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2020 vs 2024. Can't really say I've improved drastically but it feels like I'm growing!


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Cayden, god of beer, drinking, and freedom, survived the Godsrain Prophecies! Let's drink to him!

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hey, any players out there have any advice for building a rogue? specifically a scoundrel type rogue, I'm having fun thinking of the build craft stuff but the dedication system is kinda overwhelming me and plotting out a build is getting kind of difficult

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i just switched from a swashbuckler to a rogue with a swashbuckler archetype in and i am immediately having more fun

im finding more build synergy and absolutely tearing through shit with sneak attack and panache. this is insane lmao

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Chibi Pharasma is here to dispassionately judge you in the cutest way possible.

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The upcoming Tian Xia books made me realize, both of these guys are gods of drinking on Golarion. So there's no way they haven't gotten together to have, er, drinks. Yeah. Drinks.

Might be able to see more of this over on Patreon if you dare


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Here he is! A fetchling flame order druid from Minkai who serves Yamatsumi, god of volcanoes. This fellow is also a bard and quite talented with his shakuhachi. Would you like to find him on a mountain?

GM_Ray, to pathfinder2e

Omg pre session jitters. Stress sweats. Stomach cramps. Did I do my prep? All my settings correct? Windows adjusted my volume settings again. I hope nothings broken in foundry today. I stayed up late setting up. Is my dog going to bark at every leaf? We don't use video, why am I choosing earings?

How am I not over this by now. Years and years of being a GM and full time for almost two years.

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This fetchling thaumaturge is a Razmiran barrister with a 100% conviction rate. That couldn't be because he works for a theocratic dictatorship, could it?

Randomly rolled up his ancestry, class, and background and this is what came out! I'll put him on PFI soon.

madcodger, to pnw

New instance, new . I started on mastodon, but moved over to calckey for the extra features. Not wanting to be on one of the giant instances, I went for smaller, but had the bad luck of picking ones that shit down. So a few migrations later, I'm relocating here now.

At any rate, I'm just a guy in the that likes going on adventures and , , and . I'm also into Games and , specifically / . While I've used off and on for the last couple of decades, I recently switched to and made that my daily driver. Online, I try to keep up on and local/national without being overwhelmed or depressed... which is not easy to do.

I've got a black named Nef, and sometimes find time for and , though not as much anymore.

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Just a lil sketch of my aphorite fetchling witch, Eclipse, doing one of the things he does best -- looking good

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Haven't drawn Anton in a while, so here's my shackleborn nephilim fetchling ready to strike! He's an undercover Lotus Guard in Edgewatch, the city guard of Absalom.

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Welp, I went ahead and bought the revised core books. I don't have any immediate plans to run or play this game, so I'll hold off buying the physical books until either this changes or a round or two of errata have been incorporated into the print runs.

Still, I've decided to take a leave of absence from buying after the fiasco earlier this year, and if I ever do want to write some stuff in the same niche, this game is probably my best bet.

The cover of the Pathfinder 2E GM Core, showing a green-clad human with a huge pike in front of a forest and a green-purple dragon.

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We spent most of tonight's Pathfinder session communicating via shared imagery with a plant from beyond the stars, using the Telepathy spell. Top 3 most delightfully bizarre sessions ever, easily.

DidgeAndDragons, to pnpde German

Du möchtest dein erstes Abenteuer oder Dungeon entwerfen weißt aber nicht wo du anfangen sollst? Diese Methode bietet dir einen einfachen Leitfaden:

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In my Ruby Phoenix game I started getting exhausted being a summoner so I got permission to respec Zathushar into an aasimar vishkanya kineticist! Air and water gates with the Shadowdancer archetype :D

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I played some and had some beer and I'm feeling genuinely happy for the first time in a long while. I don't know if it's the beer or my friends but it's probably both.

The last few weeks have been rough to me. I'm glad I could let loose for a bit.

Good night Fedi. Have a good one.🍻

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In our interview, we talk about the new Fury of the Elements sourcebook for and Ken geeks out about how he might use it in his game for (because, as long-time listeners know, we love to steal ideas from other games).

Check out the book on Paizo's website:

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Sketch of my next Starfinder character, Avix the ixtangi sniper operative and deep space explorer!

Chipster, to penandpaper German

In und auf der Suche nach einer Gruppe?
Ich starte eine Kampagne (Strength of Thousands) live in Frankfurt Niederrad (unter der Woche). ✨️🎲

Einsteiger:innen willkommen! Bei Interesse melden für mehr infos/weitersagen 😁

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4724 Men of Golarion calendar is assembled, edited, and exported. Gonna do a final check this weekend and it should be up on Pathfinder Infinite next week 😁


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I have other things to do so of course I'm going to instead edit some Octopath sprites to make my Pathfinder psychic, Eclipse

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This friendly oread ratfolk wants to sell you magic crystals. He's very trustworthy because he's an oread so he knows all about rocks.

phd20, to pathfinder2e avatar

Prepping for next week's session. Owlbear Rodeo is clutch for a VTT.

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When you're two of Absalom's movers and shakers, it's just business to meet in a gentlemen's club for drinks in towels, right?

Damian Blakros and Jonis Flakfatter might think so in this final illustration for the 4724 Men of Golarion calendar!

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