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COOPESAFRA is a Popular Solidarity Economy Cooperative for Family Farming, Reforestation and Agroecology that aims to produce agroecological products for consumption and commercialization by its members.

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#cooperative #reforestation #agroecology #agroforestry #foodsovereignty #food #organic #permaculture #farming #brazil

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@euractiv_green 👎 This is of course, publicity for miners! Nothing of responsibility: In my neighbourhood, they want to mine #Lithium (low yields) and plan to expropriate the #organic #farmers (they have to give up their profession) of a region, at the very limit of a #Natura2000 #natureReserve! 🤮

Miners are #profit searching #capitalists as "responsable" as miners for fossil fuels. Don't believe their #greenwashing!

#mining #ecology

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the solution to many problems is very simple: MORE BERRIES! 🍓💁🏼‍♀️

the solution to today's noonday conundrums: ingest MORE BERRIES! 🍓❤️

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Just shipped these babies to the Clay Center of New Orleans. I'm super excited to be one of the artists chosen by juror Courtney Mattison to showcase my work in the "Ripple Effect" exhibit opening April 19th.

The two pieces I will be showing are sculpted out of white stoneware clay and glazed a lovely bronze color that changes depending on the lighting.

#ceramics #sculpture #biomorphic #fineart #contemporaryart #nudibranch #organic #tactile #sealife #interior #smallsculpture #ocean

Ceramic sculpture of abstract representation of seaweed swaying in the sea in bronze colored glaze with black background.

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Solanum corymbiflora, cold hardy tamarillo

The blooms started in early spring. The internet says they bloom in the fall. (Lies, LIES!) Plant is not self-fertile so you need two. Currently hand-pollinating bc only two plants have opened flowers and the rest are still buds. No pests noticed. Needs protection from high winds.

#花 #果 @plants

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Tip: what to do with old/dead yeast

Slug death trap. This tip comes from a limacologist. Slugs are more attracted to bread dough than any other scent. They are also attracted to beer and will die in the alcohol. I use this in my sunroom to protect growing fruit and seedlings.

Sorry for non-glorious pic.

#gardening #jardin #cooking #bread #baking #NoPesticides #pesticides #gardeningTips #slugs #organic #GrowYourOwn #ClimateChangeGardening #plants #yeast

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Did you know that based platforms like have "tools" for creators to know when their audience is usually active so they can plan when to post for more "engagement?"

Guess who can't access those kind of "helpful tools" because it's inaccessible - cognitively broken me

More in this hoot train

Love a rant from my janky insta posts...

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PS wait I lied!!!

I've loved and the for this reason

I'm not chained up by nor from the community because of an

I'm not forced into a box of looking or being a certain way for a

My body and mind are recognized as and it's based on the I build and find

Love real growth here

One last post with my ko-fi page


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Not the best pic of the bee but the lighting on the blueberry flowers was nice. 😊

Xylocopa virginica, eastern carpenter bee on Vaccinium corymbosum, high bush blueberry 🫐


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The Color of Food: Stories of Race, Resilience and Farming by Natasha Bowen

The growing trend of organic farming and homesteading is changing the way the farmer is portrayed in mainstream media, and yet, farmers of color are still largely left out of the picture. The Color of Food seeks to rectify this.


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Does anybody know of #fashion #designers based in #Lethbridge, #Alberta? Or anywhere in Southern Alberta?

I wonder if there's someone using #organic #fabrics?

Is there a Nitsitapi fashion designer?

Is there a #2SLGBTQIA+ fashion designer?

#Blackfoot #FirstNarions #Indigenous
#queer #2SLGBTQQIA

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Faharetana has been working for sustainable agriculture in the highlands of Madagascar for nine years, maintaining a completely self-sufficient farm using trees as the basis of its agronomic systems

Find ou more at

Faharetana Farm Photo
Faharetana Farm Photo
Faharetana Farm Photo

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Dave's Food Forest is a 15 year old, 0.5 acre permaculture backyard food forest on 0.7 acre suburban lot just north of the Columbia river in Washington state producing 200 varieties of edible perennials. 50 species of native plants to support native wildlife and insects, and healthy predator/prey relationship

Find out more at

#agroecology #permaculture #agroforestry #environment #sustainability #foodsovereignty #forestry #food #organic

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FAO in Senegal is supporting young people in the Fatick region to establish their agroecological farm with the main objective of contributing to the promotion of food security, the creation of green jobs in this region and the improvement of youth entrepreneurship and activity on their agricultural holdings.

Find out more at

Organic Farm in Senegal
Organic Farm in Senegal
Organic Farm in Senegal

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Almost Heaven Farm is a permaculture training and development center that grows its own food, sells commercially, transforms crops into value-added food products, demonstrates agroecology, teaches permaculture and consults on projects throughout Nepal

Find out more at

Almost Heaven Farm Photos
Almost Heaven Farm Photos
Almost Heaven Farm Photos

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Comunidad de Cantagallo has a farm that is an agroecological school for small producers. The idea is to prompt agroecological technology around communities of the farm.

Find out more at

Comunidad de Cantagallo Photos
Comunidad de Cantagallo Photos
Comunidad de Cantagallo Photos

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Migombani is building a food forest based on the principles of syntropic farming. They are trying to build a regenerative, climate-smart farming system; and build soil using biomass-derived from weeding and integrate local plants to help support biodiversity.

Find out more at

#agroecology #permaculture #agroforestry #environment #sustainability #foodsovereignty #forestry #food #organic #kenya #africa

Migombani Organic Farm Photo
Migombani Organic Farm Photo
Migombani Organic Farm Photo

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"Cepagro is an NGO based in southern Brazil, whose mission is is to promote Agroecology in rural and urban areas, looking to food and nutricional security. Our vision is to democratize the production and consumption of real healthy food, in the countryside and in the city. "

Find out more at


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Following Google Maps directions in rural Tasmania and encountered this sign.


@mcv @lbenedix @MikeElgan

I use OSMand+…

quite detailed, route mapper , etc. quite extensive features. maybe overkill for some. me says comparable to gMaps if not better.

it also has feature for users to contribute to based poi, , etc. .

if you looking for advanced features beyond , gander over to + app.

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