Any Activision IP you'd like to see revived under Microsoft?

I’m hoping for a Sierra Online renaissance.

I wrote Sierra a letter as a kid and they wrote me back encouraging me to go to school for Computer Science so I could maybe work with them one day.

Did that ever get 11 year old me excited.

And I went to school for computer engineering…and Sierra vanished.

I hope Microsoft brings Sierra back.

Melonpoly, (edited )

Microsoft isn’t going to revive anything. I don’t understand how people still think that Microsoft will improve things when they have such a poor track record for their current studios.

NOT_RICK, avatar

They brought back battletoads so never say never. They definitely need to unfuck whatever is going on in their studios management wise though. Too many duds and games stick in development hell

Lells avatar

Hehe, 9 year old me teaching myself Turbo Pascal from library books in an effort to learn how to make my own computer games. I was shamelessly ripping off Battletoads with my own game called "Body Building Frogs"


MS revived the beloved Banjo-Kazooie franchise with the hit Nuts and Bolts. Surely we can see more continuations of abandoned IPs! (/s)


Banjo-Kazooie wasn’t abandoned. MS purchased Rare 2 years after Banjo-tooie released.

MS had pretty much abandoned all of the great Rare IPs.


Nuts and Bolts 2 when? /s


The Nuts and Bolts devs have to be suicide watch these days considering Tears of the Kingdom's success.

thingsiplay avatar

@TurianHammer The Lost Vikings and Rock'n Roll Racing, from a time before Blizzard was named Blizzard. Only dinosaurs will know what I mean. Other ideas Star Control, Hexen, ... and, is Zork still under Activision license? A new vision of such a complex free form text based game with AI could be fun, but also frustrating probably.

terrrmus avatar


trynn avatar

Star Control has a complicated IP situation and was never owned by Activision, anyway. You need to look to Stardock for future Star Control games. Do you mean StarCraft instead?

thingsiplay avatar

@trynn No, I really meant Star Control. I have no idea how the licensing and IP situation is at the moment. Just brought it up, as I would like to see it coming back, without any idea how realistic it is.



I miss power-up racers that weren't just Mariokart clones, like NASCAR Rumble and that.


Split/Second and Blur released near the same time and were both amazing.


Heroes of the Storm for me. I think it deserves better.

Enttropy avatar

I'd love if they could spark a revival of sports games, like the ones in the days of Activision O2 and EA Sports BIG.

Times have changed and the wackiness of the 90s, the edginess of the early 00's are long gone now, but I'm also incredibly tired of the clean, hypercorrect, "everyone can do it!" chill vibe, and braindead PG10 humor of the AAA sports titles from the past 15 years... but knowing Microsoft, that's exactly what they'd go after.

giddy, avatar

I’d love to see Warcraft 4


@giddy I’d love to play Warcraft 4 or Starcraft 3 but I don’t think Blizzard still has the ability to make a good RTS. It seems like most of the people who worked on these games have left.


Anomandaris avatar

tbf I think a lot of the Starcraft devs moved to work on Stormgate so hopefully that'll cover the RTS portion.

Itty53 avatar

F2P. Eeewwwwww.

We will never get the greatness that was Warcraft 3 again. That game single handedly killed the genre for single player because no one could compete ever again. It was amazing. Still is. Warcraft 4 has an insane bar to overcome.

giddy, avatar

I loved WC3 but I do think it strayed from its RTS roots a little far for me. SC2 was the pinnacle in my opinion even if the story wasn’t up to the standards of SC/BW.

WC3 was Blizzards first foray into RPG. The bonus campaign that came with TFT was literally the prototype for WoW

giddy, avatar

I don’t see any mention of single player campaign…

Chailles, avatar

Activision owns the Prototype IP, don’t they?

chainsawrobot avatar


Twisted Metal is getting the Halo treatment with a "we pulled the sets and costumes out of a cancelled CW show", so now would be the time to reboot the underdog battle car arena game.


I would love the heretic and hexen games remastered, even heretic 2 since it's melee combat was the predecessor to the melee combat in Jedi outcast and Jedi academy.


Myth the Fallen Lords!


That was Bungie. Would be great though.


That was Bungie. Would be great though.

Flag avatar

Wizards and Warriors.

Damn thats an oldie at this point...

thanksbrother avatar

With the abundance of retro platformers I still think this is a niche worth revisiting

Amilo159, avatar

There aren’t enough vehicle combat games in world so my vote is on follow-up Interstate '76 game.

thanksbrother avatar

Was just thinking about this game the other day. It was super fun and had a more interesting / entertaining vibe than other vehicle combat games (Twisted Metal, not sure what else)

I was all over that and Carmageddon, which also doesn’t have a very good modern equivalent.

Amilo159, avatar

I really loved the “mad max but funky” vibe of the game. Also loved the car modification aspect and how you had to unlock and upgrade weapons, I think. Dang it’s been way too long.

ThunderingJerboa avatar

Well since you are talking about Sierra, I would love to see a revival of Swat. Perfect time for Swat 5 and I know ready or not basically is swat 5 but having a AAA studio backing may be fun. Then again with how monetization is in AAA games, this may just be a cursed wish.

Amilo159, avatar

I can’t wait for “you’re in my way sir”

Pegatron avatar

Have you seen Ready or Not?

ThunderingJerboa avatar

Yes, own it and I did make mention of it basically being swat 5. I would highly recommend it.


So I wasn't playing swat, but I loved the rainbow six/rogue spear games a ton. Would it be similar enough to those that I'd find it fun?

ThunderingJerboa avatar

I think if you miss tactical shooters. I think it is worthy to give a shot. The classic R6 games had a similar feeling. I think the only drawback is since you are using cop style weapons you aren't going to have as an exotic arsenal most of the Assault rifles in the game are AR platforms, you get 1 SA-58 (FAL), 1 Ak platform, and a g36. The Smgs are a bit more diverse. I also think there were some fans who were remaking some maps from Ravenshield.

ThunderingJerboa avatar

Yes, own it and I did make mention of it basically being swat 5. I would highly recommend it.


Heroes of the Storm is a great “retirement league” that I really enjoyed.

ivanafterall avatar

How about Earthworm Jim or Blast Chamber? OR bring back True Crime as a new GTA competitor in Unreal Engine 5. I didn't realize Sierra was connected to Activision. Police Quest 2 was one of THE games of my childhood. I can't even fathom how they would bring back Police Quest and not have it suck for a million reasons, but that'd be a dream. Or a proper new SWAT, finally.

thanksbrother avatar

Would love Earthworm Jim or MDK reboots but I think those are under Infogrames / Interplay not Activision?


Yeah in 2006 Sierra got bought out by Vivendi, I think, which later merged with Activision killing all of younger me’s dreams.

Sierra was a huge part of my childhood.


Oh good yes, Earthworm Jim was pure 90s whackiness

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