving
SeaGL, to Seattle
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🌐 Location update!

We are happy to officially announce that #SeaGL 2023 will be held at the University of Washington, in the Husky Union Building (aka The HUB).
Come join on November 3rd and 4th.

🗺️Directions: https://hub.washington.edu/about/plan-your-visit/#directions
😷Health and safety policy: https://seagl.org/health_and_safety_policy

And, for those who can't make it to #Seattle you can also join online as this will be a hybrid conference!

#linux #floss #FOSS #fossconf #opensource #uw

jovikowi, to random

D'oh, a deer, a moochy deer
Ray, a mottled beam of sun
Me, a bean, it wants food from
Far, the place it will not run
So, I have no food, it's true
La-di-dah what will you do?
Tee those ticks that stick like glue
That I do not want from doe
... so long

Photo of a weirdly friendly wild taken in the -Madison in with an iPhone SE.

icm, to Seattle
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This is the last week to interact with our 1998 iMac G3 on display at the Foster Business Library on the University of Washington campus here in #seattle

This is part of a 1990s exhibit that will be running through the #academic year ending June 9th and you're encouraged to leave a stickie with your thoughts and memories

#apple #retrocomputing #mac #imac #macos #uw #university #library

carolinerpitt, to random

Got a 6-10yo future designer?

KidsTeam UW will have a full-day summer program from July 24 – 28, 2023, and 2x a week meetups after school on Tu/Th. We are especially interested in working with BIPOC & girls.

KidsTeam UW is fully hybrid now! http://kidsteam.ischool.uw.edu

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