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, last week's fabulous guest blog by Violet Grey takes apart 's terrible commencement speech, and explains why his take is more eerily reminiscent of The Stepford Wives than of the Gospel she loves.

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In this week's #SETILive, Beth Johnson chatted with Dr. Bonnie Teece about her initial analysis of microbial traps left on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean near Axial Seamount and what they could mean for our search for life beyond Earth, especially involving ocean worlds like Europa and Enceladus.

#science #deepocean #icyworlds #arewealone #scicomm

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: Dr. Andrew Siemion received the Drake Award Thursday night. Ahead of the awards reception, communications specialist Beth Johnson sat down at the SETI Institute offices and talked with him about his career so far, receiving the Drake Award, and his vision for the future of SETI research.


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#ICYMI: The Nova of a Lifetime

This week on #SETILive, communications specialist Beth Johnson chatted with Dr. Tom Esposito, SETI researcher and Lead of the Unistellar Cosmic Cataclysms program, about the impending nova of T Coronae Borealis and the scientific efforts to catch it!


#nova #space #science #scicomm

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BLINDNESS: October 7 and the Left ~By Hadley Freeman

After October 7, many on the left justified, dismissed or championed acts and beliefs they would otherwise view as unconscionable. Why?

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: Exploring a Hot, Young World

In a groundbreaking discovery, astronomers have identified an Earth-sized planet closer and younger than any previously known. During this week's , communications specialist Beth Johnson spoke with lead authors Melinda Soares-Furtado and Benjamin Capistrant about this amazing discovery and the implications for planetary formation studies.


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Watch communications specialist Beth Johnson in a conversation with director Nathaniel Kahn about his new IMAX documentary "Deep Sky", NASA's Webb Space Telescope, the filmmaking process, and how we share science with the world.

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Last month Skeptic Magazine claimed to definitively debunk "Havana Syndrome" as mass hysteria. Several days later, journalists dropped a massive investigation claiming evidence that Russian agents are behind actual attacks on US agents. Who's right?

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I rode the new train from City to on Saturday—and I liked what I saw!

Here's hoping the new Siemens Venture trainsets on @via_rail are a taste of a faster, smoother (and one day electric) future for Canada's passenger rail.

, here's the thread... 🚄🧵

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"Silicon Valley creates and retails visions of the future." and later "Some of these futures, of course, are scam futures...There is an osmotic threshold where scam reality just becomes a reality. Even if the promised future doesn’t come to be, some future inevitably does. What kind of future happens in the aftermath of scams?" via

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on my : 'Secondhand."

Learn a bit about what happens to what you donate to places like Goodwill and other parts of the secondhand trade.


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When a neutron star meets an unusual black hole: Shortly after the start of the fourth observing run, the @LIGO/Virgo/KAGRA collaborations detected a remarkable gravitational-wave signal.

Our press release from Friday evening (local time) on the first publication from the fourth observing run of the international gravitational-wave detector network.


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: @greenpeace actually made a whole ad about their fantasy of a passenger jet crashing into @sizewellc


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Doctoral student Björn S. Konrad from ETH Zurich joined senior planetary astronomer Franck Marchis for an engaging SETI Live on how they used remote sensing data to determine that Earth was habitable, as seen from a distance, and what the results mean for the search for life beyond Earth.

#earth #exoplanet #science #scicomm

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Check out our live discussion between senior planetary astronomer Franck Marchis and planetary scientist Beth Johnson as they delved into the thrilling search for life on Saturn's icy moon, Enceladus, including the ability to find evidence of life in a single grain of ice!

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Die Storchenkamera in ist übrigens wieder online u. mein Namensvetter,der Storch „Thomas“, hat wieder mit seiner neuen Partnerin das Nest bezogen, die aktuell im Morgennebel von auf 4 Eiern brütet.
Schönes Oster-WE!

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: A recent image reveals strong magnetic fields spiraling from Sagittarius A*, the supermassive black hole at our galaxy’s center. These fields resemble those around the M87 galaxy’s black hole, suggesting commonality among black holes. A hidden jet in Sagittarius A* is also hinted at.

🧵 1/3

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"Fish Need to Breathe: Dissolved Oxygen Study Finds Different Results Across Souris River" - from the March 2024 Shared Waters IJC Newsletter

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, Ben Sargent's latest political cartoon from our magazine.

See more from the March/April 2024 issue:

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: This week we had TWO amazing SETI Live shows. Check them out below...

OSIRIS-REx Principal Investigator Dante Lauretta talks about his book:

Cecilia Garraffo discusses how TRAPPIST-1e's atmosphere is eroding:

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: After six months at the bargaining table, about 200 food service workers at Vancouver’s airport have voted to take strike action if their demands for pay increases in a first contract are not met. @brish_ti reports.

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