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Please, I beg of you… don’t write toots that are all hashtags.

, #I ’t .

See why?

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Finally ! They fired Chris Pratt for Cate Blanchett ! But why did they change the racoon for a cheap droïd ? This wokism thing is going too far.

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Republican LIED to FBI about President & his Son.

The republican made up the whole insane conspiracy & has now been ARRESTED. Republicans are the biggest criminals in American history.

An FBI "informant" has been INDICTED on two counts of allegedly feeding the bureau false information about President Joe Biden & his son Hunter during the 2020 presidential campaign.

Charged with lying under other to the .

Republican Alexander Smirnov, 43, disliked Joe Biden and was arrested in Las Vegas after returning from a trip overseas, according to the Justice Department. The case grew out of the special counsel investigation being led by David Weiss, Weiss had been appointed by then-President Donald Trump as the top federal prosecutor in Delaware.

Republicans fabricated another . Holy F*cking hell. Republicans.

Republicans and GIANT FRAUD.

🧵 1️⃣

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Allexander SMIRNOV, the Russian #disinformation agent and criminal republican informant charged with feeding false info about the Bidens, has been rearrested despite a magistrate's release order.

Last night we learned #DoJ re-arrested Smirnov after his release. Now we know why. A California judge suggesting his lawyers are complicit in his efforts to flee, in a remarkable line ordering detention for the disinformation operative whose lies propelled impeachment efforts.

#enemy #of #America #republican #fraudsters #liars #putinstooge

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People who post like this need to go somewhere else

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@vriska should've used

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Unemployment is a meaningless statistic due to the weird definition. The more useful statistic is jobs divided by total population, which peaked in 1970 and has been declining fairly consistently ever since

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Now this is a scary ghost, I hope I don't get grammar in my stocking... 😂

@linguisticsmemes @bookstadon

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We’re at the head of oil firm runs climate conference stage of climate change denial.

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Council of Europe sets out principles for holding Russia accountable for war damages (

The justice ministers of the Council of Europe member and observer states have adopted the so-called Riga principles, outlining how Russia should be hold accountable for the losses and damages it has caused in Ukraine, the Council announced on Sept. 11.

Council of Europe denounces Russia's sham 'elections' in occupied parts of Ukraine (

"Held in flagrant violation of international law, (the sham "elections") constitute a further illustration of the denial by the Russian Federation of the values of democracy, human rights, and the rule of law upheld by the Council of Europe," the council said in a statement.

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I maintain that my flood is mostly useless knowledge, but knowledge nonetheless! 😂

@bookstodon @bookbubble @books @humour

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People continue to be Big Mad at me for wanting (wanting! I am not actually building anything!) search.


@seldo Me, please, I want that! I want open-text . I hate hashtags, I think . They also require precision and consistency in hashtag choice across users, which is unrealistic across the wide array of users and topics and languages.

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Guerilla Kino 2023! Second Open call of 4, this ends Sunday 23th of July! Send us your playful & experimental short videos, be part of in the with live-soundtrack!

p.n. for more info!

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Fit Testing to ensure a good seal on your mask [Part 1]

This thread explains what is ( and ), why it is important, and my testing experience with some real-world results of various types of masks including NIOSH and ear loop. 🧵 1/

The one page easier to share version of this thread can be found at:

jeffgilchrist, avatar

If you needed 20 squeezes to initially detect the challenge agent during sensitivity testing, you use half (10) the squeezes with the full strength test solution.

You also need to be careful that you mix the right concentrations of sensitivity and test solutions. 28/

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